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Hulu Plus Available Today on Xbox 360: Stream Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies Through Xbox LIVE and Experience the Magic of Kinect

April 29th, 2011 by Pete Thompson General Manager, Xbox LIVE

Dear Hulu Community,

As a TV and movie buff, I’m excited to announce that as of today, Xbox is bringing you a brand new way to enjoy Hulu Plus content from the comfort of your living room. What makes it even better? No need to fish through your couch cushions to find the remote when you want to fast forward to your favorite action sequence or pause that TV show to grab a cold soda. With Kinect for Xbox 360, you can simply say “Xbox, pause” or use gestures to rewind, pause and fast forward your way through your favorite shows.

Joining an expanding catalogue of tens of thousands of TV shows, movies and sports, plus millions of songs, the addition of Hulu Plus gives U.S.-based Xbox LIVE Gold members and Hulu Plus subscribers the chance to instantly stream episodes of top shows and use their voice as the remote control. With a growing community of 30 million active members around the world and the only place to enjoy control-free entertainment, we can’t wait for you to experience Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE.

It’s partners like Hulu that allow us to deliver amazing content, while also enhancing your living room entertainment experience through the power of Kinect. As Rob mentioned, you can even try Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE at no cost between April 29 and May 6 thanks to our advertising partner, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, who is sponsoring free access to all Xbox LIVE members (Free or Gold). It’s time to run that TV marathon party!

We’re looking forward to innovating further and the launch of Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE marks just the beginning of what’s still to come. What will you be watching on Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE this weekend?

Pete Thompson
General Manager, Xbox LIVE

Last comment: Apr 6th 2017 100 Comments
  • Howard says:

    Thanks to the 100+ complaints about listing consistency issue cross-platform, I will not be subscribing and ill be saving myself the 4 $ “free” trial.
    To the CSR attempting to advocate your company’s shortcomings, I understand that you need to make your pitiful salary, but get real, you know that if you were expected to pay for this service, you would complaining too. The notion that a paying customer could not watch a paid service, designed to be accessable any where, from anywhere is a complete joke. The content should not be determined by platform, but rather by price. How the bottom dollar falls is your company concern, not the consumer. I would suggest setting a limit on number of devices based on the price teir chose, making the saying “you get what you pay for” to be true. Netflix allows 3 devices, I would suggest the same for base subscription, raising the price per month by 1 $ to each additional device.
    Before you default to “blah blah device negotiation blah blah” again, not the concern of the consumer. Try paying them only if they cash the check at a certain bank, charge them for having to write the check, charge them for the ink, penalize them for not using a particular type of pen.
    Sounds ludicrous right? Yes. Yes it does.

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    […] enabling users to control programs with their voice or via physical gestures. According to the Hulu blog: “With Kinect for Xbox 360, you can simply say ‘Xbox, pause’ or use gestures to […]

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  • Gilberto says:

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  • jo says:

    When i bought 12 Month gold xbox live membership it said i would get 2 months free hulu plus but it doesn’t work Why is that?

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  • Michael says:

    I will also be cancelling at the end of my free week due to the “web only” thing. It seems I will be keeping my Netflix after all.

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  • flashgirl says:

    I agree with everyone. Hulu: How can you even respond with those answers….”the service is working for some customers” – like WHO? Your grandmother? You know, when a company has a SCROLLING, LONG PAGE of complains about a service that is not working for them…and the company is not listening….there’s SOMETHING WRONG. I’m cancelling.

  • Xavier says:

    people on here complain too much… js

  • Cindy Young says:

    Hulu sucks! The sad thing is they are better at playing current TV shows than Netflix but Netflix has a one month free trial and they don’t charge anything for that month. I know this because my husband is doing the free trial now. I did a one week free trial with Hulu and the four $1.00 charges on my debit card were never removed and this is two weeks later. I paid twice as much Hulu would’ve normally charged me for the free trial. So, even though I liked the service better, I will never, ever get Hulu because of the principal. So what, it’s only $4.00, right? Times that by everyone who gets a free trial. They’re criminals and they don’t care.

