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Guest Blog: Nikki Sixx’s World of Hurt

March 29th, 2011 by Editor

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has spent years collecting photography and jotting notes that captured the anger, love, optimism, darkness, and determination that shaped his work. He compiled it all into a masterwork called THIS IS GONNA HURT: THE DOCUMENTARIES, which chronicles his experiences — from his early years filled with toxic waste, to his life with Mötley Crüe, to his death from an OD, and his eventual rebirth through music, photography, and love.

Today, THIS IS GONNA HURT: THE DOCUMENTARIES from Nikki Sixx and Sixx:A.M. debuts on Hulu and the Hulu Plus subscription service. To introduce us to the eye-popping series, Nikki Sixx shared his thoughts about the inner workings of the project with Hulu for an exclusive guest blog entry. — Editors

This is Gonna Hurt
by Nikki Sixx

What began as one man exploring his inner demons through written word and photography soon became — with the help of my partners in Sixx:A.M., James Michael and DJ Ashba — a musical journey all its own. It felt like a line was forming behind the idea of self-awareness through complete honesty. The subjects of the text and the focus of photography started to seep into our hearts, into the lyrics, and onto the pages of my book, “This Is Gonna Hurt.”

I have always thought the misfortunate are the fortunate, and the misfits are a better fit. But it wasn’t until I flushed it out through months and months of self-reflection in my book, and then jammed into the wee hours with James and DJ, that the questions clawing in my head got hammered into the answers.

THIS IS GONNA HURT: THE DOCUMENTARIES is about to reveal those answers.

I’ve always felt like I lived a bit outside the norm and wanted to talk to others about their life experiences. These conversations and the making of the photographs, book, and CD soundtrack have become THIS IS GONNA HURT: THE DOCUMENTARIES, a six-part story that will debut on Hulu today with new episodes coming in consecutive weeks.

Drugs and alcohol had played a large part in my life (as has been well-chronicled in “The Heroin Diaries”) but what about recovery? I am speaking of the kind of recovery one only finds after finding himself. And so it began: A man with a camera merging into a book with his two best friends and partners in music, Sixx:A.M. We knew this wasn’t gonna be easy and we welcomed the challenge with open arms. The funny thing about having nothing to lose is you usually win. I think everybody wins when it comes to honesty.

I think a lot of nails popped out of the coffin lid as it hit home that I had also been chasing down my sister’s ghost and not knowing my part — if I even had one. And I had to come to terms with the reality that she had lived and eventually died in an institution in the very state I had lived — and eventually died, myself.

I’ve been able to grow those experiences through my syndicated radio show and through my active engagement on Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes I learn, sometimes I comment, sometimes I challenge others. At other times, they challenge me. But we always walk away with more than we started with.

I am so happy that Hulu — a forward thinking, wide-reaching content distributor — can bring these documentaries into the computers, phones, and televisions of a large audience that has come to expect something special. Let me know what you think.

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  • Firme says:

    Great service and great blog from Hulu. You did not disappoint ;)

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  • michael says:

    Im very interested in this talent of nikkis< ive been a huge fan of the crew for thirty years . Im interested in so much more of the beautiful people you,ve articulated? I find this a special kind of art that can go so much farther . I just finished watching the Sixx and Amy interview with DR, Drew. Fantastic!

  • Brian says:

    Love everything this guy does. Really impressed with the visual piece of “This is Gonna Hurt”. Nikki you’re awesome!

  • mwells says:

    Love the documentaries they are inspiring!

  • Nancy says:

    Awesome!! Looking forward to have the book and the album :) WOOT WOoT!

  • Jamie Johnson says:

    I love the documentaries can’t wait for the new album, book, audiobook, and to see you live in Aug.

  • Danny Vooris says:

    This video touched my SOUL! in a way word’s can’t explain,It put me to tear’s
    I thank Nikki for doing this book,He is a real person.Mucch love voorisdogfc

  • Kelsey says:

    This is going to be awesome!

  • Niko M. says:

    great documentary,tells some of what the new book is based on,I am even more excited about the book.

  • johnny g says:

    this was informative… gives you a better understanding of what we will expect from the book – im more excited now after seeing the documentary than before – Keep the Rock Alive…!!!

  • Danny Vooris says:

    What do i think? Nikki tell’s think like a story! I just hope he just don”t spread him self to thin.

  • María says:

    Nikki, you rock.
    Venezuela wait for you.

  • David says:

    can’t wait!!!

