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The Main Course: All Seasons of “Hell’s Kitchen” on Hulu

July 19th, 2011 by Alex Kruglov Content Acquisition

My wife and I (embarrassingly) think of ourselves as “foodies.” We (well, she) love to cook, discover new restaurants, and of course … eat! Not long ago, whenever we’d eat out, we’d envision what it looks like behind the scenes in the kitchen, and the pressure, energy, and passion that goes into each dish gracefully presented before eager (and hungry) customers.

Then I watched Gordon Ramsay on “Hell’s Kitchen,” and my notion of what happens behind the kitchen doors was turned upside down. The pressure, energy, and passion were there, but they were coupled with fiery explosions, excruciating stress, fierce competition, and an insane head chef shouting a tirade of colorful words I’d never repeat in public.

Not every kitchen has a Gordon Ramsay at the helm, but that’s what makes “Hell’s Kitchen” stand out among all the food-centric shows out there. No other show knows how to bring out the best and worst of every contestant quite like “Hell’s Kitchen.” But while it’s an understatement to say that Ramsay can be harsh, it’s his fire that refines each contestant’s skills. Whether you love him or hate him, the contentious dynamic between head chef Ramsay and his motley crew of cooks has me (and many others) hooked on the show.

Today, I’m excited to announce that “Hell’s Kitchen” has come to Hulu.com and Hulu Plus, just in time for the premiere of Season 9. In addition to current-season episodes, which will be posted for all Hulu users the day after air, Hulu Plus subscribers can watch the entire back library — seasons 1-8 — which are available exclusively on Hulu Plus, thanks to Lionsgate and Debmar-Mercury. (You may not see every episode today, but we’re working hard to make sure the complete library is up as quickly as possible.) This means you can follow the new season and catch up on past seasons when and where you want: from your smartphone to the biggest screen in your house. Users of the free Hulu service can watch clips from current and past seasons as well as a rotating selection of seasons hand-picked by the Hulu editorial team.

Enjoy “Hell’s Kitchen.” Now stop reading this [bleeping] blog post and go watch it, yes?

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