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Hulu Plus Begins Android Roll Out

June 22nd, 2011 by Rob Wong VP of Product

We’ve always said our mission is to provide the world’s premium content to people when, how and where they want it. And we know that a lot of people want that content on their Android smartphones. We’ve been working hard to make that a reality, and today, we have begun our early rollout of the Hulu Plus application on Android smartphones.

With the first phase of the Android rollout, Hulu Plus is available on six phones, including the Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Inspire 4G, Motorola Droid II, Motorola Droid X, and the Motorola Atrix. We expect to add to the number of Android smartphones and will be making additional device announcements throughout the year.

The free Hulu Plus app is available for download from Android Market, and once installed, Hulu Plus subscribers will be able to enjoy the service on the go. As always, Hulu Plus offers new subscribers one free week to try the service.

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  • Tracy says:

    No offense but its total BS that you have been designing the app for the HTC and “Droid” based phones and ignoring the Samsung products. There is even some serious irony in this decision because no one can argue that Samsung phones have better screens via the Super AMOLED technology (even better in many regards than the iPhone screeens). Not just a little better, but by a wide margin. So basically you designed an app to watch Hulu on the absolute most pixelated and washed out screens available on the android platform. Good thinking guys…congrats on that.

  • TomK says:

    Its sad that you still don’t support any current Android 3.x tablets. Its funny that you support the HTC flyer that just came out but no 10″ tablets. Why would I want to watch TV on a phone when I have an Asus Transformer. Sad.

  • Hey Kim,

    To get a list of the particular devices that have Hulu Plus support, you can visit ( http://www.hulu.com/plus/devices ). There you will see what currently brings the ability to stream Hulu Plus, and also which devices may be coming soon. If you have any specific questions on any device in particular, you can reach out to our support team at ( http://www.hulu.com/support ).

    Have a great day Kim!

    Hulu Support

  • Kim says:

    We are looking at getting a device to hook up to our tv for internet since we watch at least half of our shows on Hulu+. Can you list all of the current devices Hulu+ is compatible with so we know which tablet or program to buy?


  • Hi Damaris,

    Because Android phones each have a different set of specifications that we need to take into account, we’re only able to support a select number of them at this point in time. We’ll be expanding Android support as quickly as we can though!

    Hulu Support

  • Damaris says:

    So I was so pumped to download hulu plus on my phone to then find out that my phone can’t do it..i have the dorid increable and yea..no hulu plus. this sucks…at least i have netflix.

  • Mat says:

    Interesting, that by the time Hulu releases the app as “Compatible” the phone is almost already out of date…. Yet some standards, like the Motorola Xoom. (One of the first major Android Tablets) still isn’t on the list.

    I think what I, and a lot of people with half a brain, are wondering is “How can Netflix, do it but Hulu Can’t?” They have the same “TV vs. Computer” issues, yet they seem to be able to create a client for android.

    Perhaps, if you’d stop listening to the Apple Marketing engine, you’d realize you are alienating a huge customer segment. I obviously am not a paying customer, as Hulu is not available for all my devices.

    I’d rather not compromise for outdated hardware (like an iPhone/iPad/iPod) in order to use a PAY service on top of that costs.

    Really, Hulu+ + Wifi Internet Fees/Data Plan + Cost of hardware = It’s just not worth it.

  • Karen says:

    I was very disappointed to find out that my new birthday gift, the Samsung Galaxy Tab wasn’t among the devices that Hulu will play on! When I was researching which tablet I wanted I went to Hulu (that was actually one of the main reason I started paying for Hulu) and saw that Android tablets were supported, then when I tried to download the app I am told that my device is not supported…Happy Birthday to me, NOT!

  • Travis says:

    You know — your “support” staff is quick to jump on anybody that mentions wanting their service for free but they remain completely silent and offer NO explanations for those of us that pay monthly and want to watch on our tablets. I do pay. When are you planning to unblock service on tablets? I watch hulu on my EVO so why do I have to constantly hack my ASUS Transformer to use the service I paid for??? Let me guess — you’re not going to offer an explanation. Kind of the same way I’m not going to offer to pay my bill next month. I’m frustrated and pretty over it.

  • Puma says:

    The galaxy tab is a “mobile” device I am giving Hulu one more week and then I am done with Hulu! Why pay for something that does not support me.

  • topofmurrayhill says:

    I watch movies and TV shows on my phone a lot. I’m waiting to subscribe to Hulu Plus when it’s available for Galaxy S phones (specifically the Epic 4G). Until then at least I have Netflix.

