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Now Available: Update v1.03 for Hulu Plus on PS3

April 15th, 2011 by Daniel Bear Principal Software Development Lead

On Tuesday we released the latest version of Hulu Plus for the PlayStation®3. The update continues to make improvements to the playback experience, addressing issues such as skipping or stalls. Valuable user feedback was critical in being able to isolate and resolve the issues.

The update (v1.03) will install the next time you launch the Hulu Plus app on PS3. We hope this helps you enjoy your favorites that much more. Let us know what you think!

Daniel Bear
Senior Development Lead, Hulu

Update 8/31:

To those who are still experiencing playback issues, I’m very sorry about the frustration you’ve been having with the Hulu Plus app on your PS3. Our developers are aware of these issues and are hard at work on an update that should address them as soon as possible. These issues are complex, so I can’t give a timetable on when we’ll see an update released.

Try the steps listed on this article. If these don’t help, please contact the Hulu Support team, there may be something we can do for you. Once again, I’m sorry about the frustration and we appreciate you bearing with us.

James Goux
Hulu Support Lead

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