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The Green Room: Friday Five

July 29th, 2011 by Rebecca Harper Editor

That’s right, it’s time for another Friday Five here on the Hulu Blog.

1) We Can’t Bear to Spell This One Out

As Stephen Colbert warned, “what you are about to see, you cannot un-see.”

2) 7 Minutes in Heaven

Between “SNL” and “Bridesmaids,” we’re well-aware that Kristen Wiig is a master of awkward comedy. But what would happen if you stuck her in an awkward place, like maybe a cramped closet with someone else? That’s what “SNL” writer Mike O’Brien does in this clip, part of his new series of shorts. Call it a summer project if you will, but make sure you stick around for the kicker.

3) “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil”

As our Digital Video Publisher Martin Moakler put it this morning, “it’s a good ‘Shawn of the Dead’-level twist of the genre.” I just called it awesome. He’s so much better at cinematic references.

4) Whites

We asked one of our Associate Campaign Managers, Jeff Hoke, what he’s been watching on Hulu this week. His pick: “Whites,” which is streaming exclusively on Hulu. (New episodes are posted each Wednesday.) Jeff’s a fan of cooking shows like “Hell’s Kitchen,” and this comedy from the U.K. captures that frenetic atmosphere. And it’s funny, too.

Want to learn more? Here’s our interview with the show’s creator, Matt King.

5) “So You Think You Can Dance:” Sasha and Twitch

This isn’t the performance that brought Lady Gaga to tears this week (this one is from last week’s episode), but Christopher Scott’s bluesy hip-hop choreography for contestant Sasha and her All-Star partner, Twitch, was remarkable. I downloaded “Misty Blue” as soon as the dance was over.

Hulu’s soundtrack this week brought to us by Turntable.