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Tweet Tuesday: Music Edition

October 4th, 2011 by Courtney Nasshorn

It’s Rock Out with Your Blog Out Week, so we combed through Twitter for the best tweets this week from those who like to rock out with their tweet out. This is for better or for worse, by the way. Turns out some musicians are tremendously uninteresting, generally unlikable, or completely batty.

That’s why we decided to start with the battiest.

  @officialozzy:  Smelly feet guy: I feel your pain. My feet smell so bad in wellies, it carries for miles. Try open-toed slippers with no socks #witterlive

  @hulu: Great advice, Ozzy.  Remember The Mellow Show with no-socks Jack Johnson interviewing Ozzy?

  @fosterthepeople:  SNL. There’s going to be some magic during Houdini. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlnidOWL0YY

  @hulu: Until that magical night (SNL on Oct 8, by the way), check out Jimmy Fallon rocking Pumped Up Kicks on the mic.

 @snoopdogg: makn my way up on google+ — im comn for ya spot zuckerberg!! bit.ly/lGUDMa

 @hulu: Yup, Snoop is #5 most followed on Google+ right behind Sergey Brin, but he’s gunning for top dog (Zuckberg) on the new social network.  One person that’s definitely following Snoop’s social swagger is his son, Rook.  Check out this clip where Rook rolls up late to his own rap shoot.

 @kanyewest:  Set off the metal detectors with the swag   http://twitpic.com/43n7wd

 @hulu:For more Kanye tweets, check out Josh Groban’s best album yet: Kanye’s Best Tweets. Oh, and speaking of Kanye in the Sky with Diamonds

   @thelonelyisland: Don’t you dare miss Jorm on tonight’s episode of “Up All Night” (8pm on NBC)!

  @hulu: Well, we missed it. And he was right: We definitely shouldn’t have.