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Hulu Plus Comes to Xbox Live

April 29th, 2011 by Rob Wong VP of Product

I have one of the best jobs on earth. I get to work with insanely smart developers, both here at Hulu and at our device partners, to deliver the Hulu Plus™ subscription service on internet-connected devices. Today is one of those days that makes me smile.

With much excitement, I’m happy to share that Hulu Plus has launched on the Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE. And thanks to a sponsorship with Jack Link’s, we’re able to offer ALL Xbox LIVE members (free and Gold) one free week of Hulu Plus, no Gold membership or credit card required. Just log in on your Xbox 360 and select “Hulu Plus” on the main menu. (Thanks, Jack Link’s!) The offer is available for a limited time.

Hulu Plus offers hit TV shows and classic movies anytime in HD. Instantly stream any current season episode of top shows like Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and many others. And catch up on full back seasons on series including Lost, Chapelle’s Show and Battlestar Galactica, or explore hundreds of acclaimed movies from The Criterion Collection. All for $7.99 a month with limited advertising.

Available today, Xbox LIVE Gold Members gain unlimited access to our deep library of movies and TV shows any time. And we’ve built the Hulu Plus experience on the Xbox 360 to take advantage of the controller-free navigation via Kinect. Thanks to the magic of Kinect, you become the controller and can play, pause, fast forward and rewind with just the sound of your voice or the wave of your hand. Kinect support for Hulu Plus will also feature a recommendation channel that doesn’t require a controller and suggests movies or TV shows that you may enjoy. It’s an experience like no other.

Watch a guided tour on how to set up Hulu Plus on your Xbox 360 here. To sign up for your Hulu Plus subscription and learn more about its benefits, visit http://www.hulu.com/plus/unlock.

If you are an existing Hulu Plus subscriber with an Xbox LIVE Gold membership, you can easily activate your account on your Xbox 360 by simply logging in.

Our team is constantly working to expand Hulu Plus to even more devices. We hope you enjoy watching Hulu Plus on the Xbox 360 as much as we enjoyed building it. Enjoy!

Rob Wong ()
Director, Product Management

Hulu Plus on Xbox

Hulu Plus on Xbox

Hulu Plus on Xbox

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  • Jcortes says:

    I think I’ll be canceling my huluplus account that I’ve had since beta. Truthfully, even with limited content through the xbox live and the same rate of commercials for free versus paid accounts I still think it’s a great service. Where I get hung up is that it makes absolutely no sense to me to pay twice for the hulu service. I pay the $7 a month for the hulu service and then I have to pay for a xbox gold account on top just to stream the content I’ve already paid for. I don’t do online gaming so I am really only paying for xbox to get hulu through my machine. Not worth it.

  • games says:


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  • Dyana says:

    Why can’t I watch The Simpsons on Hulu Plus on my Xbox 360???

  • Dyana says:

    Why can’t I watch The Simpsons on Hulu Plus on my Xbox 360????

  • Dyana says:

    Why can’t I watch The Simpsons on Hulu Plus?

  • ps3 ylod says:

    ps3 ylod…

    […]Hulu Plus Comes to Xbox Live « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Christina says:

    What different rights do you need to stream something on Xbox as opposed to off my computer. I got Hulu specifically to watch WWE matches with my husband and then upgraded to HuluPlus so we could watch them from our xboxs considering we’re in different states and then after all that then it tells me that they can’t be streamed on Xbox… Makes no sense. Planning on canceling unless it is resolved.

  • Catheryne says:

    I’m currently on the trial subscription… I was noticing that each category is limited to 100 episodes, movies, etc. If I continue to the full subscription, will this still be the issue?

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  • snoep says:


    […]Hulu Plus Comes to Xbox Live « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Michael says:

    About to cancel.

    There is no good reason for 30 Rock to not be on Hulu Plus.

