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Chance of a Lifetime

July 8th, 2011 by Beth Feldman Founder, Role Mommy

If you’re a working mother or a mom who has taken time off from her career to raise her kids, then you will totally relate to this clip from “Friday Night Lights” when Tami (Connie Britton) receives the offer of a lifetime — the chance to be Dean of Admissions at a college in another state. Despite having an incredible opportunity dropped in her lap, Tami’s decision to accept the position isn’t an easy one. She’s always supported her husband, Eric (Kyle Chandler), who has spent his career coaching high school football while raising their daughter who is now an independent teenager. Tami must now decide whether or not it’s time to pursue her career full force and hopefully not jeopardize her relationship with her family.

As a working mom, I can totally relate to Tami’s professional and personal dilemma. While ascending in my own career, when I became a mother, I stepped on the brakes and managed to work out a schedule where I got the chance to telecommute two days a week. That fateful decision caused my career path to ascend at a snail’s pace. For the last decade, I’ve managed to be home for my kids while building my own business, but always felt like I was missing out on what could have been had I stayed the course and gone for the brass ring.

Recently, I decided to jump back into the world of full-time work and while I admit it hasn’t been easy for my kids or my husband, I have to say that having my eyes back on the prize makes me feel incredibly empowered and fulfilled. Striking a balance is going to be the hardest part of doing what I love, but what I do know is that in life, you must have a partner who supports your dreams, even when it means you may not be home to make dinner or catch your child’s baseball game. At the end of the day, if you can find a way to do what you love and still play an important role in your family’s life, then I say never give up on your dreams no matter how selfish or guilty it might make you feel. Give up the guilt — you’ll be a better wife and mother if you do!

Check out this clip from Friday Night Lights and then catch the entire episode on Hulu and see if you can relate.

Last comment: Jul 11th 2011 2 Comments
  • LNDANI says:

    I want to start out by making it clear that if you choose to work outside the home and leave your kiddoes with others, it’s none of my business. My point here is just that I can’t relate to chasing any “brass ring” other than doing all I can to raise my children to have character, compassion, courage, competence, and conviction. Any other “goal” is moot to me, and I feel truly sorry for anyone who perceives any goal as more worthy of their every attention. I happily left a career that I enjoyed and one that was just taking off when our first daughter was born. We have three girls now and, more than ever, I can’t imagine any other work could be more important than being with them daily. There is no one on the planet, spare my husband, that I believe is more qualified to raise OUR children than me. YOU are the most qualified person to raise YOUR children. What you choose is your business, but I just can’t imagine putting my attention anywhere else right now.

  • Eddie says:

    Being selfish doesn’t make you a better mother.