Check It Out! Gets an Upgrade

While we’re all reeling from the news of banks charging fees on ATM withdrawals — what next, mobile phones that connect to the World Wide Web?!? — there’s some good news. “The Morning After” revealed this morning that Michael Jordan is launching a new cologne and actor Jon Voight’s daughter, Angelina Jolie, married “Hackers” star Johnny Lee Miller (you go, girl!) last weekend.

While all that was going down, the Hulu team was hard at work implementing some new features to the home page. While we’re still working on our GeoCities fan page, we just implemented a new visitor counter and, even cooler, a guest book for you to leave your comments. As always, these features are best seen on Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer with your resolution set at 1024×768.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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7 thoughts on “Check It Out! Gets an Upgrade

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  2. Nice work, hulu! I feel like telling the above commenters, just google it! This made me giggle a million times.

  3. This is awful! every time I log in it kicks me back to the home page asking me to log in again!!
    I am assuming that the reason the “new” homepage looks like a virus has taken over is because I am viewing it through Mozilla Firefox…I am hoping that this will be corrected soon. Until then I am canceling my subscription to Hulu Plus!! Netflix here I come!!!

  4. Looking to find out why I couldn’t login to Hulu and now I know why. I just wanted to go to my que. Why after logging in does it redirect you back to the same login page showing you haven’t logged in. Got so frustrated trying to get out of that loop that i just cancelled Hulu Plus and gave up.

  5. The only thing missing is a rainbow-hued horizontal line. Man, I miss 1996.

  6. Brilliant.

    Thanks Hulu! I especially loved the handshake before the videos load. ;)

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