  • tuning blog says:

    tuning blog…

    […]Hulu Plus Comes to Xbox Live « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Screamer Radio Standalone…

    […]Hulu Plus Comes to Xbox Live « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Jamie S. says:

    I have to say, I have been slightly dissapointed by hulu plus on xbox. The limited content allowed isnt worth the $8 a month, when i can watch with a free hulu account. Also, I figured when i began to pay commercials would be limited. Nope..lots of commercials. I use alot of workout videos, and the worst thing in the middle of a good burn is a commercial! Lame! I think I will cancel Hulu and try Netflix

  • John Anderson says:

    I just dropped hulu plus from my xbox after just two days very disapointed in hulu for many reasons. Buffering way to much, you could learn somthing from netflix. netflix always works smoothly with out the constant buffering. Also I figured with hulu plus I could get all my content on my x box……no and what I do get is junk. Its bad enough I had to pay xbox for a 12 month subscription and then dish out extra cash for hulu. Well I learned and will not go down that road again. get it together hulu or better yet maybe netflix will buy you out.

  • Max says:

    I cancelled Hulu Plus after 3 days due to poor programming. The movies lack quality and are for the mindless. Too much violence, idiot-mentality humor and sex. I watched one movie and noticed a jittery picture, very annoying. My internet connection download speed is usually between 6 to 11 MBPS, so the problem’s not on my end.

    I get a lot more out of Amazon Instant Video where I can watch a TV show or movie from start to finish without interruption. . Much better quality TV shows and movies for both adults and kids. Much improvement is needed here.

  • Kam J says:

    Adding the Criterion Collection was genius. I am extremely happy with hulu plus on my xbox now that I upped my internet speed from a stone age 0.71 mbps to 3.1. (That will solve your problems with constant buffering by the way).
    Only thing I don’t get now is how do you add user star ratings after you watch something?


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    […]Hulu Plus Comes to Xbox Live « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Randy says:

    Hulu Plus on xbox is terrible. Shows constantly buffer, video quality is poor and there are commercials!!! Not just one or two but you are bombarded by them. Movie selection stinks and is full of drug related and sexual content without any filters. Glad the first week is free. Won’t make 3 days in my household
    Netflix is far superior. Drop the commercials and you will gain an audience

  • Dennis says:

    Bueno ata ora es lo mejor q ay

  • Bobbie says:

    I watch hulu on my xbox 360, i have a xbox live membership as well as a hulu membership and this morning when i tried to use hulu it told me that every video i tried watching was no longer available!!!! What is going on here? I pay good money for this stuff and it’s not working??? Tell me how to fix it.

  • Ann D. says:

    Is there a way to activate Hulu for XBOX from my browser on my iPad? It’s not working on my iPad right now, and I don’t have a computer.

  • John says:

    I don’t get what all the excitement is with the new Xbox update. You were able to watch movies before without a subscription to Xbox live. Now you have to pay for Xbox live to pay for Hulu to not be able to get all the content you can on Hulu normally? This is suppose to be better than cable? I’ll pass on Xbox live and cable, hook up a Mac Miny with Plex and get my content elsewhere.

  • bighurt1961 says:


  • Carlos,

    Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback! I’m sorry about the frustration you’re experiencing with our web-only content. Please believe that it’s our content team’s goal to get all our content available for TV and mobile devices. Streaming rights negotiations can be a very complex business, and it will take time and hard work to make this a reality for you.

    To further speak to your concerns, I’m afraid How I Met Your Mother isn’t actually hosted on our site. You’ll notice that when you access HIMYM episodes on Hulu, you’ll see a black bar at the bottom of the episode’s icon that reads, “Watch at cbs.com”. When you select the episode, you are forwarded to CBS’ site. While we don’t have the rights to offer HIMYM on Hulu, we know it’s a wildly popular show and we want to make it easy for our users to find it and enjoy it. I hope we can offer you How I Met Your Mother some day soon!

    I hope this helps explain things. We truly appreciate your patience as we continue to refine and improve our service!

    Hulu Support

  • carlos says:

    Really Hulu plus all I want to do is watch how I met your mother. With my lady on the XBox and its Web only! ! Cock block Hulu cock block. Get your shot together, or I’m canceling my subscription

  • Brendan says:

    I just started with HuluPlus. It worked the first time, then I receive an error 0703 over and over and to “try again later” but that doesn’t work. Why might that be? Thank you.

  • Carl S says:

    Like everyone else, I had high hopes we could forego cable and get TV shows from Hulu and movies from Netflix. NEVER had a problem streaming HD through Xbox, but I can barely get a minute out of any show before horrible buffering problems and a timeout error. Probably should have beta tested better before releasing.

