Hulu Plus Now Available on the VIZIO 8” Tablet with WiFi

We know our users want entertainment when, where and how they want, and we’ve made it our never-ending mission to deliver accordingly. Over the past few months, we’ve been rolling Hulu Plus out on various Android devices, and recently, we’ve joined forces with VIZIO to bring to you our latest advancement in the Android market.

I’m happy to announce that starting today, Hulu Plus is available on the new VIZIO 8” Tablet with WiFi, operating Android 2.3. For $7.99/month, users can stream current season episodes of Modern Family, Misfits and Hell’s Kitchen while on-the-go, and catch up on back seasons of Family Guy and The X-Files while curled up in bed. Or call it a movie night and pick from hundreds of movies from Miramax and the Criterion Collection.

Enjoy watching your favorite shows on your time, your way. And as always, we’ll be back soon to bring you Hulu Plus on more devices.

4 thoughts on “Hulu Plus Now Available on the VIZIO 8” Tablet with WiFi

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, due to the contractual agreements with our content providers, we have to have a certain set of agreements set up with a device manufacturer before we can provide support for that device. We have no partnership with HP at this time, so we can’t currently stream through their device.

    We get a lot of requests for webOS support, so it’s definitely something that’s on our radar. Though we can’t support it right now, we are continually evaluating new technologies, and will be adding more devices based on user demand. Stay tuned!

    We have plans to bring Hulu Plus to as many devices as possible. For up to date info on which devices are currently supported or have been announced, you can go to ( ). On this page, you can even sign up to be notified of availability on upcoming devices.

    If there’s anything else I can address for you, please contact us at .

    Hulu Support

  2. Why did you remove Hulu access to the HP Touchpad? We’ve had access to the site ever since the Touchpad came out, and all of a sudden this week you decide to remove it? Lame Hulu. I hope whoever buys you out makes better decisions that will benefit Hulu customers.

  3. Hi Kelley,

    We’d love to be on the Wii too. There’s nothing to announce in that regard, but we’re always looking into the possibility of being on every device imaginable.

    Hulu Support

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