  • Mr. Freeze says:

    “Xbox, pause”? I don’t need to say anything. HuluPlus pauses about every 5-10 for some shows. “buffer, buffer, buffer.” And please don’t say I need to go thru some complicated bs with my xbox to get hulu to stream well. The fact is that Netflix very rarely buffers, but HuluPlus doesn’t it more than half the times I used it. Forgot to cancel after trial, but will if things don’t improve during this next month. (I like the idea of watching Hulu on my bigscreen, but if it buffers longer than the show is, what’s the point?

  • Cindy Young says:

    Please tell me why my account was charges 4 $1.00 authorization fees for the free trial? That was over a week ago. I cancelled before the free trial was done but the charges are still on my account. Doesn’t see fair at all and I can’t find anywhere how to contact HULU to dispute these fees.

  • Bryce says:

    I think you guys should have named your service “Hulu Plus For PC” since you can’t view anything worthwhile on any other device. You got one month out of me I guess before I figured it out, so congrats on that I suppose.

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  • Michael says:

    Like most people I was astonished by how terrible the “plus” content is. I can’t watch The Simpsons on my PS3, the stuttering during streaming was constant, and the content is non-existent. I will absolutely be cancelling after my trial.
    If these companies ever want to beat torrent sites, then they’re going to have to stop being so greedy and offer a real product at a good price. I’m not going to pay for this sub-par content and commercials.

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  • Robert says:

    the Free trial charged my account 4 bucks.. not so free?

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  • Anthoy says:

    So I just signed on with hulu plus for the 1 week trial and have been browsing through it. Well like everyone else, most everything i watch is web only. Needless to say i will discontinue hulu plus at the end of my trial. Sorry hulu, its just not worth it. Come back to your customers when you really have content to offer.

  • Alexander says:

    So due to restrictions by content providers you cannot provide any good content on other devices and so essentially charge 7.99 for less content than would be available on a PC.
    I tried Hulu plus now for a few hours and with the exception of two shows all other shows I regularly watch are web only …. i. e. this offer is totally useless and I will cancel immediately.

    Keep us up to date when there is some content that is worth paying for, thanks.

  • Hi Daniel, thanks for posting. I understand the inconvenience this is causing you and apologize for the trouble. We certainly want to bring all the content we can to as many platforms as possible. But the rights to stream something to your computer are different from the rights to stream it to your TV, which are again different from the rights to stream it to a mobile device. Content owners are ultimately the ones who decide where their content is shown, and that sometimes means their content might only be available at Hulu.com.

    We’re doing everything we can to narrow the gap between what’s only on our site and what’s available through Hulu Plus. Obtaining these additional streaming rights requires a lot of hard work, and negotiations with content owners take time. I hope this information helps!


    Hulu Support

  • Daniel says:

    REALLY? “web only” …what a dissapointment.

    I am staring at a tv show on my PC that Hulu will let me watch. Yet I cant watch it on my xbox? what a rip-off!!! At least netflix will let you watch stuff on either place. I would like to view shows with my family as a family… NOT stare at my laptop screen. $8.00 a month?

    I would be willing to pay a little extra if that “Web Only” would be availe to my other devices.
    Otherwise, I will be forced to drop paid hulu and go back to netflix.


  • Ashley W. says:

    I too was lured by the free trial (that I actually have to provide credit card info for) and have been massively disappointed. I can’t believe I’m actually expected to pay $8 a month for content with ads (just like the FREE web content) and am constantly being told that a very large portion of the content is “web only”, which frequently means I could be watching it on my computer for FREE anyway. This just screams rip-off, and fills me with disappointment. :(

  • Nate says:

    Really? Web-Only. Destination Truth, You claimed to have made a deal with Syfy, but still Syfy shows are web-only, so I go to the web and I see it’s for HuluPlus only also. What gives? Why can’t you put it on the xbox then. This is nonsense, Netflix even has Destination Truth for streaming. And it’s not just that one show, SEVERAL shows, recommended shows and recently added shows are “web-only” Why show them to me on my xbox if you aren’t even going to allow me to watch it? Really grinds my gears. And I know it’s not a license thing. Stop lying to your consumers, that’s not nice at all.

