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Now Available: Update v1.01 for Hulu Plus on PS3

March 24th, 2011 by Daniel Bear Principal Software Development Lead

This morning, we released the latest version of Hulu Plus for the PlayStation®3. The update improves the quality of the playback experience, specifically addressing issues such as skips, jumps, and stalls that may occur on certain network connections.

You’ll be presented with the update (v1.01) the next time you launch the Hulu Plus app on PS3. Improvements in this version include:

– Improvements and fixes for playback issues such as skipping, jumping, and stalling.
– Improved playback reporting to help our team improve the playback experience.
– UI tweaks to compensate for device overscan.
– Added ability for new users to sign up for a Hulu Plus subscription within the application.
– Additional improvements and bug fixes.

Let us know what you think!

Daniel Bear
Senior Development Lead, Hulu

Last comment: Oct 4th 2014 193 Comments
  • beauXjames says:

    The skipping and freezing has NEVER been this bad and inconsistent. I wish there were a way to fix it. Sometimes by completely shutting the application down and coming back into it works at times, but i have noticed that when the video does freeze, it will happen at the exact same time…so there seems to be an issue with the datastreams and NOT the application.

  • Hilary says:

    Skips and Stutters more then before…The first 2 week trial work great, I would have canceled cable/netfix but not able to since the skipping and stutters and the show is unwatchable.
    Please more fix, soon!

  • Lynda says:

    I can’t get Hulu Plus to even log-in on my PS3 it just sits on waiting forever and I can;t get it to load the activation code :( Bummer! Yay Netflix!

  • Eric says:

    Left to go back to netflix and then saw your update and decided to give it a shot. Nope! After this month I’m not paying for this again until its fixed. I can’t stand the pausing. If netflix can stream without issues on PS3 why can’t you??

  • Jon says:

    Glad I found this before trying Hulu Plus again. Tried it when it first came out and it was a waste of time, that seems to still be the case.

  • RM says:

    skips and pauses non-stop on ps3. extremely frustrating. back to no-issue netflix

  • Joshua Roundy says:

    When I attempt to download the update on Huluplus for my PS3 it keeps kicking me off. Comes up with two errors either an issue with my connection or server issues. What it seems like it is doing is disconnects my PS3 login and then kicks me off. Any help?

  • Melissa says:

    This update didn’t fix anything for me. Hulu Plus still stops every minute. It’s still unwatchable. Netflix might not have as many play-it-now shows, but at least we can actually watch what they DO have… -_-

  • Craig says:

    I’m still paying and it still skips and stutters.

  • SW says:

    Hulu Plus on the PS3 is incredibly flawed, especially for a paid service. I’ll give you a week or two more then withdraw from patronizing you and your product. Huge letdown thusfar.

  • Kenji says:

    Still stutters and skips

  • Asher says:

    I guess I spoke too soon. Streaming works fine if I watch uninterrupted but any forwarding, rewinding, or resuming makes the playback still stutter like crazy. I’m really losing my patience with this. I really want this to work so I will hold out just a bit longer in hope that the programers finally get their stuff together but I am quickly reaching a point where I can no longer justify paying for this!

  • Asher says:

    I guess I spoke too soon. Streaming works fine if I watch something uninterrupted but still stutters like crazy during playback after forwarding, rewinding, or resuming. My patience is really running out. I will give this a few more tries because I really would like to continue using the service but I’m quickly getting to the point where I can no longer justify paying for this!

  • My connection to Hulu Plus (via PS3) seems fine now, but I still question one thing: What’s the point of paying to have Hulu Plus if you still have to watch ads? I figured watching ads would be reserved for “basic” Hulu. Am I missing something? Can someone explain to me? I thought ads paid for the service so to speak, but when you, as a customer pays, you get rid of the ads for uninterrupted streaming.

    I can watch Family Guy stream on Netflix just fine. On Hulu Plus, I watch an episode of Family Guy and I get interrupted with (as of recently) a commercial of Crysis 2. WHY?! I’m PAYING FOR THIS!!!

