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As I Lay Watching Week: Our Weeklong Ode to Lit

October 18th, 2011 by Hulu Blog

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“If I were to read a book a week for my entire adult lifetime—and I lived an ordinary lifetime—when I was all done, I would’ve read maybe a thousand books. No more. In this library that’s from about here to here. That’s only a tenth of a percent or so of the total number of books in the library. The trick is to know which books to read.” 

Carl Sagan, Cosmos: The Persistence of Memory

I’m not entirely certain I know how I feel about a show anymore until about 20 minutes after it ends. Maybe this seems weak-willed or soft-kneed, but we must check Twitter first—we must all check Twitter first—about everything now, forever, before we all make fools of ourselves by liking a show we shouldn’t.

Well, thank God we have books and long magazine articles. All of that Twitter feedback is bunk when you read things written by scholars of TV, people who know enough, people with big, brusque voices that sound authoritative when talking about Man Up. There is an intense amount of good TV writing that has miraculously made me feel pretty good about myself after watching and liking a show.

This week is dedicated to that. It’s our literature week, with our tricky title, “As I Lay Watching Week.” Our co-bloggers this week are LongReads.com, the best aggregator of great writing on this entire Internet. We’ve wasted whole weekends on that website reading it on our phones in various mall food courts and Starbucks patios across America. We will be telling you about the best TV-related things on that website all week long. And we’ll be talking about books and literature because, basically, we owe it to them. —Ben Collins