  • brian says:

    Hulu has got to get with it on the “Web-Only” stuff! I mean for real, you can’t hardly buy a tv these days that doesn’t have a pc input. All we have to do is hook our laptops up to our tv’s, but that’s a drag since my xbox and roku are already hooked up. If this isn’t fixed soon im dropping HULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pound to kg says:

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    […]Hulu Plus Available Today on Xbox 360: Stream Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies Through Xbox LIVE and Experience the Magic of Kinect « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Mark Lindsey says:

    I signed up for Huluplus 2 weeks ago after cancelling my cable service and spending $ money on streaming internet media players for the TVs in my house. Really dissapointed that most of my favorite programs seem to be only available on the Web. If I have to watch my programs on my PC instead of my TVs, then I guess I will cancel Huluplus as I can easily search the net from my PC for free.

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    […]Hulu Plus Available Today on Xbox 360: Stream Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies Through Xbox LIVE and Experience the Magic of Kinect « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Eric (and many more),

    Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback about Hulu Plus. I completely understand some of your frustration with web-only content. Please understand that streaming media rights can be a complex issue, particularly for content that isn’t available on DVD or syndication. It is our ambition to offer all our content on TV and mobile devices. However, these negotiations take time and we appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the service.

    Hulu Support

  • Eric says:

    I agree with everyone on this board about the “web-only” content. Its a total deal breaker. When it was first launched on xbox most of the shows I liked were available thru the xbox. however I’ve noticed lately more and more are on web only, which is really disappointing. I will most likely be cancelling my subscription in the near future due to this. Wake up Hulu, listen to your customers!

  • jqp says:

    Note that Hulu has chosen not to respond to any of the criticism about web-only content because there is no reasonable response. Anything that is available on a laptop should be available on any other “mobile” device. If there is any difference in licensing between smartphones/tablets and laptops it’s only because the idiots writing these agreements wish to extract more revenue from customers by nickel and diming them on access privileges.

    I signed up for the 7 day trial to use the service on my iPad. I now plan to end the subscription before the trial expires. There’s absolutely no point in a service that offers a large percentage of “web only” content that can be viewed on a laptop, yet not on other equally mobile devices such as tablets.

  • bpmdub says:

    Why the hell am I being charged for a service I cannot really use. Everything worth a damn is web only and can be watched for free anyway with just as much advertisements.

  • Natalie says:

    It would also be nice if I could filter out the ‘web only’ content. Instead I have to select 20 different shows or movies before I find one I can watch.

  • nina says:

    HULU’s PROS and CONS

    They have the TV shows you like.

    They have the TV shows you like “WEB ONLY”
    You’re already paying so much with Hulu+ and yet, there are still ads!

    Netflix is waaaaaay better than Hulu+.
    NO ADS and all the shows are available to any devices, even over 3G!

  • Caleb says:

    People are right in thinking this is a terrible service. Over half of my favorites are web only and there is absolutely no benefit for paying for this service. Please do not waste money and maybe Hulu will see how much they need to revamp this.

  • Joseph says:

    This may be one of the most useless services I’ve ever seen. I had about 6 particular shows in mind when I signed up for my week trial, and was very open minded to cancelling my Netflix account if everything with Hulu Plus checked out to be what it was ADVERTISED to be. Well, lo and behold, EVERY show I had in mind was either “web only” or just not there at all. After searching for another few minutes for some “backup” shows, which brought me the same results (or lack thereof), I cancelled immediately so I didn’t flush $7.99 down the proverbial toilet. I seriously can’t think of ONE reason someone would leave Netflix for this service, and I will be telling every Netflix user that I personally know the same thing.

