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Birthday Blunders

June 15th, 2011 by Beth Feldman Founder, Role Mommy

If you’ve been caught up in an over-the-top birthday party planning experience for your child (guilty as charged), then you will totally appreciate a recent episode of “Brothers and Sisters,” when Kitty made the ultimate mom mistake by forgetting to book a location for her son’s party in advance.. Just because you’ve decided you want to have the party at one of you’re kid’s favorite play places, doesn’t mean you can just show up and expect that they’ll have space for you and your group.

Any mom who’s planned a kids party knows that you must book popular location several months in advance to ensure that you actually have a place to host your little guests when the big day arrives. If you’re continually stressed (like Kitty!) and completely forget to book a venue, then bite the bullet and have the party at home. But don’t invite too many guests! There’s nothing worse than hosting 30 three-year-olds at a home that hasn’t been childproofed. Ultimately, there will be a child who will projectile vomit directly onto your brand new sofa (um, that would be my daughter’s princess party extravaganza), another one who gets hit in the head with a drumstick that was handed out to the kids by the performer you hired to entertain the the troops (that would be my daughter during my son’s first birthday), and a third who will find a permanent marker and use it to write on your walls. (Five years ago. My house. Kids art party. Forgot to hide magic markers.)

My advice: if the party is in the spring or summer, keep the kids outdoors. If they’re born in the winter months, take him out for his special day and then wait a few months to celebrate when the weather gets warmer!

So now it’s your turn — have you ever forgotten to book your child’s favorite party space? Have you hosted or attended a kids birthday party from hell? Take a look at Kitty’s birthday blunder and see if you can relate, then tell us about it in the comments.

Last comment: Jul 10th 2011 4 Comments
  • Lisa says:

    Birthday parties are a lot of work and a busy working mom has a lot on her plate. Its tough to get it all done! That’s why last minute horse or pony parties can be a possibility if you’re looking for something different and memorable in San Diego.

  • Lindsey says:

    @ Joseph Finn-When you invite a certain number of people, there ends up not being enough space for cake or presents. haha

  • Kaylee says:

    my parents never put much stock in parties. the only parties i’ve had that weren’t all family were my 13th and 16th birthday parties

  • Joseph Finn says:

    Book…a party space? Why? Put up some ballons, bake a cake, have some kids over and you’re good to go.