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Episodic Drinking: 5 Game-Changing Cocktails for 5 Game-Changing Shows

November 17th, 2011 by Brooke Citron

In accordance to Hulu’s high-calorie, wildly-indulgent, and holiday-happy Food Week—and because we are all unapologetic gluttons for food, alcohol, and punishment—we felt it would be recklessly imprudent of us to neglect one of the most illustrious and rewarding culinary garnitures of the holiday season: alcohol. And high quality alcohol at that. Because here at Hulu, we are obsessed with quality.  We dedicate as much fervor, passion, and obsessive attention-to-detail to our drinks as we do to our product. You won’t find us settling for any run-of-the-mill, watered-down, redundant cocktail recipes this holiday season. And you certainly won’t find us drinking without style, panache or purpose. So in order to accomplish this, we caught up with a fellow perfectionist, quality-obsessed musician-turned-mixologist extraordinaire, Brian Summers, to help us concoct the perfect holiday-pleasing-potions for all social occasions.

Brian’s impressive knack for creating one-of-a-kind cocktails, as well as his high-profile status as a bartender/mixologist at LA’s very own Harvard & Stone (and runner-up of LA’s Best Bartender competition), assures us that we’re in good hands. Coincidentally (and to our sheer delight) Brian just so happens to share yet another unyielding obsession with us: good TV. So we asked him to come up with a handful of brand-spanking new recipes (just out of the plastic) to honor his favorite TV shows, characters, and moments. Good booze + good entertainment = great buzz.  This is one classic recipe that will never get old.—Brooke Citron

5 Game-Changing Cocktails for 5 Game-Changing Shows

#1: “Assistant (to the) Regional Manager”

In honor of:  The Office

Ingredients: Hickory smoked vodka, beet juice, fresh lime juice, black peppercorn syrup.

The elevator pitch: A smokey, spiced beet cocktail for the beet farmer himself, Mr. Dwight Shrute

#2:  “Faster Than The Speed of Love”

In honor of: Family Guy

Ingredients: Glenfiddich 12 year single malt whisky, Amaro Nonino, dry vermouth, pear eau de vie, stirred, up.

The elevator pitch: Based on the Family Guy episode when Stewie and Brian were locked in a bank vault, and drank an entire bottle of The Glenfiddich 12, I wanted to find away to combine this with his well documented love of Martinis.

#3: “ Hiesenburg”

In honor of: Breaking Bad

Ingredients: White Rum, lime, Maraska Marichino, Crème de Peche, homemade candied Crème de Violette candy rim

The elevator pitch: I figured the chemist/methlord would appreciate some molecular gastronomy so I made rock candy with crème de viollete, to resemble his blue crystal meth.

#4:  “Dexter’s Cup”

In honor of: Dexter

Ingredients: Gin, lemon, orgeat, served on the rocks with a couple dashes of Peychaud’s bitters on the top

The elevator pitch: For the blood spatter analyst, I have made a gin cocktail that is bright white in color with a few bleeding, bright red dashes of Peychaud’s bitters over the top.

#5:  “I’m Chuck Bass”

In honor of: Gossip Girl

Ingredients: Balvenie 21 year Portwood, Antica Carpano sweet vermouth, vintage port, stirred, up.

The elevator pitch: For the socialite, and well documented single malt enthusiast, I have prepared a classic stir cocktail with The Balvenie 21 Portwood.