  • Jamali says:

    Signed-up for a free trial today and the first thing i noticed was most of my favorites were web only…very disappointed with hulu plus. Tell me whats the point of hulu plus agian?

  • chagito says:

    bla bla bla !!! hulu fucking sucks period…. 7.99 for web content only lololo!!!! yo huluu did u knew theres something called youtube? and its free!! lol @ Hulu ahahaha shitty service….

  • Hulu Support Advocate says:

    Hi Wesley,

    Thanks for your reply. The price of Hulu Plus is based on the content and services we’re providing, not based on content or services we’re not providing. We have a lot of great content available through the Hulu Plus service, including the pricey current season content we pride ourselves on here at Hulu. We’re also providing that selection of content to a great number of devices, and providing much of it in HD.

    We here think this is a great value as it is, and will continue to make it a better one.

    Because television and mobile rights are separate from computer ones, we can’t just flip a switch on every show, but we’ll continue to build out the Hulu Plus service as time goes on, and feel that, for the right people, it’s a fantastic service as it is.

    If you have further questions, reaching us at http://bit.ly/HuluHelp is always the most rapid way to get a hold of us.

    Hulu Support

  • Hulu Support Advocate says:

    Hi Sean,

    To answer your question about why we can’t have past seasons on some shows, or more than five episodes on others, it’s simply just a function of the agreements that were made. We have to come to terms with each content provider will be providing us with, how much they will be providing, and what the benefits and risks of providing that are.

    Each content provider has their own things to consider, but thankfully we’ve been able to come to agreements for what we feel is a great set of content. But we’re not stopping there, we want it all. Our content acquisition team works hard every day. Recently you’ve seen the great additions of Viacom, South Park, Miramax, and the Criterion Collection and you’ll continue to see more making it a greater and greater value.

    Maybe we don’t have the content you personally desire right now. Check back later and maybe we’ll have it then. Not every service is for everyone, but Hulu Plus is a great value to a great many users. Thanks for giving it a chance.

    Hulu Support

  • Wesley says:


    Thanks for answering some of the questions posted here but why is Hulu Plus charging if you cannot access most of your content? That does not make much sense. You get less for paying? Why dont you make Hulu Plus free until the all the rights are worked out?

  • Sean says:

    Hmmm, Netflix seems to have more content than Hulu for the same price with NO ads! All the shows I want to see on Hulu are web only and there are only 5 episodes. Give me one good reason why all the seasons can’t be streamed with a paid subscription. Tell me again why I’m paying for both? I think Hulu is going to be losing my 7.99+tax each month. This is absolutely ridiculous. It’s 2011 folks, let’s get with the program!

  • CSA says:

    Hi Chris and everyone else,

    I’m sorry that not all content is currently available for television and mobile streaming. I know it’s frustrating when you can’t watch the content you want in the way you want to watch it. It is our goal to make all of our content available for devices, but it will take some time and cooperation before this becomes a reality. When we launched the free Hulu.com service, our rights were limited to streaming on the PC. With Hulu Plus, we are now able to offer much – but admittedly not all – of that content on PCs, tablets, phones and TVs, and in HD when available.

    Unfortunately, due to content rights issues, we are not able to include all of the content you find on the free Hulu.com service on devices, so you’ll find that the content available on our website is different from that offered on the Hulu app for your iPhone, iPad or TV. Obtaining the streaming rights for these devices requires a lot of hard work and these negotiations take time.