  • Asher says:

    Looks like Update 1.03 has taken care of the major issues. I’m glad because I as well only pay for Hulu to watch it on my PS3. I do think, however, that an occasional communicative update to your audience about what you guys are up to fix the problems would have helped. Knowing that you guys are listening and working on it might have prevented some people from canceling their subscriptions…

  • op says:

    1.03 is working so far i still got a hiccup here or there but this is much better ty

  • Kevin Hagen says:

    1.03 is so far so good! I was even able to scan forward and it recovered nicely!
    Thanks for moving on this, even if your communication is weird.

  • Kevin says:

    So many skips and pauses I’m almost ready to cancel Hulu and go back to Apple TV. Beyond frustrating.

  • Michael R Fuller says:

    Same problems. speedtest.net rates me at 15meg down 1.5 up. WTH?

  • Kevin Hagen says:

    1.03 downloading now, i’m full of hope!

  • Chaz says:

    I’m glad I found this thread, I’m testing out a new router and I wasn’t sure if that was the issue or not…but I realized the only issue is with Hulu… sucks because my gf and i were thinking of axing cable to use Hulu…if i can’t watch thru PS3 (the only reason i pay for plus!) i will be canceling!

  • CJ says:

    I am STILL having MAJOR freezing/skipping issues with Hulu Plus (v. 1.1) on my PS3. Every 1 to 2 minutes (if I’m lucky enough to get that much fluid stream time) the screen freezes for at least 1 minute, sometimes 5. If I pause, then mayyyyybe it will start back up within 30 seconds, although it’ll revert back a few scenes. It’s enough to make me want to throw my PS3 out of my living room window…I mean, the thought has actually crossed my mind. Good thing I am still sane enough to know better…but I’m afraid I may not be by the end of my free trial.

  • Robert says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Pluson the PS3 works fine in the morning but not in Prime-time?

  • Candice says:

    Just joining the chorus of angry HULU customers who stream through their PS3. The constant freezing & screen “black outs” are bad enough, but the skipping! OH MY GOD THE SKIPPING IS TOO MUCH. It’s worse than a DVD that’s been drug through gravel. So frustrating. I find myself, going to Netflix or iTunes or tethering to my desktop, that I have to ask myself, WHY am I still paying for HULU? It’s the shows, clearly. But if Netflix ever gets the same immediate streaming opportunities, similar to their arrangement with Starz- I along with I suspect most of your subscribers, will be out the door.

    Get it together HULU while you still can!!

  • Ai k says:

    I was forced logged out and now i cant even log in. I have been with hulu since the beginning but now i am really thinking I might have to stop paying and only watch free stuff on my pc. Frustrating!!!!!!!!

  • Josh says:

    Hulu Plus on PS3 has always been a horrible user experience. This update, if possible to do so, has made it worse. I haven’t been able to watch a single thing. Freezes, loops, it’s all there — and that’s if the video even starts at all. Hulu, get it together and hold up your end of our financial deal, or this will be the last month I pay for ANYTHING of yours.

    FYI, I’m on a solid mid 20mb down connection. Netflix, MLB, stream fine. Your move.

  • Jesse says:

    Hulu Plus for PS3 still stutters on a regular basis, it is unwatchable. Netflix rarely, and by rarely mean once a month maybe, skips. I don’t know what the problem is but I’m ready to cancel my subscription. Why should I pay for Hulu Plus if I can’t watch the shows I’m paying to see?

    Most of these programs can be watched free in HD with a simple antenna, why should I pay for Hulu if it doesn’t work?

  • I am sick and tired of videos locking on my PS3. I love Hulu and have used it since its introduction. I was thrilled with Hulu Desktop as it fixed most of the glitching problems. I was excited about getting a PS3 so I could watch Hulu Plus on my TV without hooking up my computer or buying an expensive transmitter. At first, it worked ok, then it got worse, and the new update program has stopped it working all together. My wife and I have had to watch our laptop on a TV tray to watch our favorite shows because they won’t play on the TV. I am right now staring at a frozen screen and have been for the last ten minutes. Don’t tell me to wait for the buffer, there isn’t one. I know it’s not my internet as Hulu works fine on the computer. I know it’s not the PS3 as Netflix works fine, too. Is this going to be fixed soon? I am ready to cancel my subscription. It is a waste of $10 a month since I can never use it.

