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Greatest Super Bowls: No. 4, Super Bowl XXXVI

February 1st, 2011 by Aaron Schatz Creator, FootballOutsiders.com

Each weekday until Super Bowl Sunday, Hulu and Football Outsiders’ Aaron Schatz are counting down the 10 best Super Bowl games in history with the help of NFL Films. Check our Spotlight page every day to see the latest pick. Today’s selection: the 2001 season’s showdown between the Rams and Patriots.

The Rams had marched through the NFC leaving devastation and destruction in their wake, 14-2 while leading the NFL in points scored and finishing third in points allowed. The Patriots had somehow fought their way to 11-5 despite losing their big-name starting quarterback to injury and replacing him with a second-year unknown named Tom Brady. The Rams were favored by 14. Boston reporter Ron Borges famously predicted the final score as 73-0, Rams.
How did the Patriots manage the upset? Head coach Bill Belichick came up with a game plan so unique that Ron Jaworski ended up devoting an entire chapter to it in his recent book “The Games that Changed the Game.” Belichick decided that the secret to stopping the Rams was to concentrate on running back Marshall Faulk, not quarterback Kurt Warner. The Pats defenders hit Faulk mercilessly whenever he tried to run a receiving route, and that sent the whole Rams offense off course.

However, in the fourth quarter, Warner finally found his rhythm, and the Rams came back and turned a 17-3 deficit into a 17-17 tie with 1:30 left. TV commentator John Madden suggested the Patriots kneel on the ball and send the game to overtime, but Belichick knew he couldn’t risk Warner getting the ball back again. Somehow, the unheralded Brady worked the ball down to the Rams 30, mostly on passes to backup running back J.R. Redmond. Adam Vinatieri hit a 48-yard field goal as time expired, and the Patriots had accomplished the unthinkable.

By the way, no video review of this game is complete without watching some of the soaring halftime show by U2, which featured a tribute to the victims of the September 11 attacks.

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Last comment: Nov 5th 2014 2 Comments
  • Mark Glickman says:

    “TV commentator John Madden suggested the Patriots kneel on the ball and send the game to overtime” — I’ve never understood the logic behind this ‘strategy’. You’ve got the ball in a de fact sudden death situation, but you should forego that in the hopes that you’ll win the OT coin toss, thus putting yourself in the exact same situation? Yes, let’s give up our huge decided advantage in order to re-set the odds at no better than 50-50. Of course, Mike Martz saw that strategy and raise it several times 2 years later in the playoffs when he elected to forego a prime chance at a game-winning TD in regulation in favor of a tying field goal and a coin flip in OT.

  • Arow says:

    Dear Hulu,

    I have neglected an aspect of appreciation for you I’ve not realized I had…. until now.

    PLEASE, either *stop* playing the oh-so-cutesy-coke-makes-the-whole-family-happy commercial, or regulate the volume with which ads may be presented!! There’s never been a volume/ad issue like this before; I don’t understand what makes it acceptable and/or tolerable, now.

    I don’t want to sound off in the wrong way, but you replaced my TV because I was tired of the marketing. I can find a replacement for you, too.