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Android Rollout of Hulu Plus Continues on Four More Smartphones

July 13th, 2011 by Lonn Lee Sr. Product Manager, Hulu Mobile Applications

Three weeks ago, we announced our early rollout of Hulu Plus to six select Android smartphones. Today, we’re pleased to announce we’re adding four additional Android smartphones to our list of Hulu Plus-enabled devices, bringing the total to 10 supported devices.

Hulu Plus is now available on HTC Evo 4G, HTC ThunderBolt, HTC myTouch 4G and G2 — joining the Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Inspire 4G, Motorola Droid II, Motorola Droid X, and the Motorola Atrix in Android Market.

We’re extremely excited to offer Hulu Plus subscribers the opportunity to watch premium content on these smartphones when, how and where they want it. As we said when we initially launched, we’ll continue to work hard to support additional devices. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming months.

Update 8/31:

To those whose Android device is not supported, I’m very sorry that we don’t currently support your Android model. Because Android phones and tablets each have a different set of specifications that we must take into account, we’re only able to support a select number of them at this point in time. We will be expanding Android support very quickly, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see support for your model available soon.

Again, I’m sorry for the frustration. We’re working hard to bring Hulu Plus to a wide variety of Android devices as soon as possible. Thank you for being patient with us in the meantime. If you have further questions please direct them to the support team.

James Goux
Hulu Support Lead

Last comment: Aug 22nd 2017 103 Comments
  • Jeff says:

    samsung stratosphere please

  • Travis rios says:

    Have hulu plus and was very happy with it, use it on my ps3 and PC all the time when Im at home. But i work alot and am baffled that its not on my galaxy s2… Best phone without the best apps, makes the world seem like a lie, when i have a child and he sees something i will tell him. Don’t be fooled son, behind every claim there is a hulu behind it not having common sense to release hulu on the hottest phone available.

  • mojan says:

    Samsung galaxy s 2 comeone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sooooo annoying I may just cancel BC of this!!!!

  • acer aspire 5733…

    […]Android Rollout of Hulu Plus Continues on Four More Smartphones « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • ken minasian says:

    I agree with the other S2 user…….Samsung Galaxy S2 here. I’m honestly confused why you would not work on getting hulu working on the HOTTEST android phone. What not job at your comqny makes these decisions? I’m cancelling my hulu subscription and sticking with Netflix. No commercials is another plus. Get your game together and ill really subscribe.

  • Erik says:

    I have the Samsung galaxy S2 as well. It is absolutely amazing that the hottest android phone on the market would not be rushed into compatibility with Hulu plus. Its a sad day for Hulu when someone upgrades their phone from one that could use Hulu plus to a better phone that cant use it. Hulu you have lost my patronage… NETFLIX FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kent says:

    Motorola Droid 4, please…

  • Dan says:

    I understand the challenge of supporting all the various Android devices, but was shocked to find out that the Galaxy S 2 isn’t supported. Literally baffled that the premier Android phone available on all the major carriers isn’t supported. Surely this is at the top of the list to quickly get support for?

  • Lothar Begin says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0+ please!

  • Amy says:

    Please support Samsung Galaxy 7 Plus soon!!!! :) Love Hulu Plus!

  • Galaxy 2s says:

    Galaxy S II !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jacob hulu says:

    Galaxy s2 Skyrocket please hurry :-) make it work I can download the app but not use it. :-(

  • Seriensaiber67 says:

    I have the HTC Rhyme… Please support soon. :/

  • Carl says:

    Can’t believe there still isn’t support for the galaxy s 2. It’s the most popular android phone and with 3 major carriers. Will probably cancel my membership soon. For a company as big as hulu, it’s kind of embarrassing.

  • Chris says:

    I just don’t understand how Netflix was able to support every phone when they came out but some how Hulu has to do each phone model one at a time….. Doesn’t make sense…. Maybe they sould hire some of netflixs programmers. Maybe something will actually get done.

  • nemrel says:

    My biggest complaint is the lack of Android App availability for Hulu+. If Netflix & TV.com can have apps for almost every Android device running 2.2 of higher – I just don’t understand why it is so hard to port a Hulu+ App. A ton of us Android users would glady pay for the ability to watch via phone/tablet. This should be a top priority at Hulu since it is costing them thousands in lost revenue.

