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Holy Squirrel Munchin’… It’s “Trailer Trash”

March 8th, 2011 by Todd Goldman Creator of Trailer Trash

Hi, I’m Todd, the professional doodler behind “Trailer Trash.” Otherwise known as the most awesomest job in the world. If you know my art, you know I’m no stranger to pushing the envelope — and if you don’t, you’ll understand after watching “Trailer Trash.” From my art to my clothing line, or my books to my latest entertainment projects, it’s important for me to stay true to my voice … and I don’t mean singing.

Speaking of stirring the pot, my latest Web series “Trailer Trash” just premiered exclusively on Hulu. It’s a squirrel munchin’ good time, more fun than watching a three-legged catfish on a broken ferris wheel! The concept is pretty simple: four redneck trailer trash — Billy Bob, Cooter, Light Beer and Peggy Sue — watch movie trailers. In front of their trailer. In a trailer park. Basically movie night at my parents’ house.

For this project, I joined forces with Lionsgate Digital and Hud:sun Media to bring the world an animated series that is funny, raunchy and most importantly, distasteful (of course, in the most creative and innovative way imaginable.) We wanted to create a show for the people out there with the same sense of humor as me (meaning: just plain wrong). “Trailer Trash” is like a 5-year-old kid who doesn’t know any better — there are no politics, no morals, and absolutely no filter. We say what everyone else is thinking, but is too afraid to say.

With tons of user-created content flooding popular video sites it can be hard to decipher the good from the ugly. Now I’m not saying we’re not ugly. But we’re good. Real good. Lionsgate recognized this, and made sure “Trailer Trash” is the same great quality as all of their other programming.

Lionsgate breaks down boundaries and delivers content that is edgy and unlike anything people have seen before. (Lionsgate brought us “Mad Men” and “Weeds,” for example.) Getting into web production was something the studio put a lot of thought into, and they patiently waited for the right time, the right project, and the right platform for people to view it on. Hulu was our first distribution choice because we understand that audiences know and trust Hulu as a premiere viewing destination for the best premium content and we wanted it to be showcased among the finest. We basically put the Dream Team of digital animation together … even though we’re all white and none of us can play basketball.

I truly believe “Trailer Trash” will resonate with online audiences. Whether it’s for the ridiculous stupidity of the characters or the blatant stereotyping, it is guaranteed to make you laugh, cringe, wet your pants … or get so offended, you write us a letter. Please make sure to spell my name right! [Hulu Ed Note: Please direct all correspondence directly to Todd Goldman.]

People are drawn to animated humor because it appeals to our imagination. With animation, we’re allowed to take our imaginations to places you can’t with live action.

I really hope you enjoy watching “Trailer Trash” as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. And most of all, I hope the whole fist-bump-flick-off thing catches on!

Now go squirrel munch yourself! I gotta go!

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  • rorman says:

    This was a pretty funny show. I wish you would have kept it going.

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  • dental says:


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  • Squirrel-munchin nutcase says:

    I LOVE this show. Todd, you are a comedic genius. PLEASE tell us it’s on for a second season?

  • turnfarmer says:

    I would stop making and showing and gaining any ad revenue from this show. Jim Fortier and Dave Willis clearly have a pay day coming. Keep showing these and and the ticket out gets a bit more pricey for everyone. Don’t steal! Why not try to get a good symbiotic contract with Mike Lazzo and Kieth Crofford to show squibillies on hulu and hulu plus and make everyone happy. DON’T STEAL!

  • Jane says:

    Wow, in a bad way…

  • Todd says:

    I have never seen, a cartoon, like this. Ya you have it mimicing other shows. But this is the most horrible one EVER. Its not funny, its poorly written, if you can write a decent blog, why are you writting this crap. How come you are unable to write a decent show. I would think I would be your target audence, but incest, animal fucking, as the premise for about all the jokes. And running around shoting at anything, wow, your brillant, drr.. Its sad.. sad.. I watched 3 eposides, I gave it a full chance. But I will never watch another one… Ever, I am a person who watched angry beavers, bevis and butthead, Rein and Stimpy.. But this is the most lame cartoon ever created.

    LMAO, so sad, your on hulu. and the comments there are horrible, I am sure you and all your friends left these ha ha ha. But God you have been given a chance to have your own show, and you made this crap ha ha ha. Wow, try harder if I was in your place I would be working to make it actual funny, lamo, so so so so sad..

  • Jasmie says:

    This is a joke right? There is no way this garbage is something you were serious on….it’s just a joke to see how stupid the public is and see what morons will watch if you just put it up. There is no way this is anything other then a test to see what huge idiots the general public is and what they’ll choke down.


    Your on crack, get help, seriously.

  • reg says:

    “Trailer trash” is a poor rip-off of ‘Squidbillies.” Very poor…. Too bad because I was looking forward to hulu having its own cartoon. I hope that Trailer Trash’s [eventual, but almost certain] failure doesn’t discourage any future endeavors toward original programming.

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  • Catherine Natale says:

    Hey Todd

    Congrats on Trailer Trash. I enjoyed it. I worked at the gallery in LA.

    Stay in touch

  • vince pravato says:

    Great job on Trailer Trash. Funny. You know how I know Cooter invented the tooth brush? If was invented by anyone else it would be called a teeth brush.

  • Milferd says:

    it’s good I reckin

  • Dave says:

    Havin grownup in trailer parks and with no dental care, I find trailer trash show just like a Sunday afternoon at gramps place. Only wihout gramma showin her jugs..

  • niki says:

    Cooter is sexy.

  • todd says:

    i love trailer trash more than i love hookers!