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My First Time: Getting a Kick

September 29th, 2011 by Jessica Kim Founder and CEO, BabbaCo

“Was that a foot? Or just gas?”

Some call it butterflies. Others call it gas. To me, it felt like a little alien was growing inside of me. I clearly remember the first time I felt the kick. It was as if a little person was knocking hello from the inside of my belly. I loved it. And I’m not the only one who loved it. It ended up becoming a whole family experience.

When I saw the Season 4 premiere episode of “Parenthood,” I was reminded of this special moment as pregnant mom Kristina (Monica Potter) felt her baby’s first kick, and everyone in the room swarmed around her. There was something extra special to see the other kids in the family taking part of this special feeling.

When I was pregnant with my son, Grant, my daughter was about 2-and-a-half years old. After reading bedtime stories each night, we would listen to music while she put her hand on my belly. Together, we would feel the little monkey moves of baby Grant. She would say, “Baby brother is dancing, mommy! Whoa … that was a big one.” It’s something she remembers to this day and it’s one of my favorite family bonding moments — and it happened even before Grant was born.

What was your first baby kick like? Did your baby have a nickname when he or she was still moving around in there? Did you like or dislike having others put their hands on your tummy to feel the kicks? Just like all things with parenting, I love how we’re all so different in our experiences. Can’t wait to hear about yours!

Last comment: Nov 16th 2011 1 Comment
  • amy says:

    I love the show. But seriously make it real. No teenage boy is just gonna study because his mom says he can’t see his girlfriend anymore. My 17 year old son would have said to me when I walked into is room with ice cream. “Get out, Leave me alone, It’s none of your business, I can handle it” This episode has disappointed me in this sceen. But I am very impressed with the Grandpa teaching the granddaughter about losing. I’m so sick of shows displaying that mom’s or dad’s can just handle it so easily. That’s such crap. Ask a teenager.