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Ladies Night: The Week

October 11th, 2011 by Hulu Blog

“It was ladies night at the Crab Shack, which means me and Randy were using some of our best moves.” 

My Name is Earl, “The Birthday Party.”

“And I figured since I’m kinda grievy, we could, uh, you know, have a girls’ night. You know, eat sundaes and watch steel magnolias, and you you can tell me, ‘At least I don’t have diabetes.'”

 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Something Blue.”

It’s Ladies Night Week on the Hulu Blog. Did you know 17 of the 25 new shows this year have female leads? That’s a true fact. We hand counted using a tally on a whiteboard like it was 1987.

This is our ode to them.

Really, we wanted to call it Why Women Are Taking Over TV Week, but that’s so many letters! So we went with this slightly offensive one instead. We’re making it up to you with good writing—some from guestbloggers who are authorities on such things—all throughout the week.

So this is a video of Kristin Wiig. Did you notice the funniest person in America right now is a woman? Isn’t the fact that this isn’t a big deal kind of great?



  • • We recap the five best videos on Hulu this week. The best? Jimmy Kimmel talks to kids.
  • • Point: Brooke Citron wondered if this female invasion (finvasion?) is actually a trend or women in comedy are just more visible than ever. Turns out it’s actually a trend.
  • Counterpoint: Martin Moakler wondered if this female invasion is a trend or women are just more visible than ever. Turns out they’ve always been this funny, if SNL is any indication.
Last comment: Oct 11th 2011 1 Comment
  • Giovani says:

    Hey, I would’ve been happy if the ladies had taken over during early GILMORE GIRLS!
    Now, that would have kept me smiling all day long!
    Sunshine & Blessings,