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A Music Week Endorsement: Feist’s New Album, “Metals”

October 5th, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

Well, Feist’s new album “Metals” has come out and it’s ruining my day.

It’s raining out here in Los Angeles, which happens less frequently than horrible earthquakes, and the instrumentation is nice and warm and contemplative and now I’m just sitting here—a lump—thinking about stuff. That’s what this album will do to you.

And part of that stuff is how painfully good this album is.

There are big orchestral pieces punched down to four minutes. There are those pop songs that only Feist can pull off, without any pretense and with a ton of heart.

And you know all of those alt-country bands you like but just kind of deal with how terrible the lead singer is? This is an album with all of that instrumentation and a genuine voice in the middle.

Songs are ending on this thing, and I’m saying, “aw, damnit” because—maybe this is a little selfish—but they really shouldn’t be ending on me like that.

So take your vitamins and listen to this album. It’s good for your health, in an immunity-building sort of way, like how the flu shot makes you sick for a couple of hours.

Then watch this.