  • 6six6 says:

    shut up jordan. you’re a good nazi but still…shut up. porting to the s2 isn’t doing us a favor, it’s economics. did i say, stfu?

  • Ana says:

    I wish Galaxy S was supported! How long will it take for the galaxy s2?

  • Andre says:

    Seriously, this is the last Android related post? And seriously, no Galaxy S 2 yet? Well, I guess I’ll be keeping my subscription on hold (i.e. not pay) for another 3 months…

  • handy kaufen says:

    handy kaufen…

    […]Android Rollout of Hulu Plus Continues on Four More Smartphones « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • thank you :D says:

    thank you :D…

    […]Android Rollout of Hulu Plus Continues on Four More Smartphones « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Derek says:

    Just about to sign up for Hulu Plus assuming that they would have support for the Samsung Galaxy S2 at this point. At this point meaning I am never an early adapter of new technologies, this being my first smartphone. Of course I researched it and made my decision because it was the highest and best competitor of the iPhone but I could use flash so yay. It’s been over six months since the first mention of Samsung Galaxy S2… you may want to at least give a timeframe. If there isn’t any then I suppose I’ll never be signing up. No sweat off my back.

  • Handy says:


    […]Android Rollout of Hulu Plus Continues on Four More Smartphones « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Anthony says:

    Well I’m hoping that me subscribing for it will help by throwing my 8 bucks in the pot. Developers have to get paid. cant wait to get it for my Infuse 4g which I now have ICS on!!!

  • electricien perignat…

    […]Android Rollout of Hulu Plus Continues on Four More Smartphones « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Jordan says:

    If anyone is curious, July is what a Droid razr will auto-correct for Hulu. :)

  • Jordan says:

    All of the angry upset comments are amusingly ignorant. If your device isn’t supported yet than deal with it. You don’t have to pay for plus if you don’t want to. If you’re paying for it to have more access to more shows, then what are you complaining about. I’m getting real tired of the self entitlement of people these days. Its only $8 a month. July has provided an amazing service and doing a lot to provide it in a legal high quality manner. Learn to cope with life a little better and realize most people are not trying to screw you over. Rant complete.

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    […]Android Rollout of Hulu Plus Continues on Four More Smartphones « Hulu Blog[…]…

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    […]Android Rollout of Hulu Plus Continues on Four More Smartphones « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • HippocratesNow says:

    I emailed you last night asking why Hulu Plus (THAT’S CORRECT I PAY FOR IT) wouldn’t stream on the Acer Iconia A500. Unfortunately people on the internet try and work around this and someone can get quite lost trying to figure this out (i.e., rooting your android tablet, etc.). I just saw your blog which is ” Android Rollout of Hulu Plus Continues on Four More Smartphones” by John Lee, Sr. Product Manager, Hulu Mobile Applications on July 13, 2011 stating the issue. Android tablets and phone have been out for quite awhile and I find it IRRESPONSIBLE and POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE to offer your product (i.e. Hulu Plus) and not add these platforms to your network. According to that blog, many people share my idea and are quite upset with your business. I won’t use foul language and truely express my thoughts as I hope you have the intelligence to read between the lines. I’m thinking about cancelling your service as you have had more than ample time to fix this software issue.

    I did find the Hulu Plus app on my G2 phone, one of the few phones that has the App and I couldn’t even watch all the content as some things say they can’t stream. Is your business headed by incompentency? I tried to watch Stir Crazy, the movie streamed from my G2 phone and it wouldn’t play.

    It’s called you have a product , we pay for it, we don’t like your product, you lose business. But I’m just one person right?

  • Nerdydesi says:

    Why is there still no support for the droid charge that came out back in may!? Very disappointed, at least netflix got it right. Shame on you!

  • Dave S. says:

    Just bought the galaxy s ii. No support here. just bought the Boxee Box for home streaming. No support here either. Hulu, you have had more than enough time time to get this right. You effed up and now your customers (I am one) are leaving one by one. What a shame! Your good product is being killed by poor implementation in the marketplace.

