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My Go-To Song

September 15th, 2011 by Jessica Kim Founder and CEO, BabbaCo

Does this situation sound familiar? You’re on the computer when your little one plops right down on your lap and wants to “help.” It happens to me more often than not: I’m in the middle of a work-related project when my 19-month-old, Grant, comes over and starts banging away on the keyboard. It’s all I can do to prevent him from sending off a note that says “Hi, it’s great to follow up and I t4jfsdfhIGAER4 TIOALK A KDFDIGSjkaflasdlfk23u948”.

When Grant wants nothing more than some computer time with me, I call in the reinforcements: our favorite version of the ABCs. Now, I know the alphabet song has to be one of the most common songs around, but this Sesame Street version is one I actually find myself bellowing out as I drive. The kids also love that it’s a slightly different, more melodic way of singing their ABCs.

India Arie has a beautiful voice and both of my kids try to sing it like her. We usually follow by singing rap, opera, and reggae versions of the ABCs. I love how simple it is to make kids laugh by creating a little twist to what they know. What are some of your favorite go-to clips or songs?

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