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Best in Show: Round 2 Begins

March 7th, 2011 by Rebecca Harper Editor

College basketball’s March Madness frenzy doesn’t truly kick off until March 12, but we’re already in the second week of tournament play in Hulu’s Best in Show. The first round saw some contentious battles between quirky comedy favorites, as well as sci-fi series with cult followings. (We know, sometimes it’s impossible to choose favorites.) And like any good competition, there were some upsets along the way: in the matchup between nerd heroes, “Chuck” overcame “The Big Bang Theory,” despite having less than half the weekly viewership. Meanwhile, the race for top sci-fi series came down to the wire, with “Supernatural” fans leading the surge against “Fringe” — despite a five percent handicap thanks to HitFix Sr. Editor Alan Sepinwall’s critic’s vote. As Round 2 begins, we asked Sepinwall for his take on the showdown between the vampires, as well as which eliminated series he’d bring back to the competition. — Rebecca Harper (rebecca.harper@hulu.com), Editor

Hulu: “Supernatural vs. Fringe” was the closest race in Round 1. What is it about these two sci-fi shows that inspires such passion?
Alan Sepinwall:
Sci-fi in general draws the most passion online, and these two shows in particular have figured out how to best use their strengths, minimize their weaknesses and give the fans what they want.

Another close matchup: the vampires. Your vote turned the race in favor of “Vampire Diaries.” Were you surprised that this one was (ahem) neck-and-neck?
I was surprised, but pleasantly so. “True Blood” was soundly thumping “Vampire Diaries” for the first few days, which I pegged to its higher profile as HBO’s flagship. But credit the “Vampire Diaries” fans for rallying and making it close enough for them to get the win (with a little help from me).

You’ve heard back from our users regarding some of your picks. Which of your selections were most contentious?
The main objections seemed to be with the pairings themselves. My philosophy was to pair up as many similar shows as possible in the first round so that we’d have more variety going forward, but some people didn’t want to have to choose between “30 Rock” and “Community,” or between the two Friday sci-fi shows. I think every approach to constructing a bracket is going to have its strengths and weaknesses, and somebody’s favorite show is always going to get hosed in the process.

Some of your picks didn’t make it through Round 1, notably “Cougar Town,” which was eliminated by a large margin. Does that make you rethink your stance on the show, or do you think it was just a victim of being up against a top-rated comedy?
I love “Cougar Town,” but I also recognize that it’s an idiosyncratic show where you’re either on your wavelength or you’re not. (Compare that to the show it was competing against, “Modern Family,” where some people like it more than others, but which isn’t nearly as polarizing.) I know the CT audience is small but passionate, and I was curious to see if that passion translated into numbers opposite its more popular lead-in. Was not to be.

Finally, if you could bring back any one of the eliminated shows, which would it be and why?
“Parks and Recreation.” It’s my favorite comedy on TV right now — maybe even my favorite show that’s currently airing on TV, since the two big AMC dramas are between seasons at the moment. It came close to “The Office,” but couldn’t quite get over the hump. I’m just sorry that Best in Show will have to go Swanson-less from here on out.

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  • Kevin says:

    Twitter is crazy all by its self I rarely get on that damn thing. lol
    Its sad she went threw that, and most of the people on this side are chilled but we do have the rapid ones around as well.
    We cant police the internet like we want to so those rare bunch we isolate ourselves from.
    If they want to make a fool out of themselves be my guest.

    Oh you know we will see each other again the poll gods love puting these two together to boast there site hits. lol

  • Chuck rocks says:

    @Hill: Nah, I used to have a girlfriend who was into Supernatural. It was a few morons but she’d get really mean comments from some whackjobs who found her on Twitter. And those whackjobs had been around for some time, not some phony Chuck fans but the real deal. A damn shame and VERY sad that a few bad apples make everyone look buckets of crazy since about 99.99% of the other Chuck fans I know are nice and sensible. That was over a year ago and she’d made the mistake of having the same ID from the forum she frequented. That’s how they found her and boy, she wasn’t too thrilled about it. In the end, she got a new twitter account ‘cos things were going to escalate and become uglier. And of course, she knew they didn’t represent the fandom since she also watched Chuck once in a while.


    Yep, fandom. See ya next time.

  • Susie says:

    I couldn’t help but notice the Burn Notice poll have not moved in about 3 days is that even possible.
    As much as we passed it around that poll should of moved but whatever.
    Next year can you let the fans decide what they want it is fan voteing after all.