  • John,

    I’m sorry about your streaming troubles! Please go to this link so we can thoroughly troubleshoot this for you:


    We look forward to resolving this for you.

    Hulu Support

  • John says:

    Same issue with my TV and computer content locks up really bad within the last two weeks, Dumb enough to go with HULUplus,cancel tonight. Ads were going to cause me to cancel anyway but this new issue with the TV made it easy! Try it.

  • Mr. Payne says:

    @ Zane – I cancelled my subscription after a month. I love shows like Fringe and Walking Dead to name a few and it’s web only. Plus I don’t get any fewer commercials on the content I do get. So for $7.99 I least expected full content on the Xbox not some watered down version. I got rid my of HTPC in lieu of my Xbox and got hosed with Hulu+.

  • hanelse says:

    I decided against leaving Netflix for Hulu after I tried Hulu for free. The requirement of a gold account for X-Box adds a $10 a month fee when I can get Netflix for free on Wii.

    Hulu might consider adding Wii to their devices. Netflix is way ahead on that score.

  • Zane says:

    Seriously, why are 75% or more of the shows web only? We are paying for this service. Hulu really needs to find a way to convince their content providers to allow their shows on xbox. It is hard to justify paying for plus when so much of the content is not available. Also, even if this isn’t possible right now, why do the web only shows in my queue even show up on the xbox? The queue on xbox is basically unusable because I have to scroll through 20 pages of shows that I can’t even watch to find the few that I can. So, instead of using the queue, you pretty much have to manually search for shows or browse the popular shows section. Could you at least give xbox users an option that would hide the web only shows from the queue on xbox? I love hulu and I’m keeping my plus membership for now, but probably not for long if things stay the way they are.

  • Mirelis,

    Can you contact us at http://www.hulu.com/support ? We’ll be able to find a personalized solution that way.


  • Mirelis Betances says:

    For some reason my hulu user name and password are not working on the xbox…it says that my user name doesnt exist or my password is wrong…I use it everyday on my computer, its getting frustrating…does anyone have any feedback?

  • Diana says:

    Thanks to all of you on your advice concerning Hulu, however, now I don’t know what to do because I just purchased a Playstation 3 not an Xbox for streamlining. After reading the negative comments, I’m not sure if the problem is HUlu or the game systems. Does anyone know the answer to this question? Thanks, Diana

  • Nikki says:

    i joined hulu plus thinking I would enjoy watching it from my xbox live. WRONG! This is BS it breaks connection all 98% of the time. Why am I paying for something I can only watch half the stuff online?? #Stupid I am also on my free trial membership I would like to even try it for a month. But I can’t even watch a show with out it cutting off. This shit drives me insane. I am canceling ASAP! Save your money #TeamNetFlix

  • Peter,

    Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts on our Xbox 360 app. I’ll share your comments with our developers. We’re always interested in hearing what users think about our apps—it helps us to think about how to improve future versions!

    To see what other Hulu users are requesting as well as make additional requests you can visit our Feature Requests discussions at http://www.hulu.com/discussions/7. While we can’t respond to all the discussions, we do read and make a note of them all.

    If there’s anything else you’d like passed on, or questions you’d like answered, please let me know. Happy viewing!

    Hulu Support

  • Peter C says:

    The Xbox 360 Hulu app is terrible compared to the PS3 version. I love my Xbox but it pains me to navigate through my Hulu Queue. They need to port the PS3 version to Xbox 360

  • Jeff says:

    I have a Roku and after downloading the update required to install Hulu Plus and launching a sample video, the Roku began ignoring the remote. After changing the batteries (we do use it often for Netflix), I still couldn’t get Hulu’s video to pause, stop or go away – had to power off the Roku to reboot. Worse yet, there were so many commercials in the sample video, we couldn’t keep track of the plot. Ten minutes into the show, we couldn’t even remember what we were watching. For the same money, compared to Netflix, Hulu Plus is so not worth it when you have as many commercials as network TV. It’s worse than CNN. At least with a DVR, we can FF through all the interruptions.

  • Cody says:

    I get a 0703 error message 95% of the time, the free trial is palmost up and I haven’t even been able to use it.

