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Back to Work and “Up All Night”

September 23rd, 2011 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Many of you moms out there know that it’s tough to balance a demanding job and a new baby, and that’s just what NBC’s “Up All Night” is counting on. This new fall series offers a comedic look at the ups (a reason to take long showers again!) and downs (crazy boss) of going back to work for TV producer Reagan Brinkley (Christina Applegate).

Lucky for Reagan, her husband, Chris (Will Arnett), is staying at home with baby Amy, but that just means she receives phone calls from the oh-so-helpless dad as he struggles to navigate through the local grocery store. (When did regular cheese get so hard to find?)

The pilot episode sees Reagan returning to her job, where she’s faced with all types of daunting tasks: fitting back into her pre-baby work clothes, sleep deprivation, terrible detox cleanses instituted by her egomaniacal boss — don’t try this one at home! — and the guilt that comes with missing time with her little girl.

With “Up All Night” fresh in our minds this month, we asked some of the moms at Hulu how they got by when they returned from maternity leave. The secret? Well, there are several! First and foremost, don’t sit too far from the ladies’ room, as you’ll be taking a lot of bathroom breaks. Bring music and speakers for the nursing room (it hides the sound of pumping). If you can, use Skype to check in with your little one during the day. And, for those days where that skinny pencil skirt just doesn’t fit, just pull something else out of the closet. Right, Matt Lauer?

Join the conversation: Moms, tell us how you coped with your first few days back at work!

Last comment: Nov 2nd 2011 3 Comments
  • Andrew says:

    Aurora – I don’t believe you’re a resident, or you would have spelled “too” correctly, and probably wouldn’t have been so judgmental of your likely future patients…

  • Aurora says:

    I am a medical resident, 38 years old. And I am so happy I don’t have kids – and probably never will (unless may be i will adopt much much later). From what I have seen, working AND raising children is waay to over-rated in our society. It has to be one or another. And I love my work!

  • rupert says:

    I really love this film. The director hit home with many themes which left me wanting more. I think this has a chance of becoming an iconic film.