  • chris says:

    update disaster! i now get the screen that hulu is not supporting my web browser! cannot even get it to do anything! when i watch on other media box the stream is horrible loads four times in a minute! what a joke, i will no longer be paying for such garbage. netflix is soooo much better no lag no hiccups nothing just watch the movie. also as for paying for something like tv shows, i really hate! seeing commercials, which by the way do not have lag or loading problems!

  • James Reynolds says:

    Come on Hulu guys and gals. I pay money, still put up with commercials, and you still cannot fix it so it doesn’t stop and start constantly? Really?

  • disappointed says:

    The update is a total failure. I’m only posting this in hopes my comment is the last one needed that gets Hulu to change it. Oh yeah and I will be canceling. what a crap product.

  • Michael says:

    I agree with the others about the issue with locking up while watching, i have noticed if i switch shows it works fine on, and upon returning I am still not able to watch the show that froze. It is not bandwidth related as I have about 25 Mbps. Please fix.

    On a side note consider creating multiple queues to manage shows for different family members. We have been using Netflix for some time and the whole one queue has gotten out of control there. I would expect this for our family soon here on Hulu.

  • Kevin Hagen says:

    I concur with the general assessment. Prior to this update, I was not impacted by any skipping issues with hulu plus on PS3. Now, it’s pretty much unwatchable. Run a report hulu, I’m confident people are watching less…because it’s unwatchable. It’s not my bandwidth or network, I’ve been fighting that for the last week or so thinking that was it…it’s not, it’s you hulu. Roll back, redeploy 1.0, try again later.

  • Kristina Bambina says:

    if you try to pass the show into.. it skips.. no rewinding or fast forwarding allowed i guess.

    THIS SUCKS HULU! PS3 update did not help with playback!!! AAAhhhh

  • Samantha says:

    This “update” did nothing for my awful viewing experiences on Hulu Plus. Subscription canceled and lesson learned. We can watch netflix on 2 different TVs simultaneously with no problems.

  • johnny says:

    I originally started Hulu Plus in December, I canceled it shortly after because it sucked. I just recently signed back up in March to see if there had been any improvements and it did seem to be a little better. I am starting to have second thoughts about it. Please stop making unnecessary updates to make it suck. Just fix it now and then leave it alone or myself and lots of others will be canceling again.

  • Kim says:

    This ‘update’did not improve playback for us. Hulu Plus has been so laggy on our PS3 lately that we can hardly watch anything. Yesterday we tried watching an episode of Kyle XY, but we couldn’t play a single episode without constant freezing. So we checked, and Netfilx had the episodes we wanted to watch–no freezing or lagging. We’ll have to unsubscribe from Hulu Plus if this doesn’t improve within the next week. Too bad, because Hulu has a lot of TV shows that Netflix doesn’t offer for instant play.

  • Rae says:


  • Amanda says:

    Disappointed with the service, hulu plus not only skips on the ps3 but also the iPad…why should i keep paying for skipping?

  • JD Hyman says:

    I spoke to a Hulu representative on the phone, they are aware of the PS3 problem and plan to release an update this week. They refunded my month of service and gave me a month’s credit for the trouble. So here’s to hoping they address the problem.

  • Rafael Flores says:

    I am very disappointed with the Hulu service, I just resubscribed today! Had I known this does not work, I would’ve saved my own money and stuck with Netflix. I’ll try the application later (on PS3) and see if the issue resolves itself.

  • Markie says:

    Any response from the developers on all of these comments??? I am also very frustrated with the service at this point and waiting patiently for an update.

  • johnny says:

    I never really had any problems with the old verision. I Could have Roku in living room going at the same time as ps3 in bed room and had no problems, now this new version i cant watch one show on the ps3 with out constant stalling and skipping, my Roku Box is still working perfectly.

  • Chris says:

    Same for me, freezes all the time, skips forward whenever it feels like it, not happy as a paid subscriber now. Netflix works perfectly btw in HD. funny how your commercials never skip though, just the content. I am set to the LOWEST video quality. I am ready to cancel my subscription.

