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Grantland: We Have Found a Trove of Stuff

November 1st, 2011 by Molly Lambert

We have a lot of stuff on this website. That’s a really mild way to put it. Last weekend, I figured out there were classic Home Run Derby episodes hidden somewhere—the ones where Willie Mays cranks 450-footers with one hand while a guy in a suit tells you how great cigarettes are for your health—and I must have passed out. Three hours of my life were just gone. I think that’s what contestants on The Biggest Loser are talking about when they bring up food comas.

Regardless, Grantland.com‘s Molly Lambert had a markedly similar experience with five different shows on this here website. She would like to share them with you.—Ed.

1. Hard N Heavy

Why you dig in the “cult” section of the video store. The kind of thing your friend’s cool weird sister who loves metal might have had collecting dust on her bookshelf. Released in 1993 as a “video magazine,” combining interviews with musicians with hilariously dumb sexy animated interludes. Worth sifting through for plenty of incidental conversational comedy from hair metallers, classic rockers, and alt-gods alike. Featuring names like Axl, Kurt (describing Nirvana as “redneck beatniks”) and Lemmy and a lot of never-weres wearing leather and floppy hats. The 80s becoming the 90s at full tilt.

For Fans Of: Beavis And Butthead, Black Candles, Earth Girls Are Easy

2. Fear City

A crazy sleazy neon noir Abel Ferrara movie starring Tom Berenger and Billy Dee Williams as cops tracking down a stripper-murdering serial killer. Boxers, crime, blood, and sequins. Gorgeous footage of the old bad New York at its mid 80s grimiest. All this and Rae Dawn Chong too. In the genre of “Movies You Start Late At Night And Get Sucked Completely Into.”

For Fans Of: Doom Generation, Miami ViceBlood Sucking Freaks

3. Black Books

England’s Channel 4 hosts the shows that earn British sitcoms their reputation as smarter and sillier than their American counterparts. Irish stand-in comedian/co-creator Dylan Moran’s unrelentingly bleak and cynical Bernard Black is the proprietor of a small independent secondhand bookstore. The show revolves around Black, his freaky assistant Manny, and their basket case friend Fran as they experience perennial bouts of failure, disillusionment, and absurdity. Eighteen episodes fly right by.

For Fans Of: 30 RockBob’s Burgers, The Colbert Report.

4. Beverly Hills Madam

100% pure awesome TV movie trash starring Faye Dunaway as the eponymous Madam luring disco dollies to a life of vice. If you love soap operas and 80s excess and sweeping mauve blush worn high on the cheekbones this is the one for you.

For Fans Of: The Playboy Club, Pan Am, Lifetime Movies

5. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Four seasons of the classic thriller anthology series where mysteries unravel in 30 minutes. Perfectly executed procedurals with tight three-act structures.

For Fans Of: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Man With A Camera, Dementia 13

Last comment: Nov 2nd 2011 2 Comments
  • Kendra Griffin says:

    Thanks for doing this and keep it up!! I sometimes need a guide to sort through all of the shows and your blog helped me to determine some shows I hadn’t thought about viewing. A new approach to the older stuff.

    I enjoy a lot of British comedies and dramas. I feel as though I have exhausted the lot; however your blog has introduced a few new shows. – thanks, again.

  • Kim Hunter says:

    I love that you’re doing this. I already discovered Black Books & adored it–and hate to be so cellophane, but the “fans of” shows you list were a pretty darn good match. Just found Alfred Hitchcock last week, LOVE IT, and you might want to mention it’s a gold mine for mid-century modern fans if they hunt for the right episodes. In your future tip list, don’t overlook Wire in the Blood (utterly brilliant & terrifying serial-killer cop show), & Journeyman (best sci-fi, time-traveler series you could ever hope for–so smart). This blog is a great idea. I’ll look forward to more tips and great shows from Hulu.