    Before we launched Hulu Plus, we wanted to be sure we had a robust offering of content available for subscribers. Today, Hulu Plus includes hundreds of shows, some of which haven’t been available online before, and full runs of many of them. The full list is available at ( http://www.hulu.com/plus/content ). Still, we understand it’s disappointing when you can’t access some of your favorite shows on devices. Please know that we are working diligently to include as much content as possible in Hulu Plus so you can enjoy more of your favorite shows where and when you want, and we’re confident the offering will improve over time.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Hulu Support

  • Chris Souza says:

    im with everyone else on this matter. i have netflix and i loved it but it sucked not being able to watch new episodes so i bought hulu plus so i could watch season 7 of the office. I decently satisfied because i got to see the hilarious episodes i missed. And then I go and try to find other shows i like and they’re all “web only” -_- once im done watching the season i will be ending my subscription until they fix this.

  • Sam says:

    Probably canceling before my free week is up because of this ” web only ” shit

  • Jack says:

    I have been a Hulu plus member since Sep 03, 2010 back when it was announced that plus would be on xbox. I was looking forward to watching Always sunny, In Plain Sight, Chuck, The League, Louie, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Haven and White Collar on my xbox… but to my dismay after paying for 10 months. EVERY ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS IS WEB ONLY?!?!?!? What am I paying for?

  • isai says:

    i like hulu plus

  • Rudy says:

    So the comments on this thread are 95% about the “web only” xbox issue and there is no response from hulu staff. I am also frustrated by this issue and will not pay for it for this reason. Anyone at hulu that has a pair dare post a response?

  • Mark says:

    If it was not for “Web Only” I would pay for this. Will probably cancel before my free week is up.

  • Mike says:

    WTF?!? Why can’t I watch The Simpsons on my 360? State your reasons!!!

  • Vince says:

    As I run out of my favorite TV series through my netflix on XBOX I resort to sitting in my computer chair on watching them on the pc. I learn about hulu plus on XBOX and am estatic. I put it all my credit card information and get ready for the TV series’s to begin. All of the sudden “WEB ONLY!!!!”. I wanted to puke. What a jest get it right or pay the price hulu way to fail hardcore. Free trial then I am out. LATA!

  • UT STUDent says:

    Seriously? Even though I can stream via HDMI, I am still shocked at how useless this Xbox app is. It’s either none of the material I’m PAYING for, or none of it. All you did by offering this thoughtless half-created app was bring me up just to disappoint me.

    Fix it.

  • Juliea says:

    Yea, have to agree with everyone else and say the “web only” content is lame. I won’t be keeping it.

  • James Shanks says:

    Wow .. less than hour into my trial and I can’t play any of my shows, because the content is available via the web only. Why should I need to use a web browser? I’m cancelling and not giving Hulu any money because of this.

  • Mike says:

    Web Only? That’s all I see on xbox. That and Buffering….I remember watching all shows and all the episodes for free. I don’t mind paying for it, But the only reason to subscribe is to watch on the xbox. Not the web. Get it together HULU or I’m walkin’ and I’m taking my friends with me. Peace Off!

  • Glen M says:

    I agree, I hate the Web only shows. Many of these shows are the reason I wanted to get plus to watch on Xbox live. But I can not!! Why? The quality I experience is great on my TV through live but if these shows keep stating web only I will be cancelling the service,

  • Mike M says:

    Hulu plus for xbox was obviously released before it was ready. The CONSTANT buffering and “network conditions have changed – 0801″ errors make it almost un-usable. The problem is definitely the hulu-xbox app, as I have no problem watching hulu on laptop or netflix on xbox.

    Now that software updates can be distributed quickly and automatically, it seems like there is no longer a “beta test” period. I’m really sick and tired of being a beta tester for not-ready-for-primetime products, AND paying for the privilege. I’ll be calling Hulu support and asking them to continuing making my plus subscription free, until the product I’m purchasing actually works.

    Regarding the “web-only” content: I’m sure that will be my next frustration. But seeing as how I can’t even watch the xbox-available content most of the time, it hasn’t really hit me hard yet.

  • This has clearly been stated dozens of times already here, and the deluge of spam comments is probably an indicator that no one here at Hulu even cares enough to read these comments, but I am so insensed about my experience with Hulu Plus that I have to comment anyway.