  • R. Allen says:

    Amazing…signed up for Hulu Plus, loaded the app on my PS3, and got a completely unwatchable service…all for eight bucks a month…what a bargain. And after reading these posts, I am amazed at how your response was to provide a fix that makes the service even worse. You’re on the road to bankrupting your shareholders…genius. Perhaps you should let Netflix have all your TV content…they seem to be able to provide a quality streaming experience…and that way, I’d be able to watch the shows I’m paying you for.

  • David says:

    Just to add more comments, I was having significant problem with skips and freezing before the update and after the update it became much, much worse. On occasion I can make it past the ads, and when I do it usually works OK. However, as of tonight I haven’t been able to make it past a single ad, it just freezes, jumps back 3-4 seconds, tries to replay the ad and then freezes again. It’s even started causing my PS3 to freeze.

    At present I am looking at the frozen opening commercial for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I have tried hard restarts of the PS3, my router, and deleting and reinstalling the Hulu Plus application. I am running a wired connection between my PS3 and router.

    The kicker is, Netflix streaming works perfectly! This update is worse than the old version.

  • jorge says:

    Unbelievable. You made a new version that is actually much worse that the previous one. I guess you are trying to correct the bug that makes people actually pay for your service. Not only I wave to watch ads for a paid service, but incredibly, it does not work at all. This is the third day that I have been unable to use your service, congratulations.

  • E. Lee says:

    Netflix has it figured out- I can watch anything on there skip free. The hulu plus app on PS3 might be the worst piece of software I’ve ever used. And I’ve used tons of terrible software. It just doesn’t work. It’s insulting that you take money for a service, make money off of advertisements, and deliver a product that doesn’t work as advertised. How about you implement some form of buffering so that we can start up a show, let it sit for a while, then come back and actually watch. Or fire your engineers and try to steal some of the people that work for Netflix?

  • Ian Jensen says:

    At first the update was only slightly annoying as it would repeat ads. It fixed the couple of seconds it would skip once in a while and I thought all was well. Now I can’t get anything to play, most of the time I don’t get past the ads, other times it stalls every few seconds for minutes at a time, and other times it freezes and won’t start again, even if I tried to fast forward or reverse, I have to quit the app and try again. In the past it would work but now it is totally useless. PLEASE fix this now, this is very upsetting.

  • Trevor says:

    After the update I cant watch anything on hulu. About 1 in ten shows works. DIDN’T YOU IDIOTS TEST THIS BEFORE RELEASING? Utter crap update. You should be paying us for this nightmare service

  • Joe says:

    Before this update on my PS3 (the PS3 40GB model) I would get random 3-5 second skips in most shows.
    after the update- no skips, but about 1 out of 8 shows will start to stall out for a few seconds, longest stall time was about 30 seconds, then keep going.
    also- after the update- it will now randomly go to a black screen and not be able to do anything unless i use the PS3 remote and quit the application. never did this before the update, now it doesnt matter if i’m scrolling through a category or rating something, seemingly random times / button presses and it goes to a black screen.

    but the skips are gone! just different problems now.

  • Dan says:

    Same as most people here, Hulu worked great before the update, now it skips every 2-3 seconds, makes watching anything on it pretty much unbearable.

  • Tim Yelin says:

    The new update is exponentially worse than the previous version of the Hulu app for ps3. Mind you, the previous version was extremely bad to begin with. With the new update, I can only watch about 5 seconds of commercials before it gets stuck in a loop. I am stuck watching the same 5 seconds of commercials over and over again and never get close to watching the actual show. With the previous version, I could watch about 2 minutes of an actual show before getting stuck in the infinite 5 second loop. I have tried several different shows and they all end up the same with a 5 second continuous loop of the first commercial. I don’t see how anyone at Hulu could possibly think that the new update would fix anything if every single person has the same problem (is there any actual testing of the product before release). Luckily, I am still in my trial period and I will surely not pay a cent for service this terrible.