  • Albert Soza Jr. says:

    I do enjoy using the xbox hulu plus system, but they should really add all the web only shows for streaming. I wish to understand why we cannot watch ALL the shows hulu has. This is hulu PLUS right?

  • Jenna K. says:

    What a crock. I have the same stupid problem with being booted out of shows almost before they can even start. I have a great connection and I don’t have any problems streaming netflix or even HD movies on Zune. Explain to me why your service is the only one that seems to suck so bad?

  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your post. I’m very sorry to hear you’re having trouble streaming on your Xbox, specifically with getting the 0801 error code. This code means that, at the time of the error, your internet bandwidth was not sufficient to continue streaming without significant interruption.

    We recommend having at least 1.5 Mbps to stream Hulu smoothly at low qualities, and 3.0 Mbps for smooth streaming in HD. If your connection is noticeably below this, you will likely not be able to stream Hulu Plus on your Xbox. To find out what your connection speed is, go to ( http://www.speedtest.net ), press “Begin Test” at the top of the map, and look out for the download speed results.

    If you have any questions about this, please reply with your download and upload speed as well as the ping denoted by speedtest.net at http://hulu.com/support . I’d also be happy to help with any other concerns you may have.

    Hulu Support

  • Dan says:

    Hulu Plus on the Xbox is a steaming pile of Sith. Regardless of how great your internet connectivity is, your program is constantly interrupted by this 0801 crap code. What a shame. I sure as hell am cancelling my Xbox live subscription and might as well cancel my Hulu+ subscription right along with it.

  • Meigz says:

    Don’t most of you pay for cable and it has commercials and then they invent something that passes by the commercials and they charge you again for that. Hmmm I’d rather pay $8 a month and watch 4 commercials an hour then pay $100.

  • Tiffany says:

    SUBTITLES!!!!! like foreign films and they dont always have subtitles set into the movies (the select that hulu has) so we need the option! I like the idea of hulu+ but poorly executed

  • Scott Kalina says:

    I guess I should’ve read these comments before joining Hulu plus and thinking it would run just like netflix. But nope, I guess i figured people who advertise subscriptions on xbox live have them working or at least fix the problem. I have the one month free trial, does anyone know if it will still charge the first month after on my credit card if i cancel before the trials up? This is just BS.

  • Eric says:

    I was really looking forward to Hulu coming to XBOX. I got the service right when it came. The service was awesome at first even better than Netflix (commercials excluded)… then came the buffering, then the commercials, then more buffering and then the “web content only”, wrongly placed commercials (hell commercials period) then the buffering and more buffering. I got to say Hulu, you had me, you really had me. But I think I’m gonna stick with netflix on this one. Let me know when you can hang with the big boy.

  • Brandan says:

    I like hulu so I can catch up on my shows. But the problem is the fact I can only watch up to so many episodes. Also I got a plus subscription so I could get no ads. If anything the ads have gotten worse. I’m about to cancel and go back to netflix as I can watch these shows free online with no commercials.

  • Peter says:

    Initial impressions for Hulu Plus via the Xbox are fair, but…..

    Promising UI, but please work on the Queue, scrolling right ad infinitum was just too tedious.
    The biggest (most unanswered) issue here is the prevalence of so-called “web-only” material. Why on Earth would I bother paying for a service for which a good 30% of the material is web-only? Especially when I can just use Playon for free? If this improves, I’ll likely jump on board. To be continued……

  • Anthony B. says:

    LMAO Found bob’s comment googling “hulu plus sucks”. It does! Rediculous buffering make content unwatchable. Plus commercials in the middle of a character speaking. this crap is a joke. And “web only” videos showing up when I’m clearly on an xbox. Was a huge fan of hulu from day 1. But it seems as if hulu really couldn’t care less….what was the hold up bring it to xbox if this is what u bring?

  • nolaguy says:

    Hey Anton D (Hulu Support)

    Back on the 13th you said “Our support team will be happy to investigate the issues you’ve been having.”. I signed up for the free week, then decided to go ahead & do the other offer of a free month by signing up w a credit card because I am an xbox gold live member, but will be charged for the 1st time in a few weeks coming. Just don’t want to get dooped for a pointless charge if your “support team” hasn’t or won’t fix/update your status code: 0801 issue before then. Hulu has had a few weeks so far to at least post something again on this blog about when an update may be coming. I’m sure I’m not tthe only one reading all these posts & is thinking of just canceling because service is horrible if not non existent at most times. Can’t wait to hear something because Hulu could be GREAT, but it just SUCKS!