    I’m about to go into a pretty lengthy rant, so let me preface it with this one crucial point: Hulu IS major network television. The major networks jointly own Hulu, and so the interests of major networks ARE the interests of Hulu. There can be no disputing this, even as Hulu tries to paint itself as the hip anti-establishment alternative to getting your shows directly from the networks. If you doubt this, just check the second paragraph of the Wikipedia listing for Hulu, where the joint owners of Hulu are described as NBC/Universal, Fox/Newscorp, and ABC/Disney. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hulu)

    Hulu Plus, as a concept, has the potential to change the way people purchase television content permanently. With the ridiculous flaws currently plagueing the system, however, it’ll be dead within a year–I have no doubt. That is, of course, unless the problems are fixed. I feel uncertain about whether they’ll be fixed, though, because I have a feeling that some of the people involved want Hulu Plus to fail. I don’t know the numbers, but I’m guessing that advertising dollars still come easier for broadcast programs than for internet programs, and that the per-second rate is higher for broadcast as well. So, my impression is that someone realized this at some point between the announcement of Hulu Plus and the launch, and decided that it would have to fail in order to keep the revenue flowing in the old, more lucrative broadcast model. It’s sad, because more foresight would reveal that after the transition from broadcast to IP in market share, the revenue opportunities in the eventually dominant IP arena will inevitably climb, and in a new, changing environment, new rules can be written, meaning that a savvy driver could steer Hulu into charging more for ad time than the individual networks can now. A major selling point, once they claimed the larger portion of the audience, would be that most broadcast viewers will be skipping commercials via DVR, while Hulu viewers won’t have that option.

    Hulu, if you get your act together and fix this ridiculous web-only mess, and maybe drop the ads for at least SOME shows, you’ll have my money. I’ll stop giving my money to Charter Cable and TiVo, and just invest in Hulu and Netflix. I know you secretly don’t want me to do that, though, which is why I’ll probably be building myself a nice Ubuntu box out of an old P4 system, adding an $18 HDMI card to watch Hulu FREE and not have to give up on seeing certain shows on my HD set. If you try to keep me from using Linux, well just try to stop me from using an old XP license (because I’m not using any of those right now anyway). And hey, if you decide to arrest my web access completely (as you’ve already started to do by limited back-episodes of current seasons to Plus subscribers)–well, have you heard of ThePirateBay? Checkmate.

    (As I have demonstrated a willingness to pay for the product, if prevented from doing so, I have no trouble justifying use of torrents. Do they think they’ll stop me? Peerblock.com, friends.)

  • Roolick says:

    When my currently prepaid six months are up, I will be cancelling. The web only content is a deal breaker for me. It is unfortunate that so many of the things I want to watch are available for free on your website, but not to those who would support your company on the device of their choice.

  • Joe says:

    I agree with everyone. I am so bummed with the “WEB ONLY” crap. I’m not giving them my money. I’m buying a MacMini and getting all the shows I want. It’s a shame, it could have been revolutionary :(

  • Joe says:

    The title of this article is: “Stream Your Favorite TV Shows”…only I can’t. All of MY favorite TV shows are “web only”. Every. Single. One.

    I have been waiting for Hulu Plus to come to Xbox for nearly a year. I am NOT a cable TV customer. So let me share a little basic business sense with you:
    Don’t promise your target market (i.e. people who won’t pay for crappy cable) something and then blatently say FU once they have paid. The basic rule is if someone likes something they will tell 7 people, and if they don’t like it they will tell 23. If that’s 23 comments on blogs, then think of how many MILLIONS of potential customers you just chased away.

    Brilliant as a lump of clay.

  • Christopher says:

    I just signed up for the free trial. I agree with everyone else, the “web only” content is a deal breaker. Please explain why I should be a *paying* member of Hulu Plus only to receive a portion of the content.