  • Tiffany says:

    The update is horrible. Everything skips and freezes every few seconds then jumping back causing it to buffer. It is impossible to watch a full episode of any show. Please fix this update. Your post asked for your consumers’ opinions and you got them telling you all the same thing. So Daniel Bear, it needs a fix, fast.

  • Jessica W says:

    We’re unable to do the newest update and now can’t access Hulu plus on the PS3 at all. We’ve tried it numerous times and everything else works on the PS3 including netflix, but Huluplus will not update so we can’t access it. Is there anyway to fix this?!

  • not happy says:

    Netflix and games play perfect on my ps3. Hulu does not it skips none stop its a total pile of crap. I have a free month of it and will cancel as the month comes to a end. Cant watch any shows etc….i have cable internet so you think i would not have a issue.

  • Jason H says:

    Hulu was working perfectly for me before this latest update. Now, constant skipping, even playing back a movie trailer. Just got done streaming 4 hours of Netflix, and it worked perfectly. No Chuck (inexcusable), and now I can’t even watch the stuff I don’t care that much about. Fail, Hulu…Fail.

  • BC says:

    Like many others, I’m now unable to use hulu on my PS3. It plays a second or two, then freezes for several seconds. Even if I pause for a long time to let it buffer, it still freezes.

    I know it’s not my connection because Netflix on my PS3 works perfectly in full HD. Also, hulu works fine on my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. It’s just the PS3 version that’s unusable… Which is unfortunate as the big screen is my preferred place to watch hulu.

    Please refund my subscription fee until you have resolved this embarrassing bug. Netflix would never let a release like this go out to it’s users. You really need to work out a better QC process because this is not something I would expect from a non-free product that STILL requires me to watch ads.

  • Isaac says:

    For those with skipping issues – try changing the quality from Auto to something else. It worked for me. There may be a problem with the algorithm constantly trying to adjust the quality based on fluctuating bandwidth.

  • Allison says:

    Just purchased hulu plus subscription and apparently I should have read this. I can’t watch a single show, freezing and skipping during the first advertisements. I have extremely fast Internet connection. Apparently Hulu was a waste ugh

  • Jana says:

    The playback is horrible! I had no problems before the update. Hulu needs to fix this problem or I will be cancelling my subscription. I can’t watch a show without it skipping or freezing every 3 seconds. Hey Hulu guys! If it aint broke don’t fix it!

  • Dave says:

    Worked for a bit, and now it’s even worse…

  • Kitty says:

    After all the updates, the ps3 worked perfectly for a couple of shows and then started freezing for increasingly longer periods of time. Now I can’t get through one show without three or four freezes, sometimes over a minute. I also have a Roku with H+ installed, and it is working almost perfectly – there are occasional less-than-a-second audio drops which drove me to try my ps3, but seem far less annoying right now. So this is a failure for the ps3 team. If this was my only H+ platform, I would be asking for my money back.

  • maddmike says:

    The update has made newer content on Hulu+ unusable. I tried to watch the DailyShow several times but it was completely useless. Paused about every 3 seconds. Accessing menus is much worse too. The Queue items don’t appear and it’s impossible to browse for content.
    If this is not fixed I will be canceling my subscription.

  • jonathan says:

    Thanks, the skips were frustrating.

    Next sometimes the audio is mute when I launch a video and i have to turn on/off my tv or switch inputs to bring audio back in Hulu at launch of a video, this never happens for Vudu, Netflix, movies or games.

  • jonathan says:

    I was really frustrated with the skipping and now I havent seen it so far. Thanks a lot.

    Another issue I only have with Hulu is when I launch a video the audio won’t play and I have to turn my tv off and back on or switch inputs to get the sound back. This never happens with a dvd, game, blu ray or Netflix.

  • Robert Grigsby says:

    Mine is even worse after the upgrade. If Hulu does not fix this problem by the next billing cycle, I will be canceling my subscription.

  • J-Man says:

    Hulu+ is indeed having major freeze problems since the update. I can’t even watch what i want without having to let the system sit on pause for like 15 minutes then play and if im lucky, it will play the rest of the way through. This is riddiculous! HULU, lets get it together, I don’t pay $10 a month to watch a play by play of my shows.

