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Aftershave Afterglow: Remembering Home Alone’s Most Classic Scene

December 6th, 2011 by Tavi Gevinson

Today’s Rookie-for-Hulu video is the classic After Shave monologue from Home Alone.

I don’t let myself watch any Christmas movies unless it’s the right time of year, to keep it special and everything, and so looking at all the Home Alone clips was quite the treat. I chose this one because while the slapstick is hard to not love, Kevin’s nuanced ways of pretending to be a grown-up are much more fun to me. I love this clip in particular. Not for the scream that bursts his little fake adult bubble, but because Macaulay Culkin (whose name I totally had to Google to get right) looks like a pale, small, alien, and I like to imagine him as such when I watch this part.

Basically, an alien talking about washing his belly button is just really funny to me.

Tavi Gevinson is the editor and founder of Rookie Magazine. We’re letting Rookie program a slice of Hulu this week. Yes, we’re totally using her to try to figure out what’s cool. Hopefully she’s not onto us. You can read her first post here.