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Android Rollout Continues on Nine Devices

September 20th, 2011 by Lonn Lee Sr. Product Manager, Hulu Mobile Applications

Over the past few months, we’ve been rolling out Hulu Plus on several Android devices. As promised, we’ve come back with more.

I’m happy to announce that today Hulu Plus is available on eight more Android smartphones, including the Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Droid 3, Motorola Droid X2, LG Revolution, LG G2x, HTC Incredible 2, HTC Evo 3D and HTC Sensation, as well as the HTC Flyer tablet. You can download the free Hulu Plus app at the Android Market.

With a Hulu Plus subscription for $7.99/month, you can now stay current on episodes of Modern Family, Misfits and Hell’s Kitchen while on-the-go, catch up on past seasons of Family Guy and The X-Files, and pick from hundreds of movies from Miramax and the Criterion Collection.

We’re still hard at work to bring you the world’s premium content on all devices. Stayed tuned as we continue our Android rollout throughout the year.

Last comment: Jul 16th 2012 42 Comments
  • Lisiate Rael says:

    Does anyone know or have any info on when hulu plus will come to htc evo shift or if it will come to this phone at all?

  • stephanie l says:

    Still can’t download Hulu Plus to LG Revolution, even though it is listed as a compatible device & I am running on the most current version of Android available to my device (2.3). Please fix this!

  • George Hess says:

    Just bought an Android 4,
    Funny how EVERY
    SINGLE OTHER droid 3 app re-installed perfectly and worked with no hitches INCLUDING other movie streaming software.

    None of these other companies had a crystal ball, they knew about the D4 and its specs the same time you did.

    Most of the time hulu tells me I’m blocking ads when I’m not, web users get to have “quick out” options like filling a survey to watch a whole episode yet people who pay don’t get that same premium choice….

    When hulu was the only choice you could afford to be this bad, those days are gone however.

  • Brian says:

    I am another LG Revolution owner, patiently awaiting the Google Play market to let me download the Hulu Plus app. All device lists, both here and in the app description, state that the Revolution is compatible… but the Play store still denies download.

    Would it be possible for Hulu to make the .apk available in another store, or as a direct download from Hulu.com? Thank you for your consideration.

  • steph says:

    Are you all working on asus transformer to get hulu? What is ETA? I so miss it. I signed up for plus but did no good since you don’t get it on this device. I had to cancel. My laptop went on the fritz and i got this tablet and love it but :( no hulu.

  • Lyn L says:

    I am a subcriber and am upgrading from Motorola Droid X2 to the newer 4G Motorola Droid 4. Is Hulu Plus available on the Droid 4? Thank you.

  • Russel Pasewald says:

    Updated LG Revolution OS, still not compatible with Hulu Plus, looking forward to app as soon as it is done.

  • Brian C. says:

    So it’s been about 140 days since the Revolution was announced as a supported device, but we still cannot download it. Is Hulu in fact working on this issue? Or do we have to wait for ICS to come out? Any insight would be appreciated.

  • Theo says:

    Samsung Stratosphere please.

    I was extreamly dissapointed when I upgraded my Droid X2 to the Stratosphere to find it didn’t support Hulu plus. Id really love to watch Community or Bob’s Burgers when I’ve got down time on the go.

  • Charles says:

    I have a few Android devices and I’m totally stunned a t the lack luster effort HULU has been putting forth. Seriously HULU your service isn’t all that great for me to pay and to also have ads attatched.
    We use your service because it is a convience when our dvr’s don’t or we forget to record along with being mobile. I don’t want to be tethered to this darn computer to use your or anyone elses service. This is a mobile economy so make yourself available on all mobile platforms.
    I and many others quit NetFlix because they changed the price without grandfathering the existing users from the rate increase. That my friends was a dick move. Many if all are still gone with no plans to return.
    I think it’s time for us to leave HULU in numbers to get HULU’s attention to our cause.
    One last request….”Please support Android fully or atleast alot more than your meger attempts have yielded.”. I do believe it is nearing the time to should HULU how mobile we can be and leave.
    In anycase I don’t think HULU heard me so I’m gone after this billing cycle.

  • Steve Rogers says:

    Back on Sept 28th, someone asked about support for Motorola Photon 4G. I just bought one of these phones and was planning to immediately install Hulu plus, but it will not recognize my phone from Market. I would like to know when of if I can expect to use Hulu on mu android smart phone please. Thank you!

  • Gabriel says:

    Galaxy Nexus. Seriously.

  • Greg Raubertas says:

    Looking forward to hulu on my asus transformer. Do you have an e.t.a. yet? Works great on my wifes b&n tablet!
    Keep up the great work. Thanks

  • Bobakiss says:

    I hope they make make it compatible for the htc wildfire s.

  • Jeanette says:

    Hi! I’m a Hulu plus customer with an LG Revolution. Hoping you are somewhat closer to a timeline? Love Hulu and have been waiting patiently for many months . . .

  • Anna Kerns says:

    Why skip the HTC Evo Shift?