  • Brent,

    Unfortunately—to honor the deals we have in place for our content—we have to stream to mobile devices through our app. I completely understand your frustration regarding this. As I’m sure you’re aware, the Android platform has many different incarnations and can be installed on a variety of devices. While we want to offer our app on as many devices as possible, we also want to provide a quality experience for our users. We appreciate your patience and we will make it worth the wait.

    Hulu Support

  • Brent says:

    @Hulu Support Advocate –

    It’s not about getting something for free, it’s about not restricting access to subscription services which we pay for (HULU Plus) on any capable device such as the Galaxy 10.1 tablet which support it natively. I pay for HULU Plus yet I’ve had to HACK my Galaxy 10.1 just to get the content for which I pay HULU and would play right out of the box if not for your restrictions.

    Please explain why HULU developed and published a HULU Plus app for iOS (iphone, ipad) due to @pple’s refusal to support FLASH yet restricts access to the paid subscribers using the only relevant @pple competing platform which supports it natively.

  • Blake says:

    I’ve been waiting 6 months for hulu plus to come out on my galaxy. Netflix hasn’t had any problem with it as well as hbogo, and many others. Get your priorities straight, forget about criterion collection commercials, GIVE ME SOME MOBILE TV!!!!

  • Slocs says:

    Have a Motorola Photon great Phone still waiting for Hulu Plus – have on other Motorola’s hope it is coming soon! :-)

  • Orlando says:

    Support needs to be improved. Motorola Photon, Galaxy Tab……let’s go!

  • C’mon Hulu time to step up the adult table and get cranking this limited release of a few phones whenever you feel like it is boring me and others there is now reason for it I canceled my account because of you lack up support for me devices I mean serious the Evo 4g but not the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ and how long till you plan on supporting the Motorola Photon???? Get off your butts andget in the game also nice job not formatting your blog for mobile devices

  • Lola,

    You raise a great point, and I’m sorry you are disappointed you can’t access Hulu on your device for free. I know it’s frustrating to have to pay for services you believe should be free. I’d love to speak to the issue.

    When we launched the free Hulu.com service, our rights were limited to streaming on the PC. Unfortunately, mobile and TV devices were not included in these contracts, and in order to add them, we’ve had to do so under a paid service, Hulu Plus. This is for many reasons, including the high price of these types of streaming rights and because many shows required they be part of a paid service to be on these types of devices.


  • Lola says:

    We shouldn’t have to pay to get hulu plus on our phones if we can get regular hulu free on a computer. The only reason I even bought a smart phone is because I’ve been having trouble with my computer speakers, and the sales people told me I could watch tv on my phone. Lo and behold, no regular hulu, and no hulu plus. (Not that I would pay for it anyways.)

  • Leah says:

    PLEASE get linked up with the incerdiable 1 please!!!!! you all have support fopr the 2nd model but not the first??????? hook us up hulu. Or im ganna have to cancell my account:( i got it to watch on my phone and now i cant.

  • Hello there,

    Although I have nothing to announce at this time, do know that our developers are working to support more Android products in the future. Currently we’re on 20 Android devices, and we do expect this number to increase over time. My best advice is to keep an eye out on the devices page (hulu.com/plus/devices) for any new information about support for new Android devices in the future.


  • Hi Frank,

    Because of the intention for use of Google TV with a TV set, it qualifies as a television device and therefore a different set of streaming rights and contract restrictions. While we have not announced plans at this time, we get a lot of requests for it, so it’s definitely on our radar. Specifically, we’d love to add it as a supported device for Hulu Plus, so keep an eye out for that.

  • Amadeus says:

    Just bought the Galaxy S2… Still no Hulu plus??? So now I have one of the most advanced phones on the market and can’t watch my Hulu Plus subcription???

    Come on Hulu, when are we going to see the support for the new phones???

    I can’t believe that it hasn’t been addressed already, give us a date for full support, it’s really not as hard as you are pretending, just put some effort into it…

  • Frank says:

    When OR Will hulu plus ever be available on google tv devices

  • Hi Monique,

    No official word on Galaxy S support just yet. We’re working on expanding Android support to more phones and tablets, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see support for the Galaxy S in the future.

    Ryan B.
    Hulu Support

  • Monique says:

    When are you going to have Hulu for the Samsung Galaxy S phone? I have many friends with this phone and we are eagerly awaiting the addition of it to your list. Is there a timeframe we can expect this so we can sign up for Hulu Plus?

