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Faking It … Errands, That Is

July 21st, 2011 by Jessica Kim Founder and CEO, BabbaCo

“Oh, I’ll watch the kids, if you’re in a bind …” Those words sometimes elicit a reaction similar to a kid hearing the music of an ice cream truck. Your eyes widen and you start thinking of all the things you can do with 30 minutes — 30 minutes! — to yourself. It’s hilarious that we can suddenly have a life/death errand to run when a friend offers to watch the kids. OK, maybe a life/death errand is being a little dramatic. However, I absolutely take that chance to do something and I admit that I may, on occasion, make my errand out to be a bigger deal than it is.

For Ellie on “Cougar Town,” it was the “allergy shot.” Without hesitation, she blurted out how helpful her friend could be because she needed to get her shot. (That’s a good one because it sounds medical and health-related.) She probably really just went to Starbucks with her hubby Andy or went shoe shopping. Does she even have allergies? That’s exactly my point.

For me, it’s the trip to UPS. “I’ve been meaning to pick up this big box, but it’s so hard to do it with the kids.” In reality though, I use that time to swing by the mall or the local DSW to check out a few things I’ve had my eye on.

As a mom, getting even 30 minutes to oneself can be really impossible. We love our kids and we love our time with them. But, if a friend offers to help out and watch them for a few, many of us would take that time and run. It’s almost a natural reaction. We actually believe that errand IS that crucial! It’s only after the fact when we realize it really wasn’t that important.

It’s okay to admit that sometimes we just need a helping hand and some time off. Have you done this before? What’s your go-to sudden “emergency” excuse? I’m sure there are some really creative ones out there, so please share! That way we’ll have some good ones in our back pocket the next time we hear the sweet tune of “Go ahead, I’ll watch the kids.”