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Friday Five: The Anthony Weiner Edition

June 10th, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

We’re going to try to do this without any euphemisms. It’s been a week-long struggle. Wish us luck.

1) Anthony Weiner Apologizes to His Staff

Yep, it’s a weird time to say this, but we must: Jimmy Fallon has arrived.

2) Barbara Walters is Genuinely Impressed

We’re hoping Barbara Walters gets raunchier and raunchier in the next three years and winds up on the cast of It’s Always Sunny. Could there be a better TV event than Milksteak Fridays on The View?

The answer is yes. It would be a congressman with the last name Weiner accidentally exposing himself on Twitter.

3) Colbert Report: ‘Andrew Breitbart Reveals Weiner Photo’

We’re going to apologize for posting Colbert’s apology of Breitbart’s apology. We, too, thought this blog was a toaster oven.

4) Old School Late Night Jabfest

Check out late night’s Godfather, David Letterman, knocking it out of the park in a classic, classy way.

Doesn’t it seem like the Top 10 List was made to just bang out jokes like th… damnit. We almost made it. It’s just impossible.

5) The Daily Show: Rash of Penis Jokes

Jon Stewart was too close to this situation, so he couldn’t deal with it appropriately. But when he deferred—this time to Kristen Schaal—The Daily Show was still able to provide five of the best minutes of political jokes on TV.

Wild Card: The Colbert Report: Shaquille O’Neal Retires

“The Big Cactus.” That’s all.

Last comment: Jun 14th 2011 1 Comment
  • Jeff Cohen says:

    Tony Weiner left wing leaner

    Sent some pics of that weiner

    To a girl with a neener

    Must have thought that it was keener

    But only received as being meaner

    Than if at first her had seen-her

    Now Tony says he’ll make it cleaner …

    If sending again will use a screen-er

    Pledges to all to change that demeanor

    And stop the looking for grasses greener