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Green Room: Norm MacDonald Will Professionally Mess Up Your Talk Show

April 7th, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

Great news, everybody: Norm MacDonald has a new show and it’s completely possible that it’s funny. The great news isn’t the show itself, though—it’s that Norm MacDonald has to promote it somehow.

You know what that means: The guy who was put on the Earth to ruin the format and natural flow of conversation on your late-night talk show has been doing that a lot recently. He’s getting even better at it.

Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel last night, being very, immediately aggressive, then saying to Kimmel that Letterman is better than him.

Norm’s new show is called “Sports Show,” so it’s probably not exactly what we hoped a new Norm MacDonald show would be. In an ideal world, MacDonald’s new show on Comedy Central would just be a collection of Norm’s appearances on local affiliates messing up the entire rhythm of their show for months and maybe getting their hosts to question how they feel about being alive in the process.

He is the greatest in the world at doing that. The brand new premium information content website The New York Times got Conan O’Brien to say it best:

“Conan O’Brien wrote in an e-mail: “I’ve been interviewing Norm for 18 years and he has consistently broken every talk-show rule. He tells anecdotes that are blatantly false. His stories have always been repurposed farmer’s daughter routines that he swears happened to him.”

Mr. O’Brien added, “When Norm steps out from behind the curtain I honestly don’t know what is going to happen and that electrical charge comes through the television.”

Conan’s talking about the moth joke, probably. That’s below. It needs to be reposted every month or so—sort of like how parents are almost legally obligated to bring their kids go to the park every once in a while—just so we can all remember what’s great about the world.

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