  • o0oJAKEo0o says:

    Buffering… Buffering… Buffering… unable to stream. Back to menu. Why would you release something that doesnt work? Hulu sucks!!!!!

  • Anthony says:

    Time to buy a Roku and leave the Xbox for my daughter and her Kinectimals.

  • Thomas says:

    I’m also dismayed that, on top of the XBox Live membership payments, I’m paying 8 bucks a month for commercials and not all the content…this is not worth it. Why don’t I just spend less and consider another method?

    (Also, the ‘connection’ issues that everyone else is experiencing is pretty annoying and rampant.)

  • Anthony says:

    Why do I need xbox gold membership to view my hulu plus?

  • austin says:

    its awsome but the status code 0801 sux hopw you fix it

  • Zach says:

    Hulu plus on xbox is pointless, get ready for “WEB ONLY” wtf

  • Rein Zane says:

    CAN HULU PLUS ON XBOX PLEASE HAVE SUBTITLES FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED. Why is this a feature streaming from desktop and not streaming from Xbox?

  • anthony says:

    I went trough the tv show list and thought “no doubt, i’m switching from netflix” but i can’t make it through the opening credits of family guy… that is sad… c’mon microsoft. apple got it right on the ipad that has a fraction of the power of a xbox. why can’t you? i’m starting to see why apple is taking over the pc world. this is sad.

  • rob says:

    Anton I don’t think you need responses just read all these comments for the last THREE months. All of us paid for this. Nearly ALL of us hate it. You need to produce or thats it. Or we are gone.

  • rob says:

    HULU for XBOX is bugged BS. No one can get to watch anything with out the code 0801. Crap service. Do more beta testing. Lazy crap programmers.

  • Bob says:

    What a JOKE!!!! Hulu Plus sucks!!! I haven’t watched a single episode without it buffering 30 times or more. You should pay me for wasting my time trying to get this stupid retarded crap to work. I HATE everyone that works at HULU and I’m going to punch Wong in the face if I ever run into him. Hulu SUCKS!!!!!!! and you can stick that status code up all your dumb asses. I hope you all burn in HELL!!!!!

  • Anton D says:

    Apologies for the previous radio-silence and I’m sorry to hear some of you are experiencing problems with the Hulu Plus application on the Xbox. Our support team will be happy to investigate the issues you’ve been having. Please contact us directly at http://bit.ly/HuluHelp

    Anton D
    Hulu Support

  • Liz says:

    Great, if it would work. I can stream Netflix to my Xbox and Hulu to my computer and iPad, but I’ve yet to be able to watch a complete show on Hulu for Xbox. Every time I start playing, it comes back with “network conditions have changed” (inevitably before even getting so far as the opening credits) and kicks me back to the menu. Maybe it’s some kind of mini game to figure out? Either way, unhappy.

  • cameron says:

    I was super excited for Hulu Plus. I was definitely going to be a subscriber. After trying it out on my Xbox 360, however, I get the ‘Status Code 0801′ that many complain about. The episode will buffer every 30 seconds or so, eventually stopping the show and giving me that status code. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to watch a minute or two completely smooth – but thats rarely the case.

    I won’t even complain about the selection, or the fact that paying Plus customers still have ads. The constant buffering, however, is a deal-breaker.

    Sorry Hulu. I was really looking forward to becoming a Plus member for years to come, too.

  • surfstyl12 says:

    What gives, Wong? The first two days of my trial rocked, was seriously considering getting rid of cable and sticking with Hulu and Netflix… but now I am getting this “Status Code 0801″ that everyone else is talking about. All my other apps work just fine… In other words, resolve the issue… or kindly suck my balls.

  • Tyler Logan Sayre says:

    Hulu on xbox is terrible – I have hulu – stream it to my iPad super fast – stream Netflix to my xbox – all on the same network yet hulu on xbox buffers every two seconds until it times out. – horrible experience – it took you guys long enough to figure this out – least you could do is have gotten it right – also Netflix emails me and asks me how the streaming quality was – for hulu I’m searching the net giving my feedback wherever possible. Doesnt reflect well on Microsoft or hulu.

