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My First Time Week

October 2nd, 2011 by Hulu Blog

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“Sweetheart, it’s an unwritten law. They never call when it’s your first time.”

“Well, it stinks.”

“That’s what first times are for. And the next time, it won’t be your first. That’s what being alive is all about.”

~ Deloris Herbig, Dead Like Me. Season 2, Episode 10

“Yes, so ever since I picked up my fingers, I mean a spoon… This is my first time on television, so I’m as nervous and worried as if I was running naked in 100 degrees but I shall try my best. Please look upon me favorably even if I stutter or don’t do well.”

“Yes, honestly, this is my first time, too. Please look upon me…”

“Please help us out.”

~ GourmetEpisode 11

It’s My First Time Week on the Hulu Blog, the first of many theme weeks that will attempt to explain life a little bit better with the help of TV. This week, we’re partnering with Thought Catalog, purveyors of great writing and the only non-twee stories of nostalgia on the whole entire Internet. Nobody can conquer tomes about moving in with a dude for the first time better than these people, so we called them on the telephone and asked them for help.
Ready? Let’s crash this blog like it’s your first ATV.





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