  • Anne says:

    I agree with everyone else. I was extremely excited that Xbox began streaming Hulu and I intended to sign up after the trial. However, the majority of the shows I want to watch are ‘Web-Only’. Dealbreaker

  • allen says:

    Love the app and would gladly pay for it, if it was not for all the “Web Only” videos. If i could atleast stream the same videos to the xbox or ipad as i already can online for free would be well worth it. Will occasionally check and see if you have solve this problem, until till then thanks for the free week hulu and Jack Links. (Love that Sasquatch)

  • Bob says:

    I didn’t realize there were some web browser only shows, but I have been watching Hulu on my TV since I can remember (PC connection. I watched on Xbox Live for the first time last night and the picture quality is amazing. I had been waiting to sign up for Hulu+ until the Xbox app was released and based on picture quality alone, it’s worth it. I hope they figure out this web only nonsense. There are ads anyway, so why does it matter if I’m watching them on my PC or on my Xbox? Clickability?

  • Dave says:

    Everything I want to watch on HULU is Web ONLY! and if I am going to pay, I do not want to see one commercial PERIOD!

  • Matt says:

    The number of Web only shows ruins this experience, most of the shows I wanted to watch are not available. Not likely to pay for this, but would have paid more to have more shows available.

  • Neal says:

    Comcast owns NBC. A lot of good NBC shows are web content only. Coincidence? I think not. Why would NBC (Comcast) want to take people away from T.V. Look at how many people have posted saying they don’t have cable and, only use Netflix and Hulu Plus. Less money in Comcasts pockets to make people happy? Doubt it…. I thought the FCC covered this when they said Comcast couldn’t run Hulu into the ground because it’s a direct competitor.

  • Gavin says:

    I agree the mob. I can’t watch most of the shows I want unless I watch them on the web. What’s the point? Im not paying for limited access. HULU plus is a very misleading name. Where is the plus or even plain hulu?

  • Aimee says:

    It seems everyone wants all the web only shows. This is my complaint too. I was excited that HuluPlus was going to be available on Xbox, but this completely defeats the purpose. I’m actually sad to say that I won’t be signing up after the trial period ends.

  • anthony says:

    would not pay for hulu plus on xbox because of the “web only content” if im going to pay i want it all!!!! also what happens when the trial runs out will i still be able to watch tv on hulu or will the xbox app just ask for payment?

  • Eli says:

    I have to chime in with everyone else. I’d been anxiously waiting for Hulu Plus to come to xbox, happy to pay the monthly fee, to get access, and to have access to newer/fresher shows than Netflix which my family currently uses.

    However; the fact that so many shows are ‘web only’, not only hampers the service, it is essentially killing it for me, given that so many shows that I would be willing to pay the fee for (Simpsons for one) are ‘web only’.

    Especially when there are many other ways to get those Hulu shows streamed to my xbox, in lesser-quality/wrapped presentations.

  • BiggyMcBigPants says:

    First off, thank you. I am happy to see more content brought to the Xbox platform. That said, I must agree with the lack of content issues. It is great that there are a few current shows that I am able to enjoy right now, but the vast majority of the Hulu library is web only and that sucks. I would be willing to pay $10/month for the ENTIRE Hulu library to be available through the Xbox and other assorted peripherals. And here’s why: I dumped cable. I only use Netflix streaming currently and love it. This model (and your’s Hulu) IS the future of media consumption.

    If Hulu were able to open up its entire library, it would be a great facilitator to current season programs and fill in gaps that Netflix is just not able to fill. This LOWERS the entertainment costs in my household considerably, seeing as how having “basic” cable through my area’s prevalent provider is a $50 (minimum) endeavor as it is. At the $10 price point, a combo of Netflix AND Hulu plus kills traditional cable as far as I am concerned. Now if only the rest of the world saw things my way… lol.

    Anyways, please bring up the amount of content on Hulu plus and will consider adding this to my monthly media expenditures. Otherwise, I will likely pay for a single month, watch all the rpograms from the current season and cancel the account for a year. Which sounds better to Hulu? A year @ $10/month or a single month @ $8?

