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Green Room Guest Post: Russell Peters

August 24th, 2011 by Russell Peters

Russell Peters has sold out arenas in London. He almost can’t walk down the street without some fancy camouflage anywhere in the world. But in America, he basks in the warm glow of your standard comic’s celebrity. That’s why Morgan Spurlock followed Peters around on his American tour for 24 hours in the latest episode of “A Day in the Life.” Now, Russell’s talking about his appearance on the show. — Ed.

When your agent calls and tells you that Morgan Spurlock wants to include you in his new documentary project for Hulu, you don’t stop to think about it—you just say, “Yes!” I’m a bit of a documentary nerd and have seen all of Morgan’s work (Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? is way underrated, by the way), so of course I was excited.

We played around with different dates and finally got both of our schedules in sync and decided to shoot my episode of “A Day In The Life” when I was performing in Fairfax, VA.

On the night before the shoot, I met up with the film crew for drinks on the patio bar of my hotel in DC—and things got interesting right away. We were waiting for the waiter to prep our table when some guy barged through with his lady-friend and ex-military buddy and sat down in our spot. When my brother (who’s also my manager) asked them to give up the seating area we had been waiting for on the patio, the situation got heated and expletives were exchanged. Fortunately, it didn’t escalate into a full bar fight, and these characters eventually walked away, still cursing at us. It was a pretty surreal introduction to the great group of people that I’d be spending the next day with. Too bad we didn’t get that part on film!

I’ve been a stand-up comic for 22 years but in the last six years things really changed for me. I went from being a club comic to doing arenas. I know that most of America doesn’t know who I am, but somehow I still manage to sell out Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden, The Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. My fans found me because of YouTube and the Internet, and now I’ve been lucky enough to work with a filmmaker that I highly respect on Hulu, part of the medium that made me who I am today. I hope you enjoy my episode of “A Day in the Life.”

If you want to learn more about my experience working with Morgan Spurlock, Hulu, and shooting “A Day in the Life,” I’ll be hosting a live chat on Twitter, today at 1pm PT / 4pm ET. Send in your questions using the hashtag #AskRussellP, and you’ll get answers straight from me @therealrussellp.