  • moss says:

    hmmm returning my galaxy tab to store pretty much because hulu or hulu plus ain’t working :-)

  • Ajay says:

    When abouts will hulu plus be available on ASUS transformer

  • android update…

    […]Android Rollout of Hulu Plus Continues on Four More Smartphones « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Carl says:

    I & many customers would like to see what devices hulu is working on to get streaming for. This blog & hulu plus sites are very lacking in that information. This blog is even outdated since now hulu is available for the HTC sensation.

    I feel that like all other companies in the US, hulu caters to apple and don’t really care about Android. I understand that Android OS 2.3.5 is different for each device because of hardware, but still

  • Jared,

    Thanks for your email, and thanks for your interest in Hulu Plus! Of course, we want to support as many devices as possible, and we realize that waiting isn’t any fun. Please realize that developing for the Android platform brings up a unique set of challenges, as there are several different incarnations of the Android operating system; also, so many different devices run Android! We appreciate your patience in this matter and I hope we can offer you Hulu Plus on your Galaxy Tab soon!

  • Jared says:

    I have hulu on my iPad 2 and my iPhone and I just purchased a samsung galaxy tab and I’m wondering when it will be supported on it?

  • Randy says:

    Any word on whether the Droid Charge is going to be supported soon? (It is already running an OS that suppoers Hulu Plus)

  • Richard says:

    I don’t love hulu plus I’ll be honest. The limited selection accompanied by paying a monthly fee and watching commercials doesn’t seem right. Never the less I’ve had it since day one. I’ve had it on my Iphone my iPad my Xbox my htc evo and my htc inspire. Everyone but iPad and Iphone took a long time to come to its respective device. Now that I’ve bought the Samsung galaxy s 2 epic 4g touch I feel like I’m tired of waiting again. I never believed the service to be a novelty, but if you want a streaming service like netflix or chrunchyroll, or vevo or crackle on your device it was just there to download. If I’m a loyal customer or a new customer, first and foremost hulu should be on the newest devices and or the top selling devices. If by the end of the month it’s not available on the galaxy’s 2 devices I’m canceling and not coming back.

  • John says:

    I’m amazed at how irrational and rude most responses on this site have been.

    I love Hulu plus, I use it at home on multiple Roku’s. I use it on my laptop and now use it on my Incredible 2. I will be thrilled when it’s available for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (WiFi).

    For all of the uninformed… The control over licensing does not reside with Hulu. Mitigation and lawyers have to be involved before the service can even be permitted onto our devices. This again isn’t Hulu’s fault. Add in the fact that now you have to test the app on multiple software and hardware configurations before release. Think about the time and cost involved. If everyone knows how to do this better then why aren’t they doing it themselves?

    And the fool complaining that you have to pay for the service… is just that, a fool. Just like on the computer, you have the regular Hulu service and then you have the paid Hulu+ service. Consider the mobile version a benefit for those loyal paying customers. Nothing in life is free. Deal with it.

  • joseph grille says:

    Hi, as a long time Hulu customer I would love to be able to watch all my favorite shows on my Toshiba Thrive Tablet soon. Please make it available ASAP. Thank you.

  • Steve.Webster says:

    Wow what a complain fest. (I do semi-agree, as I have a Galaxy S II with 2.3.5 on it and don’t understand why it is not rolled out on it either)

    I think a little better explanation would easily quiet the crowd.

    Are you trying to implement Hardware DRM? Is it the Cellular Companies holding it back? Is it because of Android fragmentation? Is it because ……………….

    Coming from an iPhone to Android about 3-4 months ago and importing a SGS2 from the UK to the US I was looking forward to Hulu Plus. I miss it a bit but it doesn’t ruin my weekend. For everyone that is complaining about No Support on this Device or That Device, really? How much time are you going to spend looking at your 3.x – 4.x screen watching TV. Not much more then you do now. It is a novelty app that will kill your battery. Just watch when it is released on these devices the Rating will plummet on the app store because of 1 star reviews complaining about battery drain. — Calling it now.

  • Uchiha Itachi says:

    What’s taking so long with tablet support? I watch Netflix on my Samsung Galaxy 10 Tab every day. My Hulu+ sub is starting to seem like a waste of money in comparison.

  • Hi Bill,

    Thanks for writing! Unfortunately we can’t support video out on your Android due to content licensing reasons. We’re actively looking into freeing up these rights, so stay tuned for the future.

