Hulu Plus Now Available on TiVo Premiere

I love delivering good news. And because of our world-class builders here at Hulu, I’m lucky I get to do it often. We’re obsessed with our goal to get Hulu Plus on every Internet-connected device out there. And I’m pleased to announce that today we just got another step closer.

Today, the Hulu Plus™ subscription service is now available on TiVo Premiere retail boxes. This means that TiVo Premiere users have access to thousands of hours of Hulu Plus content through a separate subscription fee of $7.99 per month. It’s now possible to check out a hit TV show you just heard about, catch up on a series you may have missed, watch every episode of many popular shows currently on air, uncover old favorites, and discover high-quality movies and documentaries. We’re excited to be a part of TiVo’s one-box solution to bring the world’s premium content to you.

In celebration, TiVo is offering a 6-month free trial to those who purchase a TiVo Premiere from a retailer or This offer starts today and runs until August 30, 2011. And TiVo subscribers who already subscribe to Hulu Plus can begin accessing their account with no additional charges.

Here’s a video to show you how to get started:

We’re expanding access to Hulu Plus on the TV, one device at a time. Until next time, enjoy watching Hulu Plus on your TiVo Premiere.

Rob Wong
Director, Product Management

36 thoughts on “Hulu Plus Now Available on TiVo Premiere

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  3. Hi Alfredo,

    Currently, Hulu Plus is required to access content on devices other than the computer for reasons relating to streaming rights. The free Hulu service is limited to computers.

    Michael B.
    Hulu Support

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  9. Yes, Hulu Plus streams HD content at 720p, but there is some content not streamed in HD since it wasn’t shot or transfered to HD. Also, if your bandwidth is not strong enough to support seamless HD streaming, then a lower quality may be necessary.

    Hulu Support

  10. I don’t have a Hulu account yet but I’m checking Hulu out to see if I like it. I just tried playing a movie on my TiVo, but it came thru in SD. Is there HD content? Also is it in 5.3?

  11. I’m sorry that not all content is currently available for TiVo streaming. I know it’s frustrating when you can’t watch the content you want in the way you want to watch it. It is our goal to make all of our content available for devices, but it will take some time and cooperation before this becomes a reality. When we launched the free service, our rights were limited to streaming on the PC. With Hulu Plus, we are now able to offer much – but admittedly not all – of that content on PCs, tablets, phones and TVs, and in HD when available.

    Unfortunately, due to content rights issues, we are not able to include all of the content you find on the free service on devices, so you’ll find that the content available on our website is different from that offered on the Hulu app for your iPhone, iPad or TV. Obtaining the streaming rights for these devices requires a lot of hard work and these negotiations take time.

    Before we launched Hulu Plus, we wanted to be sure we had a robust offering of content available for subscribers. Today, Hulu Plus includes hundreds of shows, some of which haven’t been available online before, and full runs of many of them. The full list is available at ( ). Still, we understand it’s disappointing when you can’t access some of your favorite shows on devices. Please know that we are working diligently to include as much content as possible in Hulu Plus so you can enjoy more of your favorite shows where and when you want, and we’re confident the offering will improve over time.

    I do have a couple more tips. When browsing or searching on, you may see “h+” stickers next to the titles of a portion of our videos, when you see this hold your mouse over the title to see what devices the video is available on. You can also click a “Hulu Plus” check-box near the top of search and browse pages to limit the view to just these items. You can also sign up for notifications for when shows are added to Hulu Plus (and with it, device availability). Do so by going to the show page and clicking the “request to be notified” button found below the big promotional images in the availability notes.

    Hulu Support

  12. Can you not watch everything? things that are on my queue online dont show up on my queue on my Tivo? BOOOO

  13. I just brought home a new Tivo Premiere to replace a Comcast DVR (the new GUI reeks) and it was supposed to have the 6 months free. Darned if I can figure out how to make it work. It keeps offering me a free week instead. If you’re going to offer this, you should at least make it happen when people take you up on it.

  14. I had HULU+ working on my premier box and it was working, but then lost it….do I need to reload the firmware? What’s up?

  15. I have successfully gotten the 14.8 update but still no Hulu Plus. Is that common to anyone else?

  16. 3 days after the Big Announcement and I still don’t have it. It’s all in managing expectations. Don’t post something saying “Hulu Plus Now Available on TiVo Premiere” if it’s not available to everyone.

  17. Tivo is a great product! They have battled the cable companies for years, setting standards and paving the way for all other dvrs. Cable companies cripple cable cards, and some set higher digital rights in order to cripple multi room viewing all to fight tivo innovation. Tivo went for internet content and now some cable companies limit internet and throttle connections. Tivo has done a great job! I for one have great respect and loyalty for all tivo products, and plan to continue that support. More support means more that tivo can do for all it’s customers! Better products, more content. I believe they have earned that support, with all they do, and continue to do.

