¡Viva Hulu Latino! Spanish-Language Programming Now Live on Hulu and Hulu Plus

Since our first days at Hulu more than four years ago, we’ve been focused on connecting passionate and engaged fans with the TV shows that they love.  To keep our users happy, we know we have to make a connection with them — offer them something that catches their eye, speaks to them in a compelling way and convinces them to press “play.”  We scour the earth to find great content that we think can do just that, whether it’s top shelf U.S. primetime shows, hard-to-find anime, popular British series or Korean dramas.   Today, we are offering another passionate, engaged and tech-savvy audience a deep library of current season and classic content never before available online and on-demand.

As it launches today, “Hulu Latino” is the first time that such a robust, Spanish-language premium content collection has been available through an online video service in the U.S.  And this is just the beginning. There’s much more to come in the months ahead.

With the launch of Hulu Latino, users of the Hulu Plus subscription service will be able to find and enjoy hundreds of hours of current and classic Spanish-language programming, including the entire current season of primetime TV shows from Univision, Galavision and Telefutura. Users of the free Hulu service now have next-day access to a selection of popular current season programming, including favorites like La Fuerza del Destino, Aqui y Ahora, Protagonistas, and Noche de Perros. Hulu Plus subscribers will be able to watch all the content available on the free Hulu service through any Hulu Plus enabled device.

Today, in addition to launching Univision content, we are also proud to announce 11 new Spanish-language content partners: Azteca America, Butaca, Caracol Televisión, Comarex, Estrella TV, Imagina US, Laguna Productions, Maya Entertainment, RCTV, Todobebe Inc, and Venevision. Content from these partners will start appearing on Hulu and Hulu Plus in 2012.

We know that a majority of viewers watching Univision and other premium Spanish-language shows move between English and Spanish language programming on a regular basis. Given that, our goal was to delight the Hispanic community by creating a fully-integrated experience within the Hulu environment. We designed the Spanish-language experience on Hulu so that fans of La Fuerza del Destino could just as easily find and enjoy the latest episode of Modern Family. We will also continue to improve the product and service to make the experience of enjoying this content better for all of our users, whether they are Spanish-speaking, bilingual or English-speaking.

You’ll see that we have a new tab called “Hulu Latino” at the top of the Hulu homepage which brings users to a dedicated hub for all Spanish-language movies and TV shows on Hulu and Hulu Plus.

We have built out our search functionality to include filtered search results for Spanish-language programming. Content will also be categorized by subgenre.  For example, a user can find relevant programming by typing “novelas,” “comedias” and “variedad” in the search box, and content from that genre will appear. Users can also search and find specific shows using Spanish show titles. All the episode descriptions will be in Spanish. Our recommendation engine has also been engineered for our Spanish-language viewers, so a user watching Spanish-language programming will receive other relevant Spanish-language content recommendations.

The entire Hulu Latino experience is supported by our advertising partners at Corona, Modelo, Toyota, Pantene, and Volkswagen of America. We hope fans of Spanish-language programming enjoy the new content additions to Hulu and Hulu Plus. Let us know what you think.  Bienvenidos a “Hulu Latino!”

52 thoughts on “¡Viva Hulu Latino! Spanish-Language Programming Now Live on Hulu and Hulu Plus

  1. I want to watch Latino programming, but I cant find the SUBBED version. Please help… Thanks

  2. When Hulu offered Spanish dubbed content, like in a DVD, Blu-ray and cable channel (SAP).? i like to cut cable bill, but the content in Spanish are not relevant for me, I like to watch series like Castle or Grey’s anatomy in Spanish audio.
    For example, TNT, FX, HBO, Starz!, ec, offered content in Spanish via sap. Why not here? If Hulu’s Owner are FOX, NBC, ect, there no problem that add movie with theses option.
    Creating an additional section (dubbed) along with the latino, will be great, and i subscribe them.
    ~ABC en español, Great!.

  3. Hey Vera,

    Thanks for the post! I don’t have any definitive information on captions for Juana La Virgen, but we rely on the Content Owners of shows to supply us with captions and dubs. I will definitely pass along your request though. I can’t guarantee we will be able to obtain the captions but the interest will be passed along.

