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Buried Treasure: Earth Girls Are Easy

June 13th, 2011 by Naivasha D Associate Producer

Like many Hulu users, I can usually find more than enough great content in our “Most Popular” section to keep me entertained, informed, and slightly less productive all day.

But I’ve always been one to root for the underdog.

So, in that spirit, I decided to start stepping out of my “30 Rock” and “Modern Family”-furnished comfort zone to explore Hulu’s treasure trove of diverse library content that often gets lost in the shadows of our most-watched shows, or Stewie Griffin’s giant head.

There are a lot engrossing movies, TV shows, and clips up there. It can be daunting. But I’ll be donning my miner’s helmet and doing a little digging to unearth some real hidden gems. —— Naivasha D

Today’s excavation: Earth Girls Are Easy

Katy Perry’s song “E.T”, about getting dirty with an alien, is all over the radio. The song features Kanye West as, ostensibly, the alien, who chimes in with:

“Tell me what’s next: Alien sex. Imma disrobe you, then Imma probe you.”

Katy responds enthusiastically to this proposition in the song’s chorus, narrowly avoiding mangling the word “extraterrestrial “ each time. You know the one.

It turns out that long before Katy’s foray into intergalactic intercourse, Hollywood was exploring a similarly unconventional relationship in the 1988 musical “Earth Girls Are Easy,” directed by Julien Temple and unexpectedly starring a whole host of big names right before they got famous. It’s a far-fetched comedy, set in a cartoonish version of ‘80s Los Angeles where three furry, lustful aliens crash their spaceship into a valley girl’s pool.

The red alien, Wiploc, is played by a pre-“Ace Ventura” Jim Carrey, who would not be covered in this much hair again until 2000’s “The Grinch.” As Wiploc, he’s quintessentially Carrey—except, in this instance, a lot hornier. Damon Wayans is great as Wiploc’s yellow, perennially hungry sidekick, Zeebo.

The blue alien, “Mac,” heads up the group, and is played by none other than Jeff Goldblum. This is Goldblum before “The Fly” and “Jurassic Park.” As Mac, he is brooding, dominant, and seductive—as much as an alien who relies on mimicking TV commercials to communicate can be, at least.

The aliens don’t actually spend very much time in their hairy disguises. Valerie the Valley Girl (Geena Davis), with the help of her stylist friend Candy (Julie Brown), promptly gives them a full-body makeover in the movie’s most memorable scene, transforming them all into hunky, hot-to-trot California boys, who send every Earth Girl they meet into a tizzy.

Zeebo and Wiploc have no trouble enticing the female denizens of the LA nightclubs Candy takes them to, but Mac has eyes only for Valerie, who puts up very marginal resistance. “We can’t [have sex]” she says, “because you’re an alien, and I’m from the Valley!” Totally understandable.

Apparently, however, the Valley-Space sex obstacle is minor, because the two eventually get busy in a brief, trippy sequence that looks like it was directed by Julie Taymour practicing for “Across the Universe.”

Geena Davis’s naïve, straight-faced one–liners steal the show. When her evil fiancé comes across the post-makeover aliens at her house, she tells him, “They’re a band. I won them on MTV.”

As if you needed another reason to watch it, the movie is also punctuated by startling, sometimes completely irrelevant musical and dance sequences. This one, about Zuma Beach’s “Blond of The Month Contest,” is by far the best and most unnecessary:

So whether you want to catch a glimpse of Carrey and Goldblum strutting their stuff before their heyday, or are searching for corroboration to Katy Perry’s claim that fornication with an alien is the best kind of kinky, catch “Earth Girls Are Easy” on Hulu. However, if you do run across a frisky extraterrestrial, we do not recommend trying this at home.