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The Green Room: What We’re Watching

March 22nd, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

So maybe we should explain ourselves.

As you’ve probably seen from our odes to Pee-Wee Herman and our awestruck glares at Chris Brown these past couple of days, the Hulu Blog is unveiling an everyday feature called The Green Room. It’s what Hulu editor Rebecca Harper, assistant editor Ben Collins, and the expansive Hulu universe think is must-watch material on Hulu and all over the Internet every day.

And, don’t worry, we’ve already had Chris Brown come in to ceremonially ruin our carpet. It looks terrible.

We’ll bring you our videofied take on the news. We’ll have interviews with some TV people you love. We’ll try to provide interviews with some TV people you hate, too.

Other days, mostly Mondays, we’ll just reveal our genuine, collective crush on Christiane Amanpour’s reporting. This love is unending and knows no bounds. We’re trying to rein this in a little, we promise.

And there’s no better launch day than today, the same day Hulu released the A&E series “Why I Ran.” It’s about evading the police in your 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass, and it’s the only show on TV where we get to see criminals say the phrase “warm and fuzzy.”

There is no better show on television. We hope The Green Room can be to TV blogs what “Why I Ran” is to tire-less cars tumbling down the highway.

Email us. Tell us what to cover. Hop on our very green couches and make a horrible mess. Chris Brown would want you to.

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