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Letting Go Lessons from “The Middle”

October 31st, 2011 by Hulu Blog

From the first time you drop off your kid at daycare to that day he finally moves out of the house for college, letting go of the notion that your “baby” is no longer a baby anymore is pretty difficult. Feeding them pureed peas feels just like yesterday and now you’re helping them buy kitchen utensils for their new apartment? It’s a lot to take in.

In this week’s episode of “The Middle,” parents Mike and Frankie (mostly Mike) have trouble accepting that their teenage daughter Sue is finally growing up.

When Sue, who’s endearingly dorky and known for “dressing like a third grader,” excitedly comes home wearing a new blouse, Mike is less than enthused about her choice of clothing. He’s also not too happy about the high school party she’s attending that night because he knows that boys will be there.

While the top itself isn’t revealing, it’s tighter, shows off her shoulders and is definitely more “mature” than the usual cat-printed sweaters she sports. But Frankie, the voice of reason, thinks Sue’s new look is trendy and age-appropriate. Reading Mike’s mind, Frankie knows what the real problem is here:

“You don’t have a problem with the shirt. You have a problem with what’s inside the shirt,” she says.

Mike reluctantly drives her to the party. But as she walks to the house, she quickly runs back to the car and puts on a dorky pumpkin-printed hooded sweatshirt. It’s this moment that Mike realizes that Sue isn’t a little girl anymore –
but she’ll always be his baby.

Watching your kids grow up is scary as hell, but you’ll eventually have to let them go, whether it’s to their first day of school or first high school party. Do you remember a moment when you were hit with the realization that your kid was “growing up?” What was it like?

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