  • Casey Ryan says:

    I can’t wait for this to come out. Nikki’s first book was responsible for assisting me in sobriety and I can only imagine how this one will inspire me.

  • Casey Ryan says:

    I really am so looking forward to the new book and album from Nikki and the boys from SIXX AM. I am really excitied to finally meet the man who is responsible for getting me sober. His Heroin Diaries is the most inspiring thing I have read and I can only imagine how this new book/album will inspire me.

  • Magnus Englund says:

    You´re a very important person & personality for us, the fans. Awesome!

  • Heather says:

    Nice documentary! Very insightful. I can’t wait to see the book and hear the songs on the CD. You can do anything you put your mind to Sixx.

  • Manda says:

    i really loved reading the heroin diairies so i cant wait for this

  • Karol Komorowski says:

    well done , def enjoyed watching this

  • Debbie Melson says:

    You are such an inspiration to others and I think that it is great that you are willing to share you life history. I work with adolescents who have turned to substance abuse in order to deal with the trauma and your book ” The Herion Diaries” help me realize why they use to escape and find comfort in using. I am excited about “This is Gonna Hurt” and I can’t wait to read it. Nikki, I have a lot of respect for you as a person and I think your a great!!!!!

  • Laura F. says:

    Honestly,at first I thought this book was going to be just a photography book.
    But then,when I realized what it was all about,I got very upset.Not because the book has pictures of disabled people but because,to me,Nikki is being a big hypocrite.
    What he says in the video is so beautiful and right and encouraging.We have to “see an inside beauty” and not care about people’s opinions.
    As a matter of fact, I agree 100% with Nikki.Disabled people deal with discrimination at every turn.We all know injustices they have to face everyday and this is not just about them.
    Prejudice and discrimination creates hate and hate is destroying the world and pushing people apart.
    Now,Mr.Nikki Sixx is a smart guy.He wants to be seeing as a great and humble person but the only thing that matters to him is being more and more popular.I used to follow him on twitter but everyday he would post things like this:”pre order by book,sixx am cd will be available soon,this song is available on itunes,visit my website to buy clothes..”and blah blah blah.He just promoting himself and trying to make people buy his stuff and make him richer.
    It’s fine to promote yourself but he’s just forcing it too much and it’s getting ridiculous.He doesn’t even hide his “truly” intentions anymore.
    And,since he’s a type of guy that looks only on the inside,I’d like to know if he would date a “different person”.As we know,he got married to gorgeous women, had gorgeous girlfriends and is always surrounded by hot girls.
    I was a huge fan of Nikki Sixx but it’s seem like he’s becoming another person.If you take a look on his old interviews you’ll be able to see the difference.
    The old Nikki was cool,down to earth,smart and funny but the new one is boring and only cares about selling his image.

  • Cherie Bargery says:

    I love your work Nikki. I have been a fan of you and Motley Crue since 1983. I wish I could see the whole lot here in Australia, but unfortunately I can’t. I know you’re working on this so I hope you can remedy it so the rest of the world can share in your vision.

    Several of your subjects, eg, the Goddess Bunny I have googled and found an 11 part documentary about, which I watch every episode. I cried through a lot of them and felt there were similarities between us. I have never been comfortable in my own skin either. I have been just about every stage from chubby to fat to morbidly obese in my 45 years of life. I even attempted suicide at one stage. I have been called everything from ‘pig in lipstick’ to ‘the fat chick’ to lardass, and many others. I’ve been told by men that if I were in bed with them they would chew their arm off to escape waking me up because of my weight.

    I am only coming to terms with myself as I get older and discover how much I am truly loved. You have been a very positive influence on my with your tweets and facebook page. You try to keep things positive and in turn, I have tried to stay positive as well. It’s not always easy, but that’s one of the goals I have. I believe I am influencing others to see the positive as well, watching how many followers I now have on Twitter increasing daily.

    Thank you for the inspiration Nikki. You are a true treasure as a human being. I’m so glad you were revived after your OD so you can continue to inspire us in the days and years to come.
    Much respect and love,
    Cairns, Queensland
    Formerly of El Paso, TX, USA

  • Lisa says:


    Congratulations on your new book/cd/documentary/ big achievement.

    As a long-time fan, from 6 years old till now (30 years old) I have to say that your music and art has strongly influenced my life. In university I had the opportunity to write 2 papers on Motley Crue and was immensely proud of it. You have come a long way ~ and this is just someone speaking, not only as a fan but also a human being observing another human being. Demons have followed you in life, and you have embraced some and fought others with a tenacity that I’m sure not many understand. I have the Dirt, the Heroin Diaries and also have met you several times (all of which have been positive experiences).