  • Linda says:

    Thank you Hulu! I have my app for EVO 3D! :-D

  • Linda says:

    I have my app for EVO 3D. Thank you Hulu!

  • adam says:

    Why won’t they make an app for my android tablet? The whole reason i subscribed as to use it on my tablet. If it doesnt come out soon or within the next month im cancelling my subscription…same goes for netflix….

  • JTB says:

    HTC 3D Please

  • Linda says:


  • tristan says:

    I just purchased a Samsung infuse. I was very surprised to learn i can’t get hulu and extremely disappointed. At&t however, does offer Mobil tv. I guess ill cancel my hulu subscription and go with at&t. Your loss hulu!

  • Mike says:

    It has nothing to do with making Hulu work on different types of phone and tablets. All of the phones and tablets support Hulu just like PC’s and Macs already do. Hulu just chooses to specifically block certain devices and its picking certain android devices to allow. But it has nothing to do with them making it work it has worked for a long time they just block it.

  • Gilbert Munguia says:

    I’ve been a hulu plus subscriber for quite some time. I recently purchased a samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet specifically for viewing hulu+ programming. Hulu better get it sorted out very soon… or i’m gone for good.

  • netshet says:

    It’s amazing how enough is never enough for some people! Wow! Thanks HULU for working on getting this to the phones

  • patrick says:

    Ok Hulu let me help you with your game plan. You have two different types of mobile devices that carriers are currently supporting; tablets/pads and phones. You need to talk to the carriers; ATT, TMO, Sprint and VZW of the world and ask them what the three highest selling andriod phones are at this time. Ditto for tablets/pad. Then you get with your Dev team and get in the carrier labs to get this app completed and rolled out. It’s not rocket science. Your killing you company by not having this app for andriod tablets.

  • Evan says:

    ipad or galaxy tab? I specifically wanted to watch Hulu in bed – so I chose the Galaxy Tab 10.1 since it had flash support. Oh, Hulu is blocking it on mobile devices. Fine, I’ll pay for Plus. Oh, it’s only supported on certain phone versions of android. ಠ_ಠ

  • Steve says:

    Gotta have the Galaxy Tab 10.1 — it IS the competition for the iPad2. Hulu/Netflix & HBOGo all need to develop for this.

  • Rafael G. says:

    ok hulu as for me there is no doubt that you guys have the best programs and networks,”try to include tbs” but whats up with the androids, you told us “soon” and “wait” i just think the waitings been long because doing this via app on the cellphones is not the same as you would see the contents or programs on the pc or tv. Still i think once you get through this bump you’ll be A.O.K.

  • Lorri says:

    Gee wiz people it’s HULU and a PHONE- get a life. It’ll be nice when we have it but nothing worth complaining about.

  • Kevin Murphy says:

    Just started my free month. I will keep subscribing if an Evo app comes out, especially since Netflix has doubled it’s price to see old movies.

  • Paul says:

    Have EVO 4G been waiting for ever for this app for what seems like forever. And you drop the ball like this. Might have to cancel service just sad. Also tablet support is a must. Have HBOgo. Don’t know if I need much more.

  • Matthew Marcy says:

    I have been waiting for months for this silly little app to come out for the Android phones and they decide to have the app only work on some Android phones. I mean, I just got the Samsung Charge from Verizon…..wtf?

  • Jodie says:

    It’s amazing how enough is never enough for some people! Wow! Thanks HULU for working on getting this to the phones. I do wish we did not have to have an app but whatever works!

  • jeremy fretts says:

    Phones? That is so last year. Catch up – Android runs tablets, which are fast replacing laptops.

  • jeremy fretts says:

    Phones? That is so last year. Catch up – android runs on tablets, which are fast replacing laptops.

  • Corinne says:

    No Evo! ? Come on Hulu doesn’t it make sense to include one of THE most popular Android phones? I second the comment above. Offline viewing would be awesome!

  • snowy says:

    Any word on when it might be available for Nook Color users?

  • Fremen9 says:

    It makes sense that they’d support older Android phones first. Also because all the phones are not identical, they can’t just write it once and make it work properly because of all the concern hollywood has over copy protection. Its not Hulu’s fault. Its simple for Iphones, because there are so few variations….Motorola Xoom, how many people actually have that compared to Nexus One? a lot less!

