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Rookie: Everybody Dance Now

December 9th, 2011 by Tavi Gevinson

Hulu readers, it brings me sorrow to say this, but today is the last day of Rookie’s quest of world domination through Hulu. I bring this holiday week to a close with this Arrested Development clip of preparing for the office Christmas party. All 99 seconds of it are good, but the last few especially, when Gob’s demon voice commands “everybody dance now,” thus ruining any fun those words could ever hold, are the bestest. I first saw this series with my sisters when they were home from school for winter break, and so I will always (weirdly enough) associate Gob’s speech about sexual harassment with the birth of Jesus.

Don’t worry, our quest of world domination through Hulu might be over, but the quest itself continues. On our website. Look how that just worked out.

Happy holidays and good riddance,

Tavi Gevinson is the editor and founder of Rookie Magazine. We’re letting Rookie program a slice of Hulu this week. Yes, we’re totally using her to try to figure out what’s cool. Hopefully she’s not onto us. You can read her first post here.