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Meet the Mongrels – Britain’s Most Irreverent Puppets

November 28th, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

Have you ever wondered what your childhood would be like if every character you admired and loved on TV wore bling and talked about how awesome divorce is?

No. Of course not. That would be horrible. Who would do that? Probably a terrible person.

But now we’re on that topic. So think about it.

Doesn’t that sort of sound like an awesome TV show?

Well, “Mongrels” is a show that fits somewhere between “The Muppets” and “Family Guy” and “Sesame Street”; That is, if everyone on “Sesame Street” were Oscar the Grouch, was British with an accent, and repeatedly taught you swear words you’ve never heard before. Oh yeah – and did I mention the stars of “Mongrels” are puppets?

This bunch of well-loved British puppets are exclusive to Hulu and Hulu Plus today, and we’re kicking off the series with the first 3 episodes.

It’s exactly that horrible hypothetical I described at the beginning of this post; the tone of the show is perfectly exemplified by the first five minutes of the pilot which features a Bruce Springsteen-esque song about divorce—here’s just a few lines from the lyrics: “I just wish I was dead,” and “What about all our DVDs?”

This is sung by a puppet in a leather jacket on a motorcycle.

Set in an alley behind a bar in London, the Mongrels live a raunchy lifestyle – they are these loose dogs who have intense domestic fights about not going out on the weekend. They get addicted to catnip. They intermingle with birds who sell it.

Most characters accidentally look like Rizzo the Rat, but without the pizza. You know Rizzo the Rat. Here he is on Muppetpedia. Same facial situation going on with these characters—same heartfelt charm—except sometimes Mongrels wear the same questionable fashion and jewelry as the people in the background of the clubs on episodes of Jersey Shore.

There are Mongrels so sexy that Shaggy’s “Mr. Bombastic” song plays in the background every time they talk. There’s another one that “looks like a heron David Gray.”

I’m probably obliged to mention “Avenue Q” in here. It’s like “Avenue Q,” yep, but with consistent resolution. You get that picking-up-fresh-laundry, warming-of-the-heart feeling about one time an episode – yes, these puppets charmed me, and I’m sure they will win you over as well. It’s a nice addition to a show so wonderfully devoid of morals.

But you’re mostly just going to laugh.

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