  • Tim says:

    No luck on G2, too bad. I will probably not go past the 7 days and just look around to your competitors. Someone who commands a huge salary sucks at their job. That is how this happens. Sigh.

  • Dylan says:

    aiden9 says:
    June 22, 2011 at 10:15 pm
    Hey I was just wondering what the deal is with bothering with an app? Seems like it would be so much simpler to just let android users who have a Hulu Plus subscription to log in(by-passing the mobile blocker) and view it via the browser. I know the trendy thing now a-days is to “have an app for that” but be practical and go the “web app” route. Then you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues among multiple devices and could continue delivering via Flash.

    …AGREED. This is rediculous. I pay for something that I can not use on something I use or have with me 90% of the time. Epic Fail. If Evo is not supported with in the next month OR if I can not log on simply using my huluplus on the browser within the next month I will cancel my subscription and encourage everyone else that I know who pays for huluplus to do the same.

  • Carlito Negro says:

    Not compatible with the HTC MyTouch 4g. What the heck? Did the developers make this app for Android 1.0?

  • Kairis says:

    Makes me glad I have a Droid X which can use Hulu plus and Netflix!

  • Steven says:

    I have a nexus s but no longer seeing the hulu app in the Market. Was it removed?
    Also +1 to supporting the Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  • John says:

    Just one more Evo owner scratching his head trying to figure out why my phone wasn’t in the initial rollout. Hey, it’s OK, you screwed up. All will be forgiven, if you fix it…fast!!!

  • patrick says:

    Went to watch on my evo 3D and noticed hulu doesn’t support evo or evo 3D?? Probably will drop it in favor of netflix which works on my device.

  • moncherion says:

    Now I don’t know how much use I’ll get out of it on the Droid

  • gwyneth says:

    Have been thinking of getting hulu plus for at home but will wait now until hulu plus supports the HTC Evo series… Just subscribed to Netflix since the new OTA update of Gingerbread supports Netflix again. You are missing the boat Hulu…

  • Steve says:

    No HTC Evo? Get with it Hulu! You already have my money! Give me my app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve says:

    How can the app for the EVO be that different? Come on, Hulu! Please?

  • Jer says:

    Remind me again why we can’t just watch Hulu through our flash enabled browsers? I’d actually buy a Hulu plus subscription if you just allowed us to access the content through our mobile browsers. I’m holding on to my money till then..

  • Chris Denbow says:

    Nope. Not available for the Evo yet. Missed opportunities, gang.

  • Kim Nilsson says:

    Please, provide a single reason not supporting the hotest two phones on the market, Samsung S2 and HTC Sensation? Why start with support for old phones people don’t use anymore?

  • George says:

    You completly missed the boat on this launch. You’ve waited to long to release an app at all, even netflix beat you to the punch. Then when you release it you dont support the biggest selling phone on the Sprint Network the Evo4g. Yet there are sprint ads all over your site.

    I honestly dont get why you didnt support at a minimum the phones that netflix has support for. Its obvious the DRM issues can be overcome with those phones. As for the first wave of rollouts if you take forever to roll out interest will go elsewhere now that the wait for instant content is over with the other sources available.

  • Patrick says:

    EVO and EVO 3D?? Come on, guys!

  • Norah says:

    I am surprised the HTC EVO 4G is not on the list. There are a lot of them out there.

  • cmaz says:

    Android kicks ass! On what other phone can you switch out roms and operating systems, play with themes etc. To heck with Hulu. I have an HTC HD2, wiped Winmo which I hated, installed Cyanogen mod Android OS and a working version of Netflix – works super good like HD quality!

  • Brian says:

    Just installed it on my driod x from Verizon and it works great thanks hulu!

  • ms says:

    Works great on the basic htc incredible os if you know where to get the apk file…

  • Steven Santinelli says:

    NOT working on Nexus S although you state that it does. When I go to the android market it, it says that Hulu is incompatible with my device Nexus S…..

  • Fragmented says:

    Whaaaat?!? No HTC Evo support?

  • Ryan Parman says:

    Android is not like iOS. Android is used as a starting point for other companies to tweak and change. Android on one phone does not equal Android on another phone. Android = Fragmentation, folks.

  • Jim Irving says:

    I should have tried this before commenting. I’ve done so — and it worked great. I’ve only tried it on my WLAN, not on 3G. After selecting a video, the interface to play it is just what I see in Hulu on my Tivo Premier. Video was a little jerky/pixellated at first, presumably during buffering, but then it smoothed out.
    After checking out a few minutes, we actually watched the program via Tivo. No substitute for a big screen if 2+ people want to view together. (Well, I could use HDMI from the Droid, but the Tivo makes that unnecessary.)