  • Chris Burt says:

    I can’t believe how frustrating watching Hulu has become on my PS3. It was tolerable before. Not perfect, but tolerable. Not there isn’t a single show I watch that doesn’t go into spasmodic fits for no apparent reason *even with the quality set to 1Mb/s*. The connection to my home seems to support other streaming services just fine. I just don’t get it!

  • Ny says:

    Having so many issues with the update. Can’t get anything to play off my queue, shows just don’t load. Ugh. Any chance of some tech support with this? Paying service, etc. etc. two days un-usable, etc. etc.

  • Angry Customer says:

    I have had a commercial pause 6 times now and not even get to what I want to watch. I am cancelling my subscription. F you, Hulu Plus is a joke.

  • joshua says:

    I’ve tried for three days to download version 1.01 on my PS3 with no luck!! since I can no longer use HULU without v 1.01 I’ve tried Netflix (and Im impressed with it) and Im about to cancel my Hulu if you all dont fix this problem!

  • Mark says:

    Shows in queue don’t launch since update. I’ve relaunched and rebooted.

  • Steve says:

    Problems since the update. Skipping, stalling. No fun at all. Netflix streams very well, other apps don’t have a problem streaming. Please fix as Hulu is a great idea and I want to support it.

  • Wendy says:

    Ever since the update, cannot watch any programs on my PS3 because of the constant freezing and skipping. Will have to cancel my subscription if this doesn’t get fixed soon…

  • Mike says:

    I think I’m going to have to cancel my subscription if the freezing issues aren’t solved. I have netflix on the ps3 and it never pauses or hiccups. Please fix the freezing issues so I don’t have to cancel my account thanks

  • Kelly krupa says:

    Since your update,I can’t watch anything. It freezes every 5 seconds.it was fine a few days ago. Fix this! I don’t want to have to cancel service!

  • Enis Akay says:

    After the update, Hulu Plus became completely unusable. Before the update, we had no problems watching Modern family and any of the other shows. After the update, we can’t even watch 5 seconds of a show. Is there a way to roll back the update?

  • Sean says:

    I just got your service, love what you have. HoPe you go on apple tv soon! On ps3 i had things work great for a while but then it started stalling which was frusterating. I spent $70 on calling out a tech who says my connection is fine, netflix works without any of these problems. I cant continue like this too much more!

  • Chase says:

    Nevermind, spoke too soon, watched one episode which worked just fine. Went to watch something else and its back to freezing and looping. Come on Hulu get it together this is ridiculous.

  • Chase says:

    Like a similiar post had nothing but problems after the update. Then my son watched netflix for a good part of the afternoon. then this evening after work decided to give hulu plus one more shot and low and behold it works just fine with no skipping or looping issues (knock on wood). dont know why the update would have issues that mysteriously go away but seems to be working fine now. good luck hulu, hopefully others will have the same luck.

  • Mike Tocci says:

    Hulu Plus worked perfectly for me up until yesterday, and I mean *perfectly*. Now after the update it will only play about 5 seconds of a show before skipping and stalling ad infinitum. Hulu team, you completely broke a good thing. Fix it soon, or lose another subscriber. At least give us the option to go back to the version of the app that worked. Very disappointed.

  • keoni says:

    The pausing and skipping is worse. I’m rooting for you Hulu. Please fix it. I prefer the selection and interface of Hulu over Netflix, but we are forced to go to Netflix every night because of the skipping! Thank you for working on it.

  • Steve says:

    Thank you so much for supporting your product! Netflix ruined their interface. Their interface is at least 5x worse than what you guys have now. The only problem with Hulu on PS3 was skipping. Thanks for fixing this!!!

  • Paul says:

    I appreciate that now I can actually watch the shows I’m paying for, rather then sit in an infinite loop of those horrible Bing commercials. But all the shows I really, really want to watch are Web Only (Archer, Ghost Hunters, It’s Always Sunny, Chuck), but I can’t watch them on the pay version of the service? And now you’re going to taunt me by telling me I can’t watch them? Why is it that I get a wider selection on the free service? It’s ridiculous, and now having to see the shows I want to watch are updated, but not available to me, unless I want to watch them on a tiny ass laptop monitor with crap audio, the whole Hulu+ experience has gone from mildly annoying to aggressively frustrating.