  • Steve B says:

    The 2 things NOT in its favor:

    1) The vastness of Web only presentations.

    2) NO CBS programs. Apparently they could not work a deal with them. But they somehow got the other major networks, why no CBS ?

    When they get on board I may check back, But I’ll enjoy the free XBox week anyway.

    Hulu does have a lot of stuff, but for availability of streaming/dvd’s for Classic TV series (persons 50+, and there are a LOT OF US), Netflix blows them away.

    Again, I found several 60’s shows that Hulu has,and not Netflix, but surprise surprise (hey Gomer !), WEB ONLY, which totally defeats the Plus interface.

    In their defense, if you’re into the vastness of everything new, this is just what you need.

  • steven says:

    this is etter than netflex

  • how long is it free for

  • Tyler says:

    Works mostly well. Way too many shows are web only that I will probably cancel and check back later. Also the need to make a subscriptions menu option.

  • dprince says:

    I love the fact that hulu is finally on Xbox since I’m already a member I can now watch on my tv but all the commercials and the fact that most of theshows are web only what’s the pointof paying then? I can see if y’all put itlike that for trail members but to also have it like that for full time members is ridiculous and a complete waste.. guess I’m sticking to Netflix until this is a lot better…

  • Jim says:

    WAY too many shows are “web only,” which makes no sense at all. I love having so many critereon films available, but if I can’t stream shows like Fringe via xbox live, then it’s not even close to being worth an additional $8/month on top of my netflix subscription.

  • Chris says:

    I was very excited, until I tried it out and learned how many shows are web only. I don’t see myself keeping it past the free trial if that doesn’t change.

  • Benjamin says:


  • stoneyredruby says:

    i love xbox

  • Rafael says:

    I’m getting the same streaming problem that gives this message:

    “your network conditions have changed, can’t continue” code 0801

    Has anyone had this problem and found the reason?

  • stoneyredruby says:

    thank you xbox

  • Xtopher says:

    Great to finally have Hulu on the 360, but you seriously need to sort the que by program! Just having a list of a hundred individual items is ridiculous, especially when there are like 10 ways to search/sort content outside your que. I use services like Hulu so I don’t have to watch in “real time” style like TV, so please give us options for que based viewing instead!

  • Jason says:

    I am super excited about Hulu Plus on xbox!!! now we have both netflix and hulu on the tv! thanks developers! I really hope the other networks get on board with this so we can watch shows like Community, Fringe, and 20/20 on the plus version. Also get on the ball CBS and give us the Big Bang Theory and How I met Your Mother.

  • Kelly says:

    Instead of cable we have Hulu plus and Netflix. What one doesn’t have or do the other does. Just wish I could get Hulu plus on my wii as well. I spend 16.00 per month for both. Pretty good if you ask me.

  • Joe says:

    also, everything i try to watch ends up stopping after trying to buffer for a dozen times, and says my network conditions have changed. yet no other problems on any device on the network, i’ve even tried this with the xbox plugged directly into the uverse modem, same issue. it times out and says “your network conditions have changed, can’t continue” code 0801

  • Joe says:

    Everything I watch on hulu plus on my xbox is stopping every 5 seconds for “buffering” , Netflix on the xbox has no issues, when PSN was up I didn’t have this issue on the PS3, nor with netflix on my PS3. Don’t have this issue with either of my laptops or iphone, only device that is having this problem is the Xbox. what gives?!
    model is xbox 360 pro 20gb

  • Tabasco says:

    I have watched two episodes of house and both of them have a weird skip (at first I thought it was part of the episode). where it rewinds 5 secs and repeats.

  • David Petty says:


  • Ron says:

    Just tried it. Netflix Stream Better. Huluplus on xbox is constantly being interrupted; also, be prepared for the commercials.

  • mathew smikle says:

    i need hulu on my xbox

  • Kyle N. says:

    It says that there is no credit card required at http://www.hulu.com/plus/unlock, but when I proceed through the registration, it won’t let me complete it without adding a credit card. Is this because I used a Hulu Plus trial in the past?


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  • Soul of Wit says:

    Enjoy that fan noise.

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