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Snubbed by the Academy? We Must Be Dreaming

January 25th, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

A few hundred people this morning woke up and typed “I must be dreaming” into their status boxes on Twitter.

This raises the question: What’s the best way to get a few hundred people to type the same cheesy, four-word phrase on Twitter within a three-hour timespan?

Money, primarily. Money would probably be the best way to do that.

Or you can just sling an injustice at Christopher Nolan, the beloved director of “Inception.” He was robbed of a Best Director nomination this morning for what is largely considered his magnum opus.

Here’s friend of Hulu Richard Roeper’s first sentence written about the Oscar nominees. Let’s say he didn’t bury the lead.

“No offense to the five immensely talented individuals nominated for ‘Best Director’ on Tuesday morning, but members of the Academy must have been smoking something powerful to snub Christopher Nolan’s astonishingly creative work on ‘Inception.’”

Twitter exploded with variations of the same joke—Twitter’s Faliq Fahmie simply beat everyone to the punch, saying “Chris Nolan didn’t plant the idea inside The Oscar’s board members’ mind to nominate himself”—but Chris Rock won the morning, taking a line from Nolan’s Batman masterpiece “The Dark Knight.”

“It’s okay though, Chris Nolan is the director the Academy Awards deserve, but not the one it needs right now.”

Agreed. Plus, the publicity of Nolan getting snubbed for David O. Russell (“The Fighter”) or Tom Hooper (“The King’s Speech”) will probably get the last four Americans who haven’t seen “Inception” yet (they were presumably incarcerated until yesterday) to go out and buy the DVD. That wouldn’t have happened if he was nominated and lost unspectacularly.

Still, the snark and hate parade soldiered on. @Ghostparticle on Twitter busted out this sort of xenophobic gem, effectively blaming all of us for Academy’s Nolan slight: “So the Americans think Chris Nolan is not a worthy director…”

Hey, man, don’t drag the whole country into this. We don’t blame Europe for Uwe Boll. Not every day, at least. It’s been about 13 days since I blamed Germany for Uwe Boll movies. Show some restraint.

There’s the only-slightly less egregious snub of Mark Wahlberg, who wasn’t nominated for Best Leading Actor for his role as Mickey Ward in “The Fighter.” Even though Christian Bale, who played his brother, is up for Best Supporting Actor. Ditto Melissa Leo and Amy Adams, who won Supporting Actress bids.

Wahlberg got edged out by Javier Bardem in a rare Spanish-language nod in a major category. The committee must have forgotten that Wahlberg is bilingual, as well. He speaks a little bit of animal in “The Fighter,” as he does in the following clip.

At least Weird Al Yankovic was able to provide a reasonable explanation as to why Wahlberg wasn’t nominated: “No #Oscar nomination for Mark Wahlberg? I suspect it’s that bitter Funky Bunch voting bloc.”

But Nolan’s snub? Seems inexplicable. Hopefully he won’t lose any sleep over it.

Let’s pretend like I didn’t just type that.

Ben Collins is an Assistant Editor at Hulu. You can find him on Twitter @globesoundtrack or email him here.

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