    Which makes it hard for me to interject this praising letter with some mild criticism and I guess you could say ‘tough love’…

    It is clear that you are artistic – nobody doubts that – and that you are passionate about music and art and helping people. However, I’ve been following you via facebook/twitter/news coverage etc. and it seems that like many fans/followers of “God” (i.e. you) that you are constantly seeking approval from people (which are fans, and moreover, strangers). People with clearly a lot of hurt with comments saying how ‘you saved them.’ That’s a pretty high pedestal to be put on and to be honest, I think it sometimes goes to your head.

    Recently I saw you at an interview in Toronto and you had said something like “when you’re a rockstar….” I think by maybe taking it down a few notches and humbling yourself you would be in a better place. I know you’re thinking “who the hell is this chick, some nobody who’s telling me how to live my life” right?…well, I don’t gain anything from saying any of this personally. I’m not an ex-wife/some bitter music industry person etc. I am just a fan who relates to you (having a homeless heart from a very young age/abandonment issues/addictions/self-centered perspecitve) for many years (and still trudge through the shit – never fully goes away).

    You have these fans who completely look upto you and you’re constantly trying to feed the machine (the beast) that is in you (and this is not meant to be said complementary). I know this because I too have fed the beast so many times and didn’t know it. You feed off these people’s adoration/praise/compliments even though it will never fully satisfy you. I wish I was able to write this to you in a more personal way – I’m not proud that people are reading such a personal letter publicly but this is my only way to express myself to you.

    The photographs you have taken are artistic and beautiful, but your whole message needs to be re-visited. Lies of the beautiful people – Nikki, as much as you use your artistic subjects to exemplify this statement you are completely narcissistic and needing so much attention and you work hard to do yourself up – so much that it’s starting to make me question whether you are the real deal. It must be tiresome at times to always be putting up such an image. A beautiful one, but one that takes a lot of work – and at what cost?

    I apologize, this seems all lecture-ish and not what a typical “Nikki you are God” response should look like, but I have faith that if you are who you present yourself to be, you will, if anything…look at this ‘tough love’ or whatever you’d like to call it and just pause with it. Be able to respect something that goes against your typical praising/deifying responses. You can say “fuck off” to it, but I hope you sit there and really examine what I’m really trying to say here. If only for a few moments.

    That photo of the family in south east asia – the one where they were homeless. C’mon Nikki. It’s “art” right? but I’d have to disagree. It’s exploitation. Some people had written “hope you bought them a house” – ummm, right. That’s ludicrous. They’re smiling and laughing in the photo but you are making money off their poverty. You care about homeless people, Nikki give them some respect and privacy. Believe me, having their hardest times documented isn’t something they’ll feel great about, and neither should you. Look outside yourself (despite the ‘art’ in it).

    Nikki Sixx/Frankie

    I did not intend to make such an exciting time for you one to make you upset, but to let you know that this what I think. A fan of Motley, of you, and of just one human being with a lot of the same struggles/childhood upbringing as yours just trying to add some truth to this time in your life.

    Wish you (as a person) nothing but the best.

  • Michelle Ford-Copley says:

    Sixx, you’ve done it again! I am SO freakin excited for the books, CD And the audio-book to hit Amazon! People with disabilities have been left behind, left out and mistreated for so long I am SO proud to be a fan of someone who sees past the scars. <3 Much love!

  • Julia Hayashi says:

    Hi Nikki,
    I’ve been a big fan of you for a long time.
    I really liked “The Heroin Diaries” cuz it’s so honest and real… You were brave enough to reveal your dirk side to public. It looks like many people are inspired by your book. Great!

    This time, I am kinda questioning about what you are expressing….
    I understand that you are very artistic.
    Your photography and creations are very unique and deep.
    I assume that you want to say “Be Real”, “See an inside beauty”, “See things as they really are”, kinda things….
    Yes, I like the messages and it is encouraging and positive.

    BUT…. look at you!
    It’s obvious that you’ve done a face lift and you really care to be good-looking outside.
    Maybe you just like to be fashionable but… for me, you look you really care about your image.
    Sorry to mention but your message on “This is gonna hurt” is not convincing for me.
    You seem you like good looking, so called “beautiful things” as society labels in your personal life…. ex.wives, cars, clothes, girl friends and your hair style.

    You talk your concept too much in the video… its just not convincing…

    Music-wise, James Michael’s singing is amazing and very emotional.
    He did a wonderful job as a producer, singer and drummer…. great dramatic songs!