  • Steve W. says:

    Welcome to the fragmented sometimes-it-works world of Android.

  • Shane says:

    Finally… hulu for phones and tablets?

  • Still waiting... says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Evo. Make them a priority.

  • Weapondrift says:

    Well I confirmed it for the htc incredible…but no one cares

  • Shawn says:

    Like Jason said above, I own a Droid X with all the latest Android update (gingerbread) yet I can’t install the Hulu Plus App from the Android Market because it says under the Install link that My device, The Verizon Droid X is not supported. it it is listed as being supported in the description. Plus my Droid X can not event find the App throughout the Market on the phone itself, only through a browser Any ideas?

  • Matt says:

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this, but there is no support for the Droid Incredible!

  • patrick blackwell says:

    I have been paying for hulu plus cant believe it won work on galaxy tab 10.1 or any android tablet. I have the samsung infuse 4g atleast support that. You guys are breaking my balls. I have netflix also so whoever supports my devixes first the other is out the door

  • Jim Irving says:

    I’ve been looking for this for a while, and Eureka! my Droid X is supported. But during that wait Hulu became available on my Tivo Premier, where we use it a lot. Now I don’t know how much use I’ll get out of it on the Droid…but then, I’m already paying for the service, so this is gravy.

  • James says:

    No XOOM or Samsung galaxy tab??? Come on hulu first you block web access from android devices and then you don’t support android 3.xxx tablets…

  • […] announced yesterday via the Hulu Blog that Hulu Plus will now be available on Android smartphones. The app is currently only available on […]

  • […] the app, right? Well, here is the list of phones that currently support the application with Hulu promising support for additional devices later on this […]

  • Jason says:

    When will the app be available for the G2?

  • HTC G2 Users says:

    Why was the HTC G2 not included on the first roll-out? Please include the HTC G2 on the next roll-out! Thanks.

  • HTC G2 Users says:

    Why was the G2 excluded on the first rollout? Please include us HTC G2 users out on the second roll-out. Thanks.

  • Fred says:

    Really? Android support while leaving out the Motorola Droid- One of the most popular and capable android phones out there at the moment?

  • Adrian Rodriguez says:

    Please, please, please make your app compatible with the Thunderbolt.

  • Eric says:

    Hey hulu,

    Serious Question: Why are you OK with people watcing your free content on a 10″ windows pc but not a 10″ Android pc? Could I watch on Linux? What if someone installed Windows 7 on a device with a 4″ screen?

    Why arbitrarily block 3 or 4 operating systems from your free content?

  • Mike says:

    Seriously? Did you not learn anything from Netflix? There are so many tablets now – you did not hit 1. You catered to a few phones that will be gone in 6 months. An app should work cross-platform. You CAN rely on flash inside of the application (which likely has your DRM component). Why in the world continue to wait for it on the processor level and piss everyone else in the world off? This is simply ridiculous.

  • Jason says:

    I have a Droid X and just tried to install… it says my device is not supported. That seems to contradict this very post saying the X is one of the only 6 supported devices.

  • Rob says:

    Great it’s on my nexus one, is there a rough timeframe when it’ll be on other devices? (or at least let it be unprotected as we still need to log in anyway to use it, and can try it on non-official devices).

  • aiden9 says:

    Hey I was just wondering what the deal is with bothering with an app? Seems like it would be so much simpler to just let android users who have a Hulu Plus subscription to log in(by-passing the mobile blocker) and view it via the browser. I know the trendy thing now a-days is to “have an app for that” but be practical and go the “web app” route. Then you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues among multiple devices and could continue delivering via Flash.

  • HokieFace says:

    Nexus One, but no Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Motorola Xoom, Seriously?

  • Alan says:

    This is great! I’d love to see an option for saving episodes for offline viewing: generally, when I’m interested in watching TV on my phone, I’m offline (on an airplane, in a subway, etc…). Thanks!

  • Jacob Weisz says:

    Been paying for Hulu Plus since it came out in anticipation of finally getting Android support, and none of my three Androids are supported. Nice job.

  • Mark says:

    “to people when, how and where they want it”

    We want it for Windows Phone 7.

  • chris says:

    Obviously not that hard if that is the only phone support you have…

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