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Another Op’nin, Another South Park: Cartman and Co.’s Best Musical Moments

October 5th, 2011 by Andrea Marker Hulu

Forget Glee—the boys of South Park were breaking into song years before the cast of slushy drenched misfits auto-tuned their way into America’s collective heart.  From Chef and Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, to the boys’ take on Wrestlemania, musical theater has been an integral part of South Park from its very first episode.  Besides, Rachel Berry has nothing on Eric Cartman: he’s so musically hardcore he cribs his chili recipes from Sweeney Todd.

Ok, so maybe not musically hardcore…

While New Directions struggles each year to make it to Regionals, the boys of South Park have conquered the charts with alacrity.  With Latin and Christian rock hits at the tender age of 8, even George Lucas couldn’t stop Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman from melting our icy hearts with a cool island song (or was it cool our hot hearts with a cool island song?).  I’d like to see Finn and Puck try to pull off the tough, yet sensitive boy band persona Cartman creates to conquer America’s malls.

Admitted Broadway nerds (although I’m guessing they’re not big on Funny Girl), Trey Parker and Matt Stone may prefer to write about cannibals, Satan and horny puppets, but clearly their mix of Tin Pan Alley puns and puerile rhymes have paid off.  This year, their first Broadway musical The Book of Mormon practically swept the Tonys, and with a movie version in the works, the South Park creators are well on their way to winning a Grammy and Oscar to fill out their EGOT.  Well, unless of course Phil Collins scores the next Pixar movie.  Sometimes the guys just can’t win…

Glee might get all the credit for sparking recent interest in musical theater, but South Park will always be my favorite musical show.  In honor of South Park’s fall premiere, and since obtaining tickets to The Book of Mormon is as difficult as obtaining a Nintendo Wii in October 2006, I’ve assembled the musical numbers from All About Mormons to tide us over.

Watch, listen, and enjoy the songs that led to a Tony.  And who knows, maybe we’ll get a Trapped in the Closet musical next.  What? It could happen.