    Joe B.
    Hulu Support

  4. Will all the spanish telenovela become captioned with English as an option because I would love for Juana La Virgen to be captioned as well! Thank You!

  5. Hey there,

    Thanks for the post! If there are captions available, click on the gear icon to the left of the volume control when the video is paused. Under closed captions, click “on” or the appropriate language and closed captions will display!

    Joe B.
    Hulu Support

  6. +1 for being able to hide the Latino channel/Latino programs. Heck, make it “equal” and have an option to hide English programming – I won’t complain. If it were confined to that channel, it wouldn’t be a big inconvenience, but as several other people have mentioned, having to sort through irrelevant programming is already enough of a task without it being inundated with even more irrelevant programming. Eagerly awaiting this to be updated on the site and through the API…

    – Anonymous

  7. Hi Nancy,

    I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re having with Flash in Internet Explorer. Google Chrome automatically has the latest version of Flash installed, so if you’re using Google Chrome, that should already be updated. If you’re still having trouble, please write into us at http://www.hulu.com/support with some more details about the device you’re watching on and any error messages you’re seeing so we can investigate further!

    We’re more than happy to help, and look forward to hearing from you.

    Best, Alexa, Hulu Support

  8. I ave been having problems downloading the Adobe flash from my IE account. This is the only way I can get it thru Google . I am a paying member and dont understand why I have to go thru all these problem eveytime I want to use Hulu Plus. Please help me.

  9. How would you like to live in Mexico and over 50% of your channels was in English with no sub titles? this is not a duplicate

  10. How is it possible that hulu removes a very good latin novel with out warning .. Ive been watching Cuando Seas Mia..Was a beautiful novela i was on the 93 chapter and now its been removed from hulu very disapointed ! no warning or nothing just like it never exsisted ! wow thumbs down hulu !!!

    Now days it can be done very easy with all the new technolodgy very upset

  12. Is there a site or device can let me watch a Spanish Soap like (unrefugio para el amor) I watch on univision station , that Will translate Spanish voice or put it in to English language for me to hear or read???? Could anyone answer that please

  13. Is there any way to watch the Latino channel with english subtitles and the english channle with spanish subtitles?

  14. I wish hulu can provide Vecinos show. It is my favorite Spanish show. I really hate to wait seven days to be able to watch it on Univision.

  15. Happy see programming in Spanish, specially soap operas. Is there you could make available the soap opera ‘Sortilegio’


  17. i dont have internet at home nor a computer can i stil get hulu? i like to watch spanish tv

  18. Hi Seth,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. I’m sorry that Correo de Inocentes expired unexpectedly. How long we’re able to keep videos up depends on our agreements with the owner of the content.

    Of course we’d love to have everything up permanently – it doesn’t benefit us to have less content, and it definitely doesn’t benefit our users – but the way things work right now, our ability to stream a show can be limited by any number of legal or business agreements. While I can’t speak to this show in particular, stuff can expire due to issues with music clearances, upcoming DVD/Blu-ray releases, or syndication sales.

    Again, I’m sorry this show is now unavailable, but I’m hoping we’ll get it back at some point. If there’s anything else I can address, feel free to let me know.

    Hulu Support

  19. Weve watched half of the Correo de Los Inocentes episodes, got distracted from them for a few weeks, and now they are gone!! It’s my first soap opera and one big reason I’ve promoted Hulu to friends. Is it on hiatus or gone forever??

  20. Hi there,

    Unfortunately, we don’t have international streaming rights right now, but we’ll continue to work to make it happen. I’m sorry that I don’t have any more information to share, however, hopefully, we’ll be able to offer Hulu Plus to you someday.

    Hulu Support

  21. I’m trying to learn Spanish too so I really really REALLY need some novellas with
    English subtitles. Please find a way to let viewers know which are subtitled and which are not, it would make our lives a lot easier. Thanks.

