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Green Room: Shin Chan Will Gross You Out

May 31st, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

Hulu has accrued a lot of anime over the years, so sometimes it’s hard to parse what’s great. This week, Funimation writer Scott Porter previews Shin Chan, a hilarious, raunchy (and re-dubbed with more raunch) comedy that’s new to Hulu.— Ed.

by Scott Porter, Funimation

Poo Poo Doo Doo Pee Pee. Still with me? Fantastic. That means you’re going to love Season Three of Shin Chan, which will be rolling out over the next few weeks on Hulu. This new season is even more crass and stupid-funny than the previous two. And that’s really all this blog post is supposed to communicate.

My boss said something like, “Hey, new guy, Steve, write something about how Season Three is the craziest yet. Share some info about the first four episodes.” So, I said, “Dude, my name is Scott and I’ve worked here for, like, seven years.” Then I went to the bar for lunchbreak and that’s when I got an idea.

See, I could easily just type something like: In the first episode, Shin plays volleyball with porn stars. In the third episode, Shin undergoes an experimental “de-snotting” treatment.

But I don’t want to do that. That’s like telling your buddy how great this beer you just had for lunch was, instead of just bringing him a few bottles back in your “laptop bag” and getting him wasted before the HR presentation. Does that make sense? No? Okay, well, what I mean is this: Instead of telling you about what happens in the first four episodes of Shin Chan’s third season, I’m going to let the show speak for itself. What follows are several randomly selected lines from the scripts:

“There’s a tide of medical waste rolling in!”
“Use your mouth.”
“I’m not even swimming, I’m just farting!”
“Philip and I make taco sauce.”
“It wasn’t me, it was O.J.!”
“Like I often say, clean body cavities do wonders for the soul.”
“This isn’t my first encounter with a bedpan, boy.”
“I make boom-boom in my undies.”
“See you in hell, Panda!”

So there you go. That’s what happens in the first four episodes of Shin chan, Season Three, available for your viewing pleasure now. After that, you can expect a new episode every Friday until late July. By the way, you’ll know you’re watching the last episode of the season when you hear this line: “It’s like I’m wearing it and going commando all at the same time.”

Last comment: Oct 2nd 2011 2 Comments
  • Haley says:

    Dude why isn’t Shinchan on Hulu anymore?

  • DJSchmitty says:

    I am so glad. I just found out when I saw the new episode post Friday. I have been waiting the last 2 years for more Shinchan and now that hunger has been appeased. Loving the Obama joke, too.

    Also, I noticed that the 5th episode (Mockery Is So Coastal Elitist) was letterboxed as if it was hd. Am I to assume that the rest of the season will be the same?