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NFL News: Man(ning) Down

December 6th, 2010 by Editor

Eleven INTs in his last three games. A three-game losing streak for his team — a team with Super Bowl expectations that’s now sitting with a .500 record in December. A quarterback in a late-season swoon after making critical mistakes at the worst possible moments. It’s just another mercurial stretch for a former No. 1 overall pick from the NFL’s premier QB family, the Mannings. Even though he has a Super Bowl victory and Pro Bowl appearances on his resume, his play is still being questioned by the fans and the media.

Poor Eli, he just can’t catch a …

Wait a minute. Something doesn’t add up here. Eli’s NY Giants are tied for first place. But that means — no, it can’t be! PEYTON?!

Shocking as it may seem, the four-time NFL MVP is currently going through one of the rockiest stretches of his career. With the season nearing completion, Peyton and the Colts find themselves in an unusual spot: they’re on the outside of the playoff picture. Yesterday’s loss to the Cowboys was punctuated by four interceptions thrown by Manning: two were returned for touchdowns, and his final pick in overtime led to the Cowboys’ game-winning field goal.

All great players are going to have their bad games. Sometimes, they may even have a couple bad games. But when one of the all-time greats has such outrageously poor performances three games in a row, and at this time of year, it’s more than fair to question what the heck is going on.

This is Peyton Manning we’re talking about, though. If his past performance show us anything, it’s that we should never bet against him, even when things look their worst.

Michael Rosenblum
for the Hulu Blog

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  • fieristici says:

    NFL News: Man(ning) Down
    Poor Eli! He’s one of the best NFL player’s 4 me….I’m very sick when i heard that all guys talk’ed bad about him. I’d understand it,every guy have a bad day in his life some more each other guys. He’s one of the best look at the time by the New york Giants.Really think about it before you (250 pounds,couch potato) get angry to Eli.

  • piksieben says:

    There are great players and there are bad players. A bad player sometimes has a good play. But if he has only one good play, it is thrown fast from the team. If, however, a big player have a bad play, knows then one that he soon has again good plays, how Eli. He will always remain a big player.

  • Karl Mitchell says:

    I’ve been wondering why the Hulu blog has become a sports blog? This is not a criticism of Michael’s posts; he writes well. It’s just not what I come to the hulu blog for. If I want to read sports, I go to a sports website. This space should surely be about hulu development, new shows, new deals with networks, etc.