  • Tammy says:

    WOW! Chuck has some classy fans. If I were a part of that show and knew you were representing it as a fandom I would be horrified and appalled. You don’t even have the balls to post your real name? If you want to call Supernatural fans whiny because we are simply bringing up a valid point that should be addressed by Hulu then so be it. And I don’t think it’s whining if it’s a FACT. If Supernatural fans are using bots then those votes should be removed as well and P.S. we don’t promote using them on our fansites like Chuck. We would prefer to win fairly. At least we’re representing our show with class and honor. We don’t have to result to childish name calling… and not once have we ripped apart your show or it’s characters. Your saying we need to grow up?! Seriously?! I think you need to take some of your own advise.

  • Amy says:

    I also think something seems off. When I voted earlier in the week, I saw Supernatural’s percentage go up 4% over the course of an evening (probably 8-10 hours). Friday I voted during the evening, once for 2-3 hours straight, and Saturday I voted throughout the day, yet I saw the percentage change just 1% in that time. I’m not saying Supernatural should have overtaken Chuck, but Chuck’s percentage has been changing by too much over very short periods of time. Something’s not right.

  • Hill says:

    To be honest all the Chuck fans I know are civilized and mature about things. The comments on this blog are the first time I see someone allegedly being a “chuck” fan spewing really nasty comments. I’m pretty sure its just one of those supernatural haters that want to mouth off and using Chuck as an excuse to say these things.
    I remember seeing nasty comments from so called supernatural fans when they won the TV guide cover poll and later on even posted a pic of a bot that they used (not saying all this is true just pointing it out). Maybe they were just Chuck haters come to think of it no. idk.

    Anyway Chuck won this poll fair and square and they deserve it just as much.

  • kevin says:

    @Chuck rocks lol dont worry its a crazy running around in ever fandom.
    But words hurt sometimes it should never get to that point.
    But good luck in the next round till me meet again Chucksters.

  • Nick says:

    Dave, you said it best and I definitely agree. I guess I wasn’t as articulate as I wanted to be, I’m just sick of seeing all this spew being put up on here.

    And Amy, I completely agree with the last part of your post, just because someone types “Chuck fan” or “SPN is the best” into a text box doesn’t mean they’re actually a fan of that show. I guess we all (including me) need to remember that this is the internet and the ease of accessibility is going to allow some nutcases to join in on the conversation.

  • Chuck rocks says:

    Whoa whoa whoa! That’s one major nutcase we’ve got running around. Why isn’t Hulu doing anything about all those comments? Do they really think these insane comments are kosher or that they don’t violate anything? Lame, really lame.

    Thanks to you hate-mongering morons, the rest of us Chuck fans now look like freaking lunatics. Geez, as if it wasn’t bad enough that our show is up for renewal, we’ve gotta deal with a bunch of cokeheads who can’t think straight. Did you leave your brains on the floor when you crawled out of the crypt or are you guys just too stupid to talk like decent human beings?!

    What Chuck needs are dedicated fans who love the show and who can think for themselves, not some buffoons on a “kill mission”! We don’t need fans like you who spend their time spewing hatred instead of thinking up ideas to get our show better ratings and more attention. If you’re just so eager for airtime, I’ve a suggestion: go sign up and be a bunch of zombies on the Walking Dead, will you?

  • Amy says:

    I love how the size on one’s balls is comparable to the level of anonymity provided by social media. In other words, I dare these people speak like that in public.

    Moving on. It appears Chuck will win this one. Good on them. It’s almost expected considering they have around five and a half million viewers, and that their show is on a larger network on a Monday night. So don’t let your win over a smaller show on a smaller network that is aired on Friday nights get to your heads.

    And end this ridiculous and adolescent trash talking. And just because some has “Chuck fan” or “Supernatural fan” as their name, doesn’t mean anything. It just means they can spell.

  • Elle says:

    Supernatural fans aren’t sure if our show is going to be renewed for a 7th season so we are voting just as hard as Chuck fans. I don’t know if anyone side is cheating but I do see the nasty, hateful comments that Chuck fans are posting.

  • spn101 says:

    omg who wrote that, thats a horrible thing to say about anybody.
    You have crossed the line with those comments, holocaust are you out your mind.

    I wanted to say congrats to the sane fans of Chuck only .

  • Dave says:

    Man, some people just need to take it easy. I’m with ya, Mike, so glad my show’s been spared the problems of this poll.

    And some people really need a chill pill. To those crazy rabid people screaming with vitriol, you aware you’re shaming the rest of your fans, man? I mean I keep hearing all that bad stuff about the CW network but serious? It’s just freaking tv, man. What the hell’s wrong with teenagers watching the stuff they want to? Yeah, like we were all just so smart when we were so young. And what the heck is wrong with being on some small-time network?

    Seriously, this shit is freaking me out.

    No Nick, the Supernatural fans aren’t the only folks who need to chill, yeah? Everyone needs to relax and take it easy.

  • Ashley says:

    ive looked at my account and its not counting my votes what the hell

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