    If there’s anything else you’d like addressed, please be sure to let me know.

    Hulu Support

  • Bill says:

    Plus worked great on my D2. Now I have a D3 with HDMI out. I was sorely disappointed that Hulu+ didnt work on my D3. Lets get it soon!

  • jose says:

    i hope they support soon the motorola droid x 2

  • Daniel says:

    I’m a hulu plus subscriber, I watch on my ps3 currently, and would love to be able to play it on my phone, please roll out support for the HTC sensation, would be much appreciated, thank you.

  • Alison says:

    I really hope the Droid Charge is next on the list. I spent all this money on a phone so I could have the best out there. I did not realize how many limitations I would face switching to a droid phone. I should have stuck with apple. Get on it hulu.

  • Mark says:

    Why don’t you just allow the app to be installed with a disclaimer that it has not been tested on this device. I bet it would work for most android phones and people like me wouldn’t get so upset to not see their phone listed. It is kind of a big selling point for android – that the platform is consistent and apps are basically the same across manufacturers. You shouldn’t do anything to make this less true.

  • Jesse says:

    Seriously? no support for galaxy s phones? you people are lazy, no wonder you’re having trouble holding on to subscribers.

  • Cathy says:

    Samsung Droid Charge pleaseeeeee

  • chris baker says:

    Why is the Hulu plus app not compatible with the Droid 3 yet? I am thinking about canceling my account with Hulu because I am on the road with my phone more than I am at home with my computer/TV.

  • Mzevotd says:

    Has there been a release date for when hulu will be on the HTC evo 3

  • D says:

    Really… why are the OLDER phoned being supported before the new ones? My Droid 3 runs netlix and the dish network app just fine. Why do I need to go home just to watch hulu? Sheesh.

  • Scott says:

    DROID 3 approval please. :)

  • Max says:

    Waiting for Droid Incredible and Galaxy Tab 10.1! No point in paying for Hulu until I can watch it on my tab!

  • Matt says:

    I cannot find the Hulu Plus app in the android market while using the MyTouch 4g. It’s available through my PC. But not from my mobile. Your list says that the MyTouch 4g is a supported device. Any advice ?

  • Robert H. says:

    What amazes me is that the phones they have certified for the most part are older phones. Phones that are more powerful such as the phone I have the sensation 4G are not launched. What amazes me is that they have no tablet support. I like to have a straight answer why. Does it have to do with rights. I am curious. The newer phones can support it however they do not have anything listed.

  • Raoul Duke says:

    I certainly hope that wider support will be rolled out soon. If Hulu ever expects to compete with Netflix, it is absolutely necessary.

  • Frank Reich says:

    Droid Incredible PLEASE! What’s taking so long?

  • I really hope that the droid incredible becomes supported.

  • Tim says:

    I’ll consider hulu plus when and if you have it for the Epic 4G. It’s a very popular phon, with better video than most of the others you’re supporting. It should have been first on your list!

  • ChipOrSumpin says:

    The delay in the Evo 3D support is getting to be an annoyance. I like Hulu Plus but I don’t see myself spending the money if I only have support on a single device… especially with the ads.

  • court says:

    Sucks when u have the newest device…and no hulu..come on droid 3

  • Adam says:

    I love everything about my Droid Charge, the only thing on my wishlist is that HuluPLUS is on it as soon as possible. Although I do have to admit that it’s annoying when I go to watch an episode of a show on my Xbxo 360 and it says “WEB ONLY” that is another problem with HuluPLUS. The purpose of getting HuluPLUS is being able to watch things on other devices..and half the shows I watch are web only!

  • Blake says:

    Samsung is second only to Apple in mobile device sales… and you’re not supporting any Samsung phones right now? I’m paying for Hulu Plus and I’m pretty disappointed that I can’t use the service on my mobile device. Samsung Galaxy S 4G

  • QuickilverJohny says:

    Any hope for support on the original Motorola Droid?
    I just don’t see the need to upgrade yet…

  • Pearl says:

    EPIC needs this app I too have been waiting patiently but its this is too much…. The Samsung Epic is meant for Hulu plus. I love my epic and am willing to stop throwing money away to hulu plus and give my money to netflix

  • Hey Dave and everyone,

    I’m very sorry that we don’t currently support your Android model. Because Android phones and tablets each have a different set of specifications that we must take into account, we’re only able to support a select number of them at this point in time. We’ll be expanding Android support very quickly though, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see support for your model available soon.

