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Rock Out with Your Blog Out Week

October 2nd, 2011 by Hulu Blog

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“You did a [bleep] awesome job, man. You rocked out.”
“I feel castrated and relieved.”

Masterchef. Season 8, Episode 8.

Lurch: “You Rang?”
Morticia: “Lurch, clear those rocks out of the living room. We’re going to dance ’til dawn.”

The Addams Family. Morticia, The Sculptress

It’s Rock Out with Your Blog Out Week on the Hulu Blog, where we belt out some love songs to music on TV in ballad form. All of it will sound very pretty, a lot like “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” very moving. We’ll have some interviews and special guests that have both very visibly and very invisibly shaped the music you love on Television. Then, on Thursday, the Hulu Blog staff will be spinning some tunes on Turntable.FM in a very public room.

Stick around. We promise not to bring up “Sweet Child O’ Mine” ever again.







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