  22. Thank you! Hulu Latino is the best , I love it.
    The only problem that I have is that I cannot see Hulu Latino in my IPhad do you now if I’m doing something wrong or there is no option .
    Thanks and keep adding more and more programs in Spanish.

  23. I’m not sure the “could not be much ftehurr from the truth” is accurate…after all, um, the major race of Central and South America is “Hispanic” and also speak Spanish. Why do we assume that all middle easterners are Muslim? Well, because the majority are. Why when I travel to developing countries does everyone assume because I am American, I am rich? Well…its all perspective. I took a class with a Hispanic guy who did speak Spanish although his English was perfect and and there would be no way to guess it except his race. The professor made a comment to such affect, an assumption. The guy said, “I don’t speak Spanish.” And the teacher had a moment of genuine embarrassment before the guy said, “Just kidding.” They don’t mean harm…its an innocent generalization and if they realized they were doing it, they’d probably feel bad, so just tell them!

  24. I agree with Brad. I’m looking forward to having both English and Spanish subtitle options on the Telenovelas. And a list of which ones have the subtitles would be fantastic. Thank you!

  25. “We know that a majority of viewers watching Univision and other premium Spanish-language shows move between English and Spanish language programming on a regular basis.”

    The majority? That is flat out incorrect. As a Latino, born and raised in Miami and having worked in various forms of media throughout New York, Los Angeles and Florida you may need to check your data. The majority of Univision viewers do NOT switch between English and Spanish programming. Most of us under 49 years of age may watch one telenovela per week along with a sports show or a spanish talk show. Otherwise, the only other reason we are watching Univision is because a family member has it on.

    The only segment which may switch back and forth, “mostly”, as you suggest would be immigrants. If they skew younger however over time, they eventually -and unfortunately, migrate mostly to English language content as they emerge themselves in the US English language culture.

    At the end of the day the percentage who “mostly” switch back and forth between Spanish and English language programming is actually quite small.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the effort and it is both appreciated by the Latino culture and celebrated from the business perspective.

    P..S. Subtitled Spanish or English language media doe not apply to my argument.

  26. The Latino content is wonderful and a tremendous help for we Gringos learning Spanish.

    I second the desire & request for captioning. Please let your Latin network friends know they will pick up a much bigger audience by providing this content.

  27. I DONT SPEAK SPANISH AND NEVER WILL . PLEEEEASE give me a way to hide all spanish programs. it is SO annoying. takes WAY TOO LONG now for me to find a show. i get a headache just looking through the list, and by the time i find something-i dont want to watch tv anymore. If you went to china, would you expect every place you go have english translation? no.

  28. I do not want Hulu Latino anywhere. I would like a hide function due to the fact that all the recently added comes up latino. All of my categories are covered with it and it is hard to find regular US programming. Please repair soon. I am about to cancel my subscription.

  29. Hey Brad, thanks for posting. We normally rely on our content partners to provide closed captioning files for the videos you see on Hulu. That being said, we’ll be working with those providers to see if those files are available to present with the content. It might not always be possible, but we’ll certainly work to get coverage of as many videos as possible. We’ll continue to expand the number of closed-captioned videos on Hulu over time and appreciate your patience. I hope this information helps!


    Hulu Support

  30. When in the heck will US content be available in Mexico….As usual, every time I click on a video connected with a news article..we can’t see the damn thing here in Mexico! Whats the problem?

  31. Hi,

    While I’m afraid there’s no current way to filter out this content in your search results, we do appreciate your feedback as we continue to refine and improve this exciting new facet of our service. Could you please fill out our support form?


    Please include as much detail as possible (what you’re searching, the results you’re receiving) in your feedback. This would be a great help to us! Your time is greatly appreciated.

    Hulu Support

  32. How do I hide hulu latino listings? I don’t speak Spanish and thus have no interest in Spanish programming. Thanks!

  33. !Felicidades! Hulu has made a very savvy choice to market to the US HIspanic market. My best to your company as your pursue this dynamic and fast-growing demographic.

  34. I love this!!!!! I would like to see some spanish channels from spain, maybe TVE and Antena3, that would be AWSOME!!!

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