    Sorry if my comment sound negative. I just say my honest opinion.


  • Alicia Gregg says:

    I am another one that has been following this since i heard about it. I have been so excited to see what else i can learn from you, and i say this because of my experience through “The Heroin Diaries” I myself was a Heroin addict at one time as well, i ended up in jail not due to my addiction but some other things i was dealing with, and i came across an amazing book that i have only heard of. Laying in that terrible bunk more dope sick then i’d ever been before I started reading “The Heroin Diaries” and i couldnt put it down granted it was nice to have something to read beings that there was no way in this world i was going to sleep…Anyway i read the book and it has made the most intense impact on my life…So I have just been waiting to see what kinds of impact this new book has, and what kind of rough patches your words will get me through this time. I watched parts 1 and 2 of the documentary and i cannot wait for more. In the end of your other book you said if your words could change just one life it would be worth it. I cannot wait to see how this book and CD impacts me this time. but i do have one question..What is the audiobook?? Please tell me that you are putting the book on CD??… I have always said that i wish the heroin diaries was on CD that would be amazing and if it was made into a movie i would be thrilled. Anyways if you read this and are willing to write me back and answer my questions i would be grateful especially since i have actually written you some other emails before and never heard anything from you… some more personal emails that i just kinda wanted to speak to you about..either way i guess to answer me you would need my email its future120505@gmail.com or hit me up on twitter or something.THANKS FOR HELPING TO CHANGE MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER…

  • RJ says:


    I look forward to the book, cd, etc. When I was a teen you
    inspired me to write and I still do. Thank you so much for
    laying yourself bare. As your fan, it means a lot to me that
    you do this and share it with us.

  • valeria valo says:

    I think that your documentary is very interesting. Your connection as a music artist to photography is a natural transition which I can understand. It is not as unusual as some may think that an artist can reinvent themself in many forms. A canvas is a canvas, and regardless of the medium, it is the talent of the artist that brings it to life. I think that NIkki’s method of sharing his art with the world is a wonderful breath of well-needed fresh air.
    As a stubborn rebel myself, I find it very interesting to also find myself in others, and to investigate the path that brought me here in the first place.
    Good job, Nikki.

  • Danii Dean says:

    I have been waiting for this since you mentioned it…. but I can’t watch it in the UK. Pretty upset :(

  • danielle Izzo says:

    cannot wait to read book and cd I like how the people used as inspiration is different than the past/ and common muses in everyday music

  • Susan Johnson says:

    Nikki, like I said last night when I first had the honor to view the first two episodes of “This is gonna hurt”, I broke down in tears listening to St. Goddess Bunny’s story of being torcherd and burned left to sleep on floors it tore my heart open, I have been called names like “Pig in Lipstick” “Lardass” to name just a few but nothing comes close to being mistreated and abused for being born different . We are all different no two people in the world are the same even twins and other multiples. We all come into the world the same way and we leave it the same way.

  • Tanya Simanton says:

    Thank you for sharing these stories- the videos are amazing and the message is something we all must hear~

  • Teresa L. Hendrickson says:

    The inspiration continues.

    Thank You Nikki.

  • Susan J. says:

    Nikki, like I said last night when I first had the honor to view the first two episodes of “This is gonna hurt”, I broke down in tears listening to St. Goddess Bunny’s story of being torcherd and burned left to sleep on floors it tore my heart open, I have been called names like “Pig in Lipstick” “Lardass” to name just a few but nothing comes close to being mistreated and abused for being born different . We are all different no two people in the world are the same even twins and other multiples. We all come into the world the same way and we leave it the same way

  • Joe Powell says:

    You really know how to inspire the less fortunate.
    thank you for all your help. we all love you and everything
    you do.

  • S says:

    Look forward to watching the whole series.


  • Brian says:

    Nikki, just want to say thanks for all the great music. You inspired me to play bass guitar. You also inspired me to beat my alcohol addiction. I now use your experience and mine to teach my daughter that you can have everything in life if you work hard an believe in yourself. Thanks again and keep making great music

  • Your work continues to inspire me.

    Thank You Nikki.

  • Catherine Dowling says:

    Can’t be watched here in Canada :(

  • Bethany Marshall says:

    Thank you Nikki for being you! I have loved you for a very long time. You are truley an inspiration. I lost my oldest daughter’s father to heroin when she was 7 months old. I was only 19 when I was left to raise an infant by myself. He told me he had been clean for 8 years ( he was 18 years older than me). I was angry for a long time and still have issues with anger. I can’t wait to read the new book and hear the new cd. I look forward to seeing you this summer, again. Keep on rocking!

