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Put On Your Yarmulke: Hanukkah with Veronica Monica

December 8th, 2011 by Tavi Gevinson

I was feeling some Jewish guilt for every clip this week being about Christmas, so here is a totally true account of the story of Chhhhhanukkah as brought to us by Veronica Monica. Winter is a great time to watch things to feel nostalgic (which is a big part of Rookie’s “Home” theme this month) and so Sesame Street felt perfectly appropriate.

I also have a very soft spot in my heart for the boy with the mid-puberty crackly voice who says, “Excuse me, Mr. Maccabee, but we only have enough oil to light it for one day!” Not to confuse holidays, but when my friends and I went to a Halloween haunted house this year, my friend’s little brother got really scared and his mom asked for an exit with such seriousness that the creepy people dressed as clowns became more scared of her than she was of them. Finally a guy in a huge dead person costume came out of a secret door and said, in a cracking voice, “I have to ask my manager!” It was much less scary after that. I hope he and the guy from the video had pain-free Bar Mitzvahs.

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