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Happy Huluween!

October 31st, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

There was a point on Friday—and it was probably around the third time Evil Knievel or a man in a giant chicken costume walked by his or her desk to hand off paperwork—where everyone at Hulu came to this same conclusion: We have outdone ourselves.

And the best trick-or-treating middle schoolers ain’t got nothin’ on Huluween.

Yep, it was our annual Huluween party at Hulu offices all across the world, from Beijing to New York to Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. It brought Project Runway-level design prowess to dressing up like the cast of Reno 911.

It was, of course, replete with a smoke machine, a cauldron of punch and a five-foot-tall spider that we were positive moved on its own volition. The rest can best be measured in stats.

- 7 Adult Dalmations; One Infant Dalmation; One Non-Dalmation Dalmation – Because 101 seemed excessive.

15+ Hogwarts-emblazoned Sweartervests - Yes, the entire ad operations team came together to Potterize their entire crew.

- Too many Waldos to count. Since it was the entire finance team, they probably know the exact number. And they can probably make a mean pie chart out of it.

- Four Misfits and a Vampire Prosecutor - We watch a little bit too much Hulu. We admit it.

- One award-winning ET – We have no idea how much time Jim Galley spent on this costume, but we know the true answer: Too much time. That’s why we gave him best individual costume of the year.

(Special thanks to Dana Rygwelski for the pictures.)

Last comment: Oct 4th 2013 2 Comments
  • What says:

    J Kenyatta – geez.. what fell into your cereal this morning? chill out

  • J Kenyatta says:

    I really wish you people at hulu would display more attention to your website than you do to goofing off at parties, getting drunk, and wearing stupid costumes. Seriously looks like a bunch of 3rd graders with too much time on their hands. The problem for us, the viewers, is that the Hulu video quality and performance is getting worse and worse, HuluPlus sucks bat guano, and your content is getting less and less interesting… but you all have time to party :P and Nero fiddled while Rome burned.