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The Great Reddit-Hulu Experiment

June 24th, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

Well, Reddit, that was a lot of fun.

We asked you out to a nice steak dinner the other day and when we got to the restaurant, it was filled with people we like talking about shows we love and offering us superfluous amounts of A1 Sauce. Oh, and Carl Sagan was there. We were so flattered.

Let’s take a step back for the uninitiated. On Wednesday, we asked Reddit.com, a social news aggregation site that is also the de facto Zagat Guide of Cat Videos on the Internet, to edit the Featured Content section of our home page for today. We weren’t expecting much of a response out of it. We just like Reddit.

Two days, 5,210 upvotes, and 2,069 karma points for Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” later, we’re blown away. We can’t thank you enough for the help.

We’ve collected Reddit’s Top 10 Videos from that thread, which includes Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Community, and a documentary called “The End of Poverty.” The collection is a spot-on view of Reddit from the outside: It’s funny, it rewards excellence and, at the end of the day, it’s socially conscious. That’s what we like about you.

To all of our Reddit friends abroad who voted accordingly, we hear you loud and clear. We’re working hard to bring our content to you. We once did that thing in a picture where it looked like we were holding up the Arc de Triomphe with the bridge of our nose and the crest of our chin. It was hilarious.

Basically, what we’re tying to say is that we love you too much not to be volleying for business trips to places with monuments like that, if only so we can pretend to balance those monuments on other interesting parts of our face.

Anyways, as a tribute to Charlie from It’s Always Sunny, we’ve added a Wild Card 11th choice to the playlist. It’s Alton Brown talking about waffles, because we love Alton Brown, and we love waffles.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming of Woody from “Toy Story” hanging off the back of a Chevy Trailblazer.

Thank you again, and you’re welcome to sleep on our pull-out couch if you get stuck here,
Ben Collins
Assistant Editor, Hulu

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  • Jomskylark says:

    You guys are awesome.

  • A.A. says:

    It’s great to know that you’re working on eventually making some of Hulu’s content available in other countries-Australia and Canada would be good.

  • A.A. Fussy says:

    This is good news-I’d like to see Hulu’s content come to Australia and Canada. Are you working on getting the streaming rights to do this?

  • Helpful Lady says:

    Your two links to reddit posts all have an extra “” at the end resulting in “page not found”s. Whoops!

  • 10eleven says:

    You hooked up with Reddit? Oh, you poor, poor, fools.

  • Mr-papple says:

    Waffles, dont you mean carrots?

  • Anonny says:

    and 2,079 karma points for ‘A giant “Sorry, this video is not available in your country” notice.’ (highest rated comment there you might have noticed – surprised there was no mention of it! [yeah, yeah, not really])

  • […] weren’t expecting much of a response out of it. We just like Reddit,” explains Ben Collins, assistant editor at Hulu. “Two days, 5,210 upvotes, and 2,069 karma points for […]

  • HA! says:

    > To all of our Reddit friends abroad who voted accordingly, we hear you loud and clear.

    Then where is the top rated suggestion??? Give the average hulu user a little feel what it’s like for the freaking rest of the world.