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So Many Videos So Little Time: How To Organize Your Videos on Hulu

December 13th, 2011 by Daniel Borden

So you want to binge on Hulu and you’re not quite sure how to do it right. You’re in for some Family Guy, an episode of Community, and then you want to get weird and watch people eating rocks on Fear Factor. Well, we’ve got good news. From your queue to your favorites to your playlists, there are tons of ways to put your favorite stuff on Hulu into one place.

We’ve put together a bunch of cool ways to stay on top of what you want to watch on Hulu. Here’s what you have at your disposal: Queue, Favorites, Playlists and Bookmarks. We’re here to help you figure out how to use each one.

Yep, each of these tools speaks to different user needs. Some you might use only once. Some you may use every day. It’s up to you. But knowing what each of these tools can do will be valuable in creating a viewing system that works best for you


Your Queue is your to-do list for viewing. When logged in, you’ll always have access to your Queue at the top right-hand corner of the site. You can access your Queue from Hulu Plus devices, too, so this is a powerful tool for getting the most out of your Hulu Plus account. There are many ways to add content to your Queue. For instance, you can add an episode or clip to your Queue by clicking the small “+” to the right of the content’s icon. It’s circled below.

On a show’s homepage, you can click the “+” icon labeled “Add All to Queue” if you want to add all episodes of a show.

To learn more about the Queue, refer to this helpful article.


When you absolutely cannot miss a show, you’ll probably want to add it to your Favorites.

The key benefit here is that when you add a show as a Favorite, new episodes of that series will automatically be added to your Queue once they become available on Hulu. You can also be notified of these additions through email if you choose.

In order to add a favorite, all you have to do is click on the heart icon directly under the show’s main promotional image.

You can also click the heart icon located to the right of a show’s icon when searching or browsing.

When adding a show to Favorites, you can choose to add all shows or just new shows to your Queue.

But, like a magazine subscription, it will only send you episodes added to Hulu after you have added the show to Favorites. If you want previous episodes added to your queue, you will need to manually add them via the respective show page.

Favorites are a powerful and convenient tool, as you can access your Favorites from  the top right of the toolbar on the Hulu site…

…and also on Hulu Plus apps found on television and mobile devices. To learn more about Favorites, check out this helpful article.


Think of playlists as an old-school mix tape for your viewing. Want to compile your own “Wisdom of Michael Scott” compilation? Maybe you want to watch the episodes of Firefly in chronological order rather than the order they were aired. Playlists are how you can make it happen! You can create a Playlist by clicking on the same “+” icon that you’d use to add a show to your Queue. Rather than selecting Add to queue, select Add to playlist.

You’ll then see a pop-out menu that will let you add the show to an existing Playlist, or you can click a button to creating a new Playlist.

Recommendations and Bookmarks

If you click on Recommendations (located in the gray toolbar at the top of the page), you’ll notice that Hulu will make recommendations for you based on your viewing habits. Don’t have time to watch right now? Don’t forget about that recommendation, bookmark it.

When browsing through your Recommendations, you can click “Yes” or “No” to indicate your interest in a particular title. When you click “Yes”, you’ll then have the option to Bookmark a show.

Once you’ve bookmarked what you want to watch, you’ll find your Bookmarks at the bottom of your Recommendations page.


Experiment with these tools. They’re there to help you watch shows and movies exactly how you want to. Not only will you stay on top of your favorite shows, you might even find some new favorites. So much viewing. So little time.

Last comment: Dec 29th 2016 12 Comments
  • Meredith says:

    It took a lot of digging to find out that playlists have been disabled! I’m wondering why the playlist tab is still there… Bookmarking also seems to have been disabled.

    I’m looking for a way to create different categories for TV and movies. Is there another method I’ve missed?

  • Elliott says:

    I agree with Juan, the removal of ‘Add All to Queue’ is a crippling disabling, not a feature improvement. If I find a new series on Hulu that I want to watch from the beginning, I have to click for every single episode I want to queue up? Ridiculous.

    Hulu is my TiVo, it’s the only way I watch current TV — or old TV!

  • Hi Juan,

    Thanks for contacting us. I’m sorry that the “Add All to Queue” link is not available at this time. I appreciate your feedback and will pass it along to our team. Your input is essential as we continue to evolve the service.

    If you have any further questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

    Hulu Support

  • Juan says:

    Why was the “Add All to Queue” option removed from the new design? or if you still have it, where is it at? Having to go episode by episode to add to queue it’s a step back.

  • Elliott says:

    Hulu Support:

    Thanks for the reply. The reason I preferred the idea of a playlist is that I wanted to take an assortment of short kid videos and be able to press ‘play’ once to get them all end to end; my own queue has a lot of MY content on it (and things disappear from it once they’re played, so I then have to go find them by hand, again).

    Queues and playlists are not equivalent features, is all.

  • Hi Elliott,

    Thanks for posting. I’m sorry for the trouble with our playlist feature. Unfortunately, playlist creation and editing has been disabled on our site for the time being. We are always looking to expand our services offered, and to improve the experience of watching at hulu.com. That being said this was a largely under-used feature and we will be making way for new and exciting tools and additions in the future. In the meantime, you can still use your queue to add videos. You can even change the order of the videos if you like.

    I’ll make sure to pass along your feedback as nothing we do happens in a vacuum, and user input is essential to our growth and improvement.

    Hulu Support

  • Elliott says:

    So I’m trying to start making playlists, and when I click the little + button, ‘add to playlist’ is not an option! If I click the + it just puts it on my queue. Help!! It doesn’t look like the screenshots you have up above. I’ve tried it in Firefox, Chrome, and IE and it doesn’t work in any of them.

  • jerry says:

    i like hulu wish i could get it on my roku box also, thank jr

  • Trisha says:

    Please don’t get rid of favorites it enables me to go to my favorite shows quite quickly.
    I like a customized playlist, and the queue is cool. However, that freezing, and not being able to rewind without it freezing, and asking me if I need a break is quite annoying. And what’s the purpose of the ad tailor, if keeps showing commercials that are not relevant to me especially cat commercials. Why can’t we get more classics like Hazel, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, and Columbo, and, The Flying Nun and Star Trek? Thanks Father Knows Best. BUT, Basically , I really enjoy and appreciate Hulu.

  • Tina says:

    I agree with Daryl (Dec 23). We use to use a Roku, but now have HULU Plus available on our Samsung DVD player and we have the same problem with the app. It freezes everytime we watch a show on it, about half way through. Very annoying!!!

  • Daryl says:

    Seriously, this needs to be fixed. After reading this article, I still don’t understand the differences between queue, favorites, playlists, recommendations and subscriptions (did subscriptions go away, because I still see them on my Roku Hulu Plus menu).

    Can we just have a queue and kill all these other “features?” They really suck. I hate them. I usually put any new thing into both queue and subscription and then some aren’t allowed to go into one or the other and I have to scroll through both places to find anything.

    Netflix and Hulu were once neck-and-neck in usability. But it seems like Netflix keeps getting more usable and Hulu gets less usable. Plus, the Hulu Plus app on the Roku is so buggy, it freezes almost everytime I use it now.

    Sorry to be so negative. If you need more information on the issues I’m having, my e-mail is linked to this post. Thanks.

  • steven moore says:

    how do i stop auto-pay.