    It’s just ridiculous. Now I feel like you’re openly mocking me that I can’t watch Ghost Hunters on my nice HDTV with a service I’m paying $10 a month for. But I can watch it on a garbage laptop mintor with tinny speakers.

    I saw the shows pop up in my PS3 queue today before I left for work and was all excited that I could come home and finally get caught up on shows I really like then, nope. Not so much. “Web only”. That’s stupid. Now I’m stuck watching WKRP again.

    Give people who are paying for this gong show ALL THE SHOWS, or quit freaking charging us.

  • JL says:

    Skipping is worse than before the update for me, as well.

  • Ben Wilburn says:

    Was working much better last night before the update. Now shows aren’t even loading at all, movies loop endlessly, and the entire application freezes.

  • Steve says:


    Still skipping, stopping, ads freezing.

    Back to the drawing board.

  • Hulu Plus Girl says:

    No skipping!! Thanks!!

    Next time do a better job communicating please.

  • Freddie says:

    I have a fat PS3 80gb GBCECHExx – new update is working for me. I watched several different things and noticed my skipping problems are gone.

  • Asher says:

    We had a few minor issues with certain shows before the update but those have worsened tremendously since the update. Hulu Plus is almost unwatchable at this point as we experience non-stop skipping. I don’t know if this is perhaps a system-specific problem (using the original 60GB PS3) but we may have no choice but to cancel our subscription if this issue doesn’t get resolved, even though we watch Hulu more than Netflix anymore, as we can’t use the service at all right now. Bringing Hulu Plus to XBox Live would also be an alternative if the stream were to be more stable. Either way, we just want to be able to watch…

  • Chase says:

    As of this update, Hulu Plus on the PS3 is completely useless. The shows never start, ads either freeze, or loop. Installed the update last nite and had issues immediately. Figured maybe would get lucky and try again this morning and with no luck its still not working correctly. Was far more impressed before the update. Maybe its time to cancel subscription if this cant be fixed

  • Trent Foley says:

    I don’t know what the problem was, but it seems to have worked itself out. I watched my Boxee Box for a couple of hours and then went back to the PS3 to try Hulu Plus again – all is fine now. I’m looking forward to not having the skips and freezes! Now, get Hulu Plus available for Boxee Box and I can give my PS3 to my older son.

  • C S says:

    When are we going to get 5.1 channel audio?

  • Trent Foley says:

    As of this update, Hulu Plus on the PS3 is completely useless. The shows never start, ads either freeze, or loop. I occasionally get an opening screen for whatever content provider I’m watching (like Comedy Central, or NBC), but can not watch the movie. My internet connection is working fine – Netflix on PS3 is working perfectly, Boxee Box works perfectly. Not sure what is going on, but for me, this update complete broke Hulu Plus on the PS3

  • Trent Foley says:

    I wish I was having the same positive experience with this update. I am now experiencing freezes even during ad playback. Right now I’m staring at the Comedy Central opening screen… frozen. I’ve shut down the PS3 and restarted it. I’ve tried multiple shows. Same thing. To test my network connection, I downloaded an ubuntu cd and was downloading at 16Mbps. Hopefully, things will be different tomorrow.

  • Brian Smith says:

    Finally! The skipping seems to be better but I am still having trouble at the end of shows. I can hardly make it through the last few minutes…constant freezing. Almost there though :)

  • Chris T says:

    Looks very nice now!!! I watched a show and didn’t skip once, I am so happy now!!!

    You just need to work on one more thing.. I know this sounds nuts but can you please get a larger selection of commercials. Hulu Plus is my main TV and I am so sick of the same commercials over and over…. UGH “If I see the Frontier ad one more time I am going to go nuts!!)

  • Nice update–haven’t noticed any skips so far at all. Correcting overscan issues definitely makes to app look more professional. Favorite feature: including “web-only” shows in the queue so at least I can see what’s new, even if I can’t watch it.

  • Zachary Nirich says:

    can’t wait to see how some of the bugs have been ironed out!

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