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Green Room: McLintock!!!!

May 26th, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

Today is John Wayne’s birthday, which means we’ve had his seminal Western “McLintock!” on in the background all day, replete with its exclamation point. Lots of Smith & Wesson firin’, cattle-wranglin’, even (really) spelunkin’ action goin’ on in them there movie-film right there.

Ahem, sorry. We got drawn in.

Who could blame us? They actually say sentences like this in “McLintock!”

“Yes, ma’am. I was standin’ right over here when ya said it, and I was standin’ right out there on those front steps when he walked up to a horse, grabbed a hunk o’ mane, stepped up on ‘em, and sunk spur.”

Yep, no idea what that means, but damn is it awesome.

The best part of McLintock, though? The reviews section underneath it. We found someone who may, in fact, be the coolest person on the Internet. His name is Carl G., and he took twenty minutes off from eating overcooked steak to write this review. It’s considerably better than most of the things we’ve read this year.

Love these movies.. Hard working Americans men were men then.. Today men not allowed to be men.. I would change in all my toys and easy living for a time machine to send me back in time…great movie, history really……No TV, no nonsense politicians all nature no bio crops, no climate issues.. just a hard days work and with the right women a clean healthy life..I gues poeple died young in those days but the lived full lives..

Hard workers made themselves into weathy americans and that wealth tranfered to some of the weathy families today….Man that a wonderfull way to live as long as you did not get sick or ill..But everything is a trade off..I ll take an old western town in that time in our history over winning the lottery today……great history… americans birth place !!!!

Also, yeehaw.

Okay, so he didn’t say “Also, yeehaw.” But he did say the rest of it.

We want to meet this guy, pay 45 cents for a beer with him, then get into his 1940s Ford pickup truck and do donuts in a Sizzler parking lot until the sun goes down.

That’s kind of what happens when you spend a day with George Washington McLintock in the background. You get these tendencies! Like stray exclamation points, for example!