  • Paul says:

    It’s not really the commercials that bother me, but the service is really running terribly on the X Box. Its skipping here and there and the whole stream dropped. Also, the main reason I was anticipating this was to watch Community, but that is Web Only.

  • Lyme says:

    Yeah, there’s no way I’m paying a cent for this after my free week. 90% of what I’d want to watch isnt even available unless I go online. Nice interface, poor content. Thanks for nothing.

  • Freedom Smith says:

    So, let me ask a question – I have now read that Hulu is blaming the whole “Web Only” thing on their content providers.

    “Community” is on NBC. NBC owns a piece of Hulu, yes? “Community” is “Web Only”.

    In case you have trouble working that out – YOU ARE THE CONTENT PROVIDER!

    Don’t lie to your customer base. We plebes aren’t as dumb as you like to think. Not to mention, your greed is really starting to raise our ire.

  • Seth Melton says:

    Great that you’re getting on more devices now.. Until you get the license for all these “web only” shows fixed, it’s going to be DOA. The Simpsons? Really?

  • Jason says:

    I’ll sign up again once 80% of my shows aren’t ‘Web Only’

  • KingRanger says:

    “Web only” the more I see this the more I know I won’t go past my 7 day trial.

  • Zak H says:

    Once again, they started out w/ lies: it’s not a month free, it’s a week. It’s a week AFTER you give Hulu your credit card info and allow them into charge you thereafter.

    Hulu hired someone to run HuluPlus and then didn’t let them run it right. He valued the service at around $4 – $5 month w/ no running ads during shows. The Old Fogey on the Board from the Cable/Satellite industry wanted to sell HuluPlus for a whopping $10 month w/ ads running like Cable TV –he wanted this because he is an Old Fool and wanted to usurp the authority of the guy hired to do the job.

    A compromise was reached for $8 month w/ running ads during shows. That is an archaic and idiotic business model. Everyone under the age of 30 knows that the cable and satellite industry thinks that the public at large is too stupid and passive to know that they’re being fleeced. They have utter contempt for their own customer base. As long as you have morons like this associated w/ Hulu Plus, expect nothing innovative and new from them.

  • Jerry says:

    Same problem here as Zach states. I go to hulu.com/plus/unlock, and there is no place to put the code in. Hey but I’m signed up and my free preview is counting down! Not ready for prime time here? What’s the deal?

  • Rob says:

    Waste of money if all the videos I want to watch are “web only”.

  • sundance80737 says:

    You had a blog in January of this year saying hulu is now on Vizio HDTVs. I have a Vizio 3D LED/LCD Internet App television and it does not get hulu nor does my vizio blue ray player with internet apps. I called vizio and they said it is hulu who has not placed it to be available on the widgets for the 3D LED/LCD televisions and they have no idea when it will be on the blue ray players. Now my question is, if you have it on some Vizio televisions by now, why not all of them?

  • Dana says:

    I have been waiting for this moment on my Xbox forever! I love the interface – it is much more Netflix “y”. Compared to the interface on the PS3, I really like the way it is laid out on the Xbox. I do not accidentally back out of things like I do on the PS3.

  • zach says:

    Am I the only one having problems setting this up!? I Go to hulu.com/plus/unlock just like my xbox says and I just get caught in a loop of “learn more” links! Where do I type in my freakin activation code!?

  • Jason says:

    Agreed. If this isn’t fixed during this week, my review will be it’s garbage.

  • jacob says:

    its cool that i get a free week of this. but i would not pay more for this. first, you cant even watch half the shows on xbox because you only can watch it online. second, you still have to watch the stop commercials

  • Shane says:

    The main problem I’m seeing is that most of the shows that I’m wanting to watch are only available via a web browser. If I’m a paid member then I should be able to watch all shows in my xbox, iphone, etc.