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The Voice Finale Preview

June 29th, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

The finale of The Voice is here and it provided some shake-ups near the top, some real uncertainty going into the finale, a late-coming surge from the lower-tier, and some of the best (and worst performances yet). We’ve got too much to talk about, so here’s our final power rankings.

Our Final Power Rankings:
1) Javier Colon
2) Vicci Martinez
3) Dia Frampton
4) Beverly McClellan

How did we get here? We tried to combine overall performance on the show with last night’s rounds. Why the jump for Vicci? Well, she dominated both portions—the “debut your first single” section and the duet with their respective coaches—of last night.

Perform Your Own Song:

1) Vicci
“Afraid to Sleep”

We know who these people are at this point: This was a lot of energy with maybe an unnerving tinge of aggression. But, you know what? She almost definitively won the “perform your own” song portion of the contest. And isn’t being a pop star just continually winning the “perform your own song” portion of the contest?

2) Javier Colon
“Stitch by Stitch”

Straightforward pop song, but the guy’s a pop star. He is. That’s it. He emanates it, like a glow around a superhero. After watching all of these performances, you’ll find out that the songs that were written for these artists weren’t actually very good at all, but you’d never really know watching Javier. In fact, we don’t remember “Time After Time” even being listenable, but he made it that, too. I guess that’s why we think he’s going to win the contest.

3) Dia
“Inventing Shadows”

Somebody wrote a terrible song for her. It’s a bad Coldplay clone, which is something the world should be fresh out of at this point. It’s not enough to get past Javier. We were actively rooting for her, too. We would’ve made a blinged-out sign, too, if we weren’t relatively certain this would get us arrested for some law we don’t know about.

They needed to give her an electric guitar with some distortion and let her go. This whole show was leading to a finale where Dia finally let her hair down completely, but it didn’t happen. This just wasn’t enough.

4) Beverly

So this was a little horrible. We love her enthusiasm, but this song is such a throwaway, bad karaoke AC/DC song. She shook me all the way to the fast-forward button on my DVR. We just can’t get behind it. It ends in her singing “yuh-yuh-yuh / yuh-yuh-yuh-yuh,” which is the sound babies make when they want to watch “Yo Gabba Gabba” but don’t yet have the words to express it.

Worst of all, it’s so predictable. Beverly almost wins the contest tonight with her duet alongside Christina Aguilera, but this was just so very terrible. We’re going to look back at this in three years and wonder what we were thinking, watching this on television with a straight face.

Duet With Your Coach

1) Vicci and Cee Lo
“Love is a Battlefield”

Cee Lo has a red Mohawk and is dressed like a professional wrestler. Vicci’s got a ton of confidence and is busting out the performance of her life. This looks like West Side Story on psychadelics. It’s the best performance of the night, far and away, and it makes Vicci look like a superstar. It seems a lot like Cee Lo’s doing, but what’s a superstar without somebody who knows how to get the star out of her?

Hold on a second: Does Vicci have a chance? I think she might.

2) Beverly and Christina

Woah, this was the first departure for Beverly. It wasn’t another Blues Brothers song. It was relevant and big and orchestral and subtle.

And, based on what song this is about, I don’t think we’re legally allowed to talk about how weird her hand movements were. In that case: A+. I didn’t think it was possible she could win this competition, but if any performance were to give her a chance, it would be this one.

3) Javier and Adam
“Man in the Mirror”

Okay. That’s it. That’s a wrap. Show’s over. Javier has to be your winner tonight.

Before the duet, Javier said, “The only thing is, you can’t do it better than Michael Jackson.” True, but they came close. If this guy doesn’t win, I’ll eat Cee Lo’s entire collection of furry hats. It’s predictable, yes, but this guy’s the best performer—and, yep, the best voice—on The Voice. Hands down.

4) Dia and Blake
“Won’t Back Down”

She sort of looks like a character in an ‘80s movie in a parade. She’s got some wayfarer sunglasses on with a three-piece suit. She ran into an age-old pop problem: You do not cover Tom Petty. Only Tom Petty can pull off Tom Petty. It just looked like too many guitars and voices up there for too few sounds. In turn, Dia sort of looked like Blake’s kid sister, which is not what you want to look like in a finale.

It’s too bad because Dia was really the only person who could contest Javier, but she just didn’t pull it off in the finale. People will have to be voting for past episodes, and I’m not sure that’s going to happen. She was simply the victim of a couple of bad songs tonight. It wasn’t her. We’re still crushing on her hardcore from afar. But this wasn’t enough to take down Javier, who looked like a world-class singer amongst a bunch of very good backups.