  • Mary Wade says:

    OMG ……I love it …..I love it !So amazing .so inspirational ..so beautiful !!! I can’t wait to see more Nikki ,much love and respect always !!

  • Bobb Milligan says:

    Nikki, I have been chomping at the bit waiting for the book and the cd and now I want to see and hear them both more than ever!! I was very moved by these two episodes!!! Most of us were raised being told “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” only to have those same people turn around and say “Look at that freak!! Stay away from them!!” During the 80s I looked just like you, hair and makeup wise, and my daughter ask me the other day “What if I bring home a guy that looks like you did back then?” I told her that I would feel a lot better than if she brought home some picture perfact guy that looks like he’s hiding a lot of issues!

  • Lizacpa says:

    You are opening my eyes and friends of mine to photography that I would’ve never put myself in front of. I’ve been standing still to long and facing reality was a joke. Thank you and the Sixx:AM memebers for helping me on my personal journey:)

  • Keith Tokonitz says:

    Nikki, I have followed your career and life since 1984. Learned about you from the magazines when I was younger. Was fascinated then, and am completely blown away now. I can not believe the power and influence you exhude. As many other have stated, you will have such a huge impact on so many. I hope that this whole project is well taken and realized as the art that it is.
    You continue to inspire those who are just discovering you as well as those who know your work. Your reflections of your life are a gift to all of us. Thank you. I look forward to reading the book and listening to the album.

  • Bethany Marshall says:

    Thank you Nikki for doing what you do. I have always loved you. I lost my oldest child’s father to heroin when I was 19 years old. My daughter was only 7 months old. I knew he was a heroin addict but he told me he had been clean for 8 years. I was angry for a long time (I still deal with anger over this). I deal with my own addiction – caffine, nicotine, and thc. I stay away from anything harder because I know I might like it too much. Again, thank you for being who you are and see you this summer!

  • Kyle says:

    Nikki – Dude…absolutely fabulous! The realization really hit home for me because it is true of how cruel humanity can be towards one another. Its deep, inspiring and even touched me on a spiritual level. I am looking forward to seeing more…Thank you for opening our eyes to a whole new level of reality.
    ~ Peace

  • Tee Barnes-Henderson says:

    Nikki…….you are something special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im a great fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pam Stutesman says:

    It is truly amazing what we can learn about ourselves and others if we will just take the time to open ourselves to the experience….Beauty is like perfection, it is a perception about the world around us that is based on our personal beliefs….When we take the time to look beyond the illusion that we have come to embrace, we find a world that is so much richer and complex…Thank you for creating something to help nudge us toward a world that is much more welcoming and accepting of all people…

  • tonya carver says:


  • ginni says:

    What an amazing person you are Nikki!!!! I cannot wait to read the book, see all of the documentary, and listen to the CD!!!

  • Lamar says:

    Nikki, I think you would have hung out with Jesus back in the day! And the two of you would have had a great time together. Mark 2: 15,16

  • sylvie lesas says:

    Never an artist touched me as much as you. Thank you Nikki. phenomenal documentaries that I recommend to people. This is gonna hurt , definitely

  • Barbara Barber says:

    I’ll admit I cried a little watching this because it did bring up things from my own past that I’m constantly try to deal with. I was never one of the ‘beautiful people’, I’ve had weight issues all my life due to a mother who knew squat about nutrition and two medical issues I didn’t even know I had until my early thirties. As such, I was a bullied child & teenager which left me depressed and suicidal and honestly I don’t know how I managed to survive those years. Now that the medical issues are being corrected, the weight is slowly coming off but I still have some issues with self-image as I will hardly ever allow myself to be photographed and I struggle not to hide from people.

    The work of Nikki Sixx, James Michael & DJ Ashba is ground breaking as before phrases like ‘it’s okay to be yourself’ really only were given lip service; this is the first time that it is actually meant and it’s my own personal feeling that bringing this forth is going to help a lot of people for many years to come. Keep breaking barriers.

  • Ang says:

    Listening to your stories helps me as an adult be okay in my own skin. Being in the professional world is very hard when there is so much pain deep inside.. thank you for going deep into your own soul to speak to all of us that just are not ready yet….

  • Stephanie says:

    I don’t think there’s one single person in this world that would be considered ‘normal’. I find your photography fascinating. I think it’s great that you share your stories as well as the stories of the people you photographed. We may all look different on the outside, but we’re all the same on the inside.