    Again, I’m sorry for the frustration. It’s been a long wait, and to see the launch and still be unable to use Hulu Plus can’t be easy. We’re working hard to bring Hulu Plus to a wide variety of Android devices as soon as possible. Thank you for being patient with us in the meantime.

    Hulu Support

  • Dave says:

    Trying to set a record for the slowest rollout? The competition is far ahead and is now $1/mo cheaper… C’mon Hulu, put your back into it.
    Now I’ve got that out of my system, some cold hard facts. I haven’t watched any Hulu content in 3 months and I’m considering dropping my Plus subscription. It’s not the content, great stuff there, but I can’t get it on my tablet where I watch shows/movies. Read my lips, “support tablets… especially Archos.”

  • Di says:

    Again, that’s nice you can support the Evo 4G, but come on, does the Gingerbread OS on the Evo 3D really make a difference why that phone can’t be supported at the same time? Other apps have been able to work with stability on both devices already. Hopefully this means support for Evo 3D arriving within the next few weeks.

  • Alejandro says:

    EVO 3D!!!! when is this happening? I’m in my trial week, I guess I will cancel before they charge my card if this is not made available to for the EVO 3D… its kind of ridiculous since it was released for the EVO 4G which is almost at the device’s end of life.

  • tom k says:

    Agreed, why is hulu not available on any android tablets? Rather than waste development time on phones that are over a year old (seriously who is into watching tv on a 3.5inch screen in 2011) when there are terrific honeycomb tablets shipping that are more than capable of watching tv shows.

  • charles e. says:

    how about the samsung epic 4g netflix has it why not hulu

  • dond624 says:

    How about Archos A101IT?

  • Mike says:

    LG Revolution????

  • Claude Norvez says:

    What about the Dell Streak 5? The 5″ screen on this phone is idea for this content.

  • Claude says:

    What about the Dell Streak 5? The 5″ screen is ideal for this content.

  • B says:

    You’ve got the Droid 2 — now you need the Droid 3. Riiiiiight?

  • Ms says:

    Optimus V Please

  • lighting777 says:

    Can u please put hulu plus on HTC EVO 3d and tmobile g2x please

  • jamie says:

    DROID2 and DROIDX have both been updated to DROID 3 and DROID X2. Come on guys… $7.99\mo deserves keeping up with new phones…

  • Galaxy Tab Lover says:

    Anxiously awaiting Hulu for Galaxy Tab WIFI, 3G and the Samsung Infuse!

    Will d/l and sign up for Hulu Plus they day it’s available for the above platforms.

  • Andrew says:

    This is crazy! Support the EVO3D!!

  • kehinde says:

    com on when is is coming to the galaxy s phones y didnt u just put in on the android market come on man

  • David S says:

    Waiting on the Incredible 2 to get some Hulu+ love…

  • Tim James says:

    When will this update be available for the Evo 3D? And why wasn’t released at the same time as the Evo 4G?

  • Michael Brooks says:

    When will the Galaxy Tab, get Hulu?

  • Nezz says:

    Xoom and Droid X2 please!

  • Manuel Grullon says:

    It’s not out in the US yet but I think you should support the samsung galaxy s2, I’d definitely pay for hulu plus then.

  • Botax says:

    is Hulu+ ever coming to nintendo DS?

  • Addison says:

    How about the Droid Charge? It even has LTE…

  • stevo says:

    They have DROID x when can wewere see Hulu on its successor the DROID x2?

  • Slid Vendetta says:

    When will this be available on the Motorola Xoom?

  • Ariel Batista says:

    Just a question if your supporting the Evo 4g, Why not support the Evo 3d. It’s a much faster phone and is it’s in the same line as the Evo 4g.

  • Sid says:

    Can’t wait for Hulu Plus on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 !

  • Eugene B. says:

    When will Hulu plus be out for the Evo 3d?

  • Robert says:

    my droid x2 is patiently awaiting hulu plus……

  • ArrTooDeeToo says:

    Please hurry up with Tablet support. It makes sense to have Hulu on a tablet. Not so much on a phone.

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