  • Ozz Graham says:

    LG Revolution here. hulu.com/plus/devicesshow its available for that device, but, marketplace shows my device is not compatible for that app. alresdy have anpaid subscriptionand was on my droid x so looking forwad to it on myRevolution. Is there a approx datee of release when its available for that device?

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for posting. I’m sorry for the troubles. We have received reports that the Hulu Plus application is not available in the Android Market for some users on the LG Revolution. Unfortunately, I still do not have a timeline available at this moment, but we are currently working on resolving this issue as soon as possible.

    Again, I’m sorry for the troubles. Thank you for patience and understanding in the meantime.

    Hulu Support

  • Mike says:

    Your post states that Hulu plus is supported on my phone (LG Revolution) yet whenever I try to download the Android market says my phone is incompatable. I have been waiting patiently for two months for the issue to be resolved so I can sign up for plus. How much longer are you going to make me wait?

  • Tyler Hampton says:

    I hate you for selectively picking and choosing which Android devices to support then blatantly advertising that you ubiquitously support all devices. Really? I mean, really?!

  • Shaun says:

    We are still waiting on Hulu+ to be made available broadly on Samsung devices. I used to have some sympathy for Hulu’s argument that android Os fragmentation presents unique challenges. But as a multi-million dollar company there is no reason why other startup companies can get their apps working across devices but Hulu cannot. Hulu is losing money by not supplying their app to the largest family of Android users.

  • Andy Collins says:

    Given up Hulu until the discrimination against Android devices end. Why pay for something that’s free on my PC. Negotiate with your providers to support Android or drop free Hulu for everyone – it’s only fair.

  • Karl Miller says:

    I need Samsung Galaxy 7″ tab

  • Karl Miller says:

    I need Asus Transformer

  • Karl Miller says:

    I need Samsung Charge (Verizon)

  • David,

    I don’t have anything to report at this time. My best advice is to visit hulu.com/plus/devices to check the availability. You can also sign up to be notified when new devices are released.


  • David Mercer says:

    I have a Samsung Droid Charge and a Toshiba Thrive. I would love to be able to use my Hulu+ on either of those devices. Any idea when I will be able to?

  • Devin says:

    Bump on the EVO Shift support – the 4G would really support Hulu+ streams

  • usman says:

    How about the SAMSUNG INFUSE!!!! The biggest screen out there.. please SAMSUNG INFUSE!

  • Steven Noel says:

    What about the Evo shift

  • Hi David,

    I just checked our system and we don’t have any record of incoming communications from the e-mail address you commented with.

    Please try again or let me know your location so that I can narrow down which David Holland in our system you are.

    Hulu Support

  • David Holland says:

    So, I have heard absolutely nothing from Hulu Support, I contacted them on the 21st.

  • Shaun says:

    A lot of the early technology adopters who are on Verizon’s LTE network own the Samsung Droid Charge. We paid more for our phones than owners who are using the recently rolled out Hulu app for the Droid 3, Droid X2, Incredible 2, etc.
    It makes sense that the people with the most disposable income will be the most likely to buy the most expensive phones and also be most likely to pay for a subscription service to HuluPlus (because again, disposable income is the key commonalty among the two). In other words, please bring HuluPlus to phones like the Samsung Droid Charge soon because we’re also more likely to be willing to pay for the subscription. I signed up for HuluPlus when I found out it was being released onto Android phones, but now that I’ve waited a few weeks and found out that the Samsung Droid Charge is not one of these new phones with access to the app, I’m getting frustrated.

  • johnny says:

    motorola photon 4g please :)

  • Mike Lyles says:

    I have an HTC Droid Incredible (the first model) and am waiting impatiently for HULU PLUS.

    Netflix is delivering to my phone. Seems like more that 3 months since the first release.

    You guys should take a lesson from Firefox and get rolling!


  • Hi Ed,

    I’m sorry about that. We’ve received some similar reports about our Hulu Plus app on the LG Revolution — which, despite the error message, is an officially supported phone. We’re working on determining the cause of the problem, and we’ll be resolving this as soon as possible.

    Ryan B.
    Hulu Support

  • ed says:

    Had HULU plus but got rid of it when laptop died. Woulc LOVE to have it back but market says incompatible with my phone…. LG Revolution. Why is that?

  • It’s on our radar, Maven. We hope to support it in the near future.

    Hulu Support

  • jose says:

    Thank you sooo much for doing the support for droid x2 now i can watch it on road on those long trips and on work :D thank you hulu. you guys are awesome iam sooo keeping this for a long time

  • Maven Johnson says:

    Please get it working on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1… I assume it is top priority? Good grief, the flagship Honeycomb tablet…

  • Hi David,

    Can you contact us at http://www.hulu.com/support when you have a chance? We’ll be able to provide more in-depth support that way.


  • David Holland says:

    Crashes for me and many many many (according to comments on web sites) other Droid Bionic users as soon as the video starts to play.


    Any ideas?