  • Tammy Stratioti says:

    Nikki, you inspire me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, gifts, words and so much more! :)

  • Jojo says:

    Nikki Sixx – one the biggest arrogant aholes in the business. It’s ironic that he’s on this “journey” and talks non-stop about being a great person and making everyday great, blah blah blah… when he’s screwed so many over and known among insiders as being the biggest egomaniac of the bunch. Songs have been written about this. (just ask Godsmack or google Godsmack song about Nikki Sixx).
    Everything about him on Twitter these days is “sell to the people, sell to the people, sell my book, my show, my concert, my stuff… sell sell sell” or “get people to make me more popular, read my blog, read my interview, look at my pictures 50 thousand times, INCREASE MY SALES DAMMIT!”
    It would be nice to see someone in his position be humble and sincere, and there are plenty of those people out there if you bothered to look, instead of saying this man saved your life, open your eyes a little.

  • Flora Toth says:

    you re the best and the bravest man i ve ever seen!!! i read your book and i listen your musics..im just 15 but i know u r immortal!

  • robert nest says:

    Nikki as a aspiring substance abuse counselor ,I was wondering if you would consider be a guest speaker at my collage sometime?

  • Cindy says:

    Thank you Nikki for using your “celebrity” to do such great things. You seem to be such a solid, genuine person.

  • so looking forward to your new book and sixx am new cd! see you this summer;)

  • Amy Flynn-Meros says:

    Do you actually realize just how MANY people you are helping?! (Not just addicts) You’re a true inspiration. On May 9th, it will be 3 years since the death of my best friend/husband from a heartattack related to a cocaine overdose. We had been together for 23 years (he had been clean for 25)…he left me alone w/ our two young sons (9 and 2 1/2 @ the time). I’ve never really felt anger, just devastating remorse…and questions….OMG, the questions! I’ve felt like such a failure on so many levels…..guess it just got overlooked due to severe health issues of my youngest (at the time) and me going through breast cancer treatments too. Survivors guilt SUCKS. And raising kids alone really SUCKS! But…..after recently reading The Heroin Diaries, you’ve opened my eyes to so much…THANK YOU!!!
    I’m forever thankful for your insight and honesty. You’ve given me a “peace” that I couldn’t seem to find elsewhere. So thankful you are still around for your children and that you’re inspiring and teaching others that “Life Is Beautiful”.
    I think I “got it” now…..truly “got it”.

  • Phil Bosrock says:

    The raw honesty of the photo shoots as well as the music are truly inspiring and sets the stage for SIXX A.M.’s creativity as not only a band, but an advocate for those who have had to live in the shadows. You hit this one out of the park, I can’t wait to see future episodes!

  • TINA KELLY says:

    Having worked with mental / developmentally disabled all my adult life….I applaud you Nikki !
    I have known wonderful individuals and have built strong friendships.They are beautiful each in their own way.I CANNOT wait for this book…..much love.

  • Frida says:

    This was so very well said Nikki. After reading “the Heroine Diaries” you’ve become one my greatest inspiration in life simply by your honesty and by your big heart that’s willing to share stories and pieces of yourself with the rest of the world. I can’t wait until I get a copy of the book in my hands. Unfortunately I can’t watch the documentaries since I live in Sweden, but I hope I can soon. LOVE.

  • Dana Boshart says:

    Truly moving….You are still the God you were in the ’80’s!

  • Jennifer says:

    AMAZING MAN YOU ARE NIKKI!! To actually hear the same thing I feel from someone else is reasurring. You let millions know we are not alone, it’s ok to be different in both adults and kids. You give out hope. Love ya can’t wait for CD and Book.

  • Rachel Turner Bohin says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to both the book and album!

  • tara crocker says:

    I am so blown away.you are a fascinating and inspiring human being.I am glad you are so accessible now.some of us need a little more inspiration.Thank you for being one of my favorite sources of it.

  • Jamie Owen says:

    Awesome documentaries, where and when can we see them in their entirity. You are so amazing. Can’t wait to see you in Milwaukee WI June 25th.!!

  • Chrissy says:

    Nikki….you are such a fortunate individual. I wish I could share here my experiences. I loved this!

  • Jen Zeman says:

    Well-said Nikki. This is great stuff…

  • Hannah Johnson says:

    “I am so happy that Hulu — a forward thinking, wide-reaching content distributor “….

    Only for the United States though! Come on Nikki! What about your world wide fans?