  18. agree with comments (and disappointed HULU not answering the upgrade question) Don’t announce as big deal until you have your s**t together. HULU is a choice. We won’t always choose it if you don’t improve and use some common sense when it comes to customer relations.

  19. “In celebration, TiVo is offering a 6-month free trial to those who purchase a TiVo Premiere from a retailer or”

    According to Tivo, this is not true. Only direct purchases qualify. Inexplicable, but there you go.

  20. “In celebration, TiVo is offering a 6-month free trial to those who purchase a TiVo Premiere from a retailer or”

    You may wish to check with Tivo on that one. According to the email response to this question that I received this morning, only direct purchases get the deal. Just another reason to be disappointed.

  21. come on guys. Tivo is pretty good about this sort of thing. I have a premiere i just bought because hulu plus will be on it. Now people are bitching that the standard software rolling upgrade hasn’t hit them yet? If every tivo in the us hit their upgrade server at the same time… sigh. I just hope that upgrade also adds a real search to the netflix app. And i don’t hear anyone bitching that netflix is $8 a month! I guess that should be free too? I dont know why people are hating on tivo for no innovation. Really, I have two of them and i transfer hd shows back and forth and to and from my pcs. If you show me a single other cable box that records suggestions or lets you back up your shows, or even lets you upgrade the drive size, i’ll call you a friggin liar.

  22. Awesome business practice, announcing that a feature is available NOW and then burying the fact that it won’t actually be available for a week (or is it two, I lose track) in a comment on your blog. Just so you know, the word “now” generally means “at this present time” not “a week in the future.”

  23. To those not able to update,

    I’m sorry you’re not seeing Hulu Plus on your TiVo device. TiVo is releasing on Hulu Plus in what we refer to as a rolling launch. TiVo users will gain the ability to get Hulu Plus over the next week slowly. So some users will get it one day, then others on another, and so forth. By the end of the week you should have Hulu Plus on your TiVo Premiere.

    If you aren’t able to update by Friday, please let us know and we’d be happy to help further at .

    Hulu Support

  24. HULU, are you even paying attention to the comments on this thread? PLEASE tell us why for many, many people–including myself–HULU isn’t showing up in our TiVo Central. I saw that firmware version 14.8 is needed. I have version 14.7, yet every attempt to upgrade the firmware according to instructions online will not work. None of my friends with TiVo Premieres who have an interest in HULU+ can see it either, and clearly a lot of other people have this problem, judging by the online commentary.

    And don’t push this off onto TiVo. If you’re coordinating with them and making a big announcement about how the service is now available, you have to get it right. I signed up for the free one-month trial yesterday before learning that it wasn’t even on my own TiVo yet. As they say, fool me once, shame on YOU. So I’m now wondering if I’ll get to enjoy ANY of that free month when it isn’t even on my TiVo yet.

    And let me add my concurrence to the person above who said it’s a little insulting that new TiVo owners would get such a better deal. I understand how marketing works–you want new buyers and customers–but it is also pretty stupid marketing to alienate existing TiVo owners and potential HULU+ subscribers. I’ve also been a loyal TiVo customer for about a decade, so the delay from September to May was pretty discouraging, and yesterday’s faux-rollout only adds insult to injury.

  25. Why is it not showing up? I wanted to try it for the month trial, but its not showing up. I went through the correct link to sign up, restarted my box and am reconnecting the box.

  26. Great! How about adding AirPlay to your iPad app? My old TiVo HD won’t run Hulu Plus, but my new Apple TV could if you enable AirPlay.

  27. As someone who is responsible for helping keep TiVo afloat for 10+ years, I’m a little insulted that this is for new buyers only. So count three losses with this move:
    1) No added subscription fees for me to Tivo for Hulu
    2) Another notch in my reasons to jump ship when a viable competitor comes along

    and (maybe most importantly to Hulu), 3), no chance I’m giving you any money for a new and unproven service through a historically shaky vendor like TiVo. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but TiVo is not the forerunner of ingenuity and well-executed product rollouts….

    Regardless, sorry Hulu, bad PR move and no money from a long time customer of Tivo.

  28. Will you be releasing regular Hulu for the TiVo? I can’t justify a subscription just to add a feature to my TiVo. You do realize that, if you added regular Hulu, you would basically be adding the only advertisements to a TiVo that can